Boosting MI6 building in London

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In our chat for doing etheric work we decided we are going to tackle our attackers more head on. So the SIS/MI6 building in London is scheduled for boosting on a regular basis by us. We could use help with that by others, as this is a big one. I sensed dark influences slowly withdrawing from genocides in Africa, as well as from CIA last time we boosted as a group. Boosting them on a regular basis by many, we think can do a lot of good.

(As no one wants to be arrested for fake terrorism, boosting in this case means peacefully sending loving energy from the heart to someone or something πŸ˜‰

SIS building on Google maps

Edu posted a comment about this earlier, too

We tracked the latest operations against the Kikundi to the Babylonian MI6 headquarters.

We believe that a sustained boosting effort by several people for many months might destabilize the shitworms inside and prevent them from controlling their African goons in Kenya and other places. We worked on the place under guidance by the cetaceans, but more is needed. We wish to make this a long term boosting target.

If one wishes to collaborate, all one needs to do is send love to the building and its staff whenever one thinks about it. Together we can keep them under duress.


Thanks to everyone participating.
The day after both chat groups boosted the SIS building, 4 military helicopters flew by my area. I managed to hurry out and snap some photos.Β  The only other time I’ve seen this kind of display was when I was headed into a valley to gift crucial Vril territory. Coincidence much?

16 thoughts on “Boosting MI6 building in London

  1. Edward

    Hey Frode, I noticed something called ‘ashtar’ right up the rode from the SIS building, that’s another name for Ishtar which is called Astarte in another language and is ‘easter’ in English. Anyway, point being that’s the name of the satanic deity associated with Easter, and Easter is one of the highest satanic days of the year, I wonder if some of the black magic power used by the MI6 at the SIS building comes from this location. Maybe we should boost it too.

    1. Frode Post author

      Thanks for pointing that out, Edward. That is good info, makes me think of the Ashtar Command, the new age disinfo that has been around on the internet for perhaps decades. I’ve previously interfered with both their summer and winter solstice rituals, so yes lets weaken their Easter rituals as well. Charles pointed out an energy shield that the MI6 building had, so I boosted that shield yesterday to bring it down. Also I like to keep in mind all the orgonite gifted in London and nearby this location.

      1. Frode Post author

        Btw, there is royalty here in Norway claiming to talk with angels, and the company this person is running to hold meetings and teach people to talk with these angels, is called Astarte Education.

  2. silvio nocerino

    Thank Frode booting it!
    There is a philosopher or a guru jumpng between the lines you write. Forever never and never forever the Irish IRA already attacked the MI6 building a Vauhall, they hit it with two turds on the 20th of September 2000.
    Windering about what was the symbolic meaning, what god they appeased.

    1. Frode

      Thanks Silvio. Both the chat groups worked on the building today, independently of each other.

      They need to keep a stiff upper lip down in their dungeons, because we’re not quitting.

  3. Edu

    For the record, Mrs O arrest in the last of a recent series of kikundi arrests in several countries:

    London was always seen behind those arrests.

  4. silvio nocerino

    Sorry when this is trivial, i noticed an area with 4 squares green patches on ths buiding.
    There is a searchengine called four squares.
    The game of the four cantons purpose is to bounce the ball inside the other player area in a way that they can loose, when that player is out there is a news one from the queue. The players are called jokers. There are variation to the game, main activity is to make the others to loose (also to be replaced).

  5. Frode Post author

    Today I had four military helicopters flying through the area. I managed to grab the camera and ran out into the snow without proper shoes on, to capture the moment. I’ll leave it to the discerning reader to decide if this is connected to our collective boostings and chat work. πŸ˜‰
    Captured three of them on the first image, and all four some distance away.

  6. Don Croft

    Great work, guys. When the British Empire allegedly broke up I think it was a process closely similar to the change from actual slavery to wage slavery during the industrial alleged revolution: it was cheaper for the oligarchs to hire wage slaves than to actually enslave the workers (such as traditional English feudalism, which preceded industrialization) because they weren’t directly responsible for the welfare of wage slaves and the real state of slavery of those workers was reinforced by causing them to be in constant debt to the company that employed them. Slaves were kind of expensive because when they were no longer able to work, the owners still had to support them. When a wage slave was no longer able to work, he/she ended up in debtors prison, typically, and died soon after. Industrial wages were slightly below subsistence level.

    We’ve seen how hard our African cohorts have to work just to survive. Considering the resources that are potentially available, there, this seems incomprehensible to most of us but until the previous century, most people in the West experienced the same sort of existence, after all.

    There is no real freedom without economic freedom. I think that we all know that now but we didn’t know it until fairly recently.

    By simply appointing proxy oppressors (and allowing them to steal from the populace with impunity, as has been done for years to our friends) in former colonies the Brits and other European (hiding-oligarch) colonizers could pretend that the problem of oppression in the colonies was not their responsibility. Tavistock Institute, racist clergymen, academia and similar hypnotizing institutions, meanwhile, conditioned europoids to believe that third world people are simply incapable of proper government. I’ve personally always assumed that MI6 is behind the suppression of orgonite in Africa and for the routine imprisonment of our friends, there, so I was really glad to see that your chat group has come to this conclusion.

    Have you noticed that this horrid MI6 headquarters building looks like something that Hitler or Ceausescu might have designed, by the way? 😎 When I see that ugly image, I want to lance it.

    Is there anyone in England, reading this, who is willing to put earthpipes all around that spook viper pit? There’s already a lot of orgonite nearby in the Thames. We know that because it no longer looks like an open sewer; the water is pretty clean and there’s no scum on it, any more. The pristine skies, lack of thick fog and smog and the frequent appearance of Sylphs over central London is evidence that people in England have put out a whole lot of orgonite around there.

    At least one fellow that I know about focused his strategic efforts on London’s financial district, which is named, ‘The City.’ Markers all around the perimeter of that little district have a red dragon on them. Some credible scholars have claimed that any time the word, ‘dragon,’ is seen in Biblical scripture it means, ‘usurers.’

    It may be that as soon as someone will drop orgonite in several standing, open pipes in the vicinity of that MI6 hellhole we could see a lot of pressure taken off of our African comrades and, by extension, every other group and nation that MI6 is currently attempting to destroy.

    Remember that the only other mass murdering terrorist organizations in the world (CIA and the Mossadomites) grew out of MI6 after WWII like malignant tumors, by the way. It may be that those two other cancers could be cured (neutralized) by transmuting the death force of MI6 with earthpipes.

    Silvio, good call on the IRA turd attack, which likely smelled like roses to the inhabitants of that buiding πŸ˜‰ and Hawthorne pointed out to us that the bowels of that building appeared to her, psychically, just like a cess pit and that confirmed my choice of the term, ‘sewer rats,’ to describe all secret police.

    I always assume that ‘IRA bombings’ were conducted by MI5 and MI6; false flag attacks, just like the Mossadomites routinely do in Israel and the CIA do, internationally. Those three typically work together so closely that it might be impossible to tell them apart, much of the time. The Brit (Venetian) international financiers (red dragons?) who direct MI6 pioneered the false flag agenda, which is unwittingly celebrated in England by Guy Fawkes Day πŸ˜‰

    Sigmund Freud ran Tavistock Institute from the time he left Austria in the 1930s until his death, then his daughter, Anna, took over. Some claim that Karl Jung volunteered to be the Nazis’ head of psychiatry, by the way, and that this explains the missing years in all of his biographies 😎 and we know how heavily the CIA rely on their psychiatrists for mind control agendae, these days. CIA psychiatrists even set up McDonalds Corp’s worker protocols, which is why they never unionized and are content with slave wages.

    There’s a bronze statue of Freud on the grounds. Tavistock is MI6’s premier mass mind control institution whose greatest (sic) achievement may be Theosophy. Maybe their second biggest achievement was the creation of the postwar German government, which was mainly made up of German prisoners of war who had characters that were weak and distorted enough that MI6 was easily able to turn them into willing slaves to the international financiers.

    Good call on the ashtar significance, Ed . Freemasonry is mainly Jewish temple ritual, mixed in with a bit of Egyptian hoodoo but the corporate order actually worship Babylonian entities whom they believe require massive-scale blood sacrifice. People are capable of believing absolutely anything (the anti-rational Theosophy horse $#!+’s popularity among otherwise-intelligent people is a case in point, I think) and that’s not much of a problem when that belief doesn’t involve mass murder. It’s a big problem that the parasitic, hiding oligarchs worship blood-lusting, Babylonian fake gods, in my opinion.

    1. Esther Bunny Brown

      “Tavistock Institute, racist clergymen, academia and similar hypnotizing institutions, meanwhile, conditioned Europoids to believe that third world people are simply incapable of proper government.”

      Maybe that could explain the insanity of Racial Marxist propaganda concerning so-called “open borders” at least partly?

      “Tavistock is MI6’s premier mass mind control institution whose greatest (sic) achievement may be Theosophy. Maybe their second biggest achievement was the creation of the postwar German government, which was mainly made up of German prisoners of war who had characters that were weak and distorted enough that MI6 was easily able to turn them into willing slaves to the international financiers.”

      You mean the post-WW2 guv’ment? I had no idea, that MI6 could be behind that.

      I’m also wondering if monarchy is a form of government, that’s natural for humankind or if it’s something else. Besides, I found out, through my Roman Catholic-turned-Mormon mother’s genealogical research, that I go back to the Konstanz District of the Grand Duchy of Baden, among other places on her side, such as RzeszΓ³w under Austrian rule.

  7. Edward

    Don you are so right when you say “there is no real freedom without economic freedom” The same day i saw this on here, prior to seeing it, i was trying to figure out how to express this very sentiment to you in an email about my situation. i see i don’t have to.
    I can plainly see now how they manipulated me into this situation, and I’m actively working to fix it. I don’t want to say how I’m going to fix it until i remedy the problem. Needless to say that what they are doing involves keeping me off balance with one calamity after another so that i cannot focus on getting out of this situation. And they are now using the fact that i have asbergers, I think they know that i get stuck and tend to hyper-focus on things sometimes to the exclusion of everything else. What better way to keep my focus off bringing in money & finishing the bus than to have daily catastrophes that I have to deal with. It’s the exact way they are sabotaging my finances, besides the black magic. Unfortunately for them i am seeing the bigger picture and am now working on not allowing the BS to distract me. There is more to this this that i cannot reveal until the situation is mitigated, otherwise it will never be fixed.

    Before this revelation of exactly how they are dragging me down, i was really starting to feel hopeless, a feeling i haven’t felt since before i became a christian. It worked short term in the last few years, but i see it now, so i can work to fix it. It’s going to be the hardest thing i have ever done most likely, but I think it will all be worth it once it’s done. There is an easy fix that is almost instant, and there is a right way to fix it. I’m choosing to to take the hard road and fix it right. As i have already said i think it will be well worth it.

  8. Edward

    Upon further investigation of the area surrounding the SIS building, all these restaurants and places that were marked on the map seem to be underground, as they are marked right on top of train tracks. So apparently there is a large underground district in this area. No wonder Don said earthpipes were necessary! I was trying to see what the place ashtar looked like to see if i could gleen anything from it.

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  10. Edward

    Hey Frode, we have internet now, and i was wondering how to get involved in the chat on sunday mornings. I’ve tried to find a link to you or EDU’s email on EW, but for the life of me i cannot figure it out. The link to email the webmaster isn’t working either. please contact me if you are able and let me know how to get involved in the chat. I was hoping to have contacted you before this mornings chat session, but we lost internet and didn’t get it back until yesterday, long story.


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