Mrs Odondi’s Arrest in Kisumu

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Mrs O took a box of orgonite to the post office, yesterday, to mail to Eliud, who is gifting on the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania.

A secret police officer arrested her for that and she’s in jail, now.

I’ve advised the kikundi that they’re likely being surveilled around the clock, now, as Carol and I and a few others are in this effort.  It’s not much of a problem for us in the West but you’ve already seen how easily the sewer rats are able to throw our African friends in jail for nothing at all.

The end game seems to be to force the kikundi to stop making and selling orgonite for fear of imprisonment and the attrition aspect of this is that we in the West who are accustomed to paying the extortion fees to get them out of jail are not keeping up with the demand very well, any more.

I lost my ability to take care of these things quietly after our business came under assault in 2011 and we subsequently lost all of our savings.  I’m 68 (bona fide mzee except that I don’t have much gray hair)  😉 and Carol is 60 so we’re not likely to replenish our retirement fund and we won’t ever collect social security.   I’m pretty sure that our business gets  slammed around the clock just to keep me from helping the kikundi in emergencies the way I had been doing since 2003 but I’m happy to make the sacrifice because I know that the enemy are finally losing their ancient war against humanity, now , and what the kikundi have already accomplished has probably started a groundswell of orgonite production that will revolutionize the fortunes of the dark continent and dislodge the avaricious europoid parasite that is keeping the population in a state of poverty and terror through its proxy governments, rigged elections and secret police.

Christine is traveling from South Sudan to Kisumu, Kenya to offer support and gather information and I’m asking all of our readers, meanwhile, to send proper positive energy through our hearts to Mrs O, the secret police, jailers, etc., until this is resolved.

Why not try the ’13th dimension boosting’ that’s described on  If I can do it, anyone can.  When we do this, the enemy evidently can’t figure out where it’s coming from and it puts them off balance, which is what we want. It feels really good to receive this energy, too, if one doesn’t have a ‘heart condition,’ which is to say ‘voluntarily atrophied energetic heart.’  The enemy are literally the most spiritually degraded people on the planet and it’s because they want to be that way.  It severely handicaps them in terms of defending themselves from strong healing energy.  For them, healing is painful and potentially deadly.

“I’m not happy until THEY’re not happy.” 😉

When we send energy properly we’re energized; when we send it improperly it makes us tired. That’s an excellent barometer.   Most Afrcans are well tuned to receiving etheric energy due to their strong bias toward etheric technology. This might also be why orgonite generally creates more dramatic results in Africa’s physical environment, too.

20 thoughts on “Mrs Odondi’s Arrest in Kisumu

  1. Frode

    Thanks for posting this. I don’t have finances to help them either, but boosting I think has the potential to open up possibilities for problems like this to be resolved. Whenever they are in trouble, I’m also hit hard, and this has been no exception. I’ve worked on the energy in Kisumu today, and behind what seems like another random arrest there are many backers. Triads is one of the main ones, we have encountered them in East Africa several times when doing etheric work in the chat.

    It is hard to describe what happens in the etheric realm, but lately whenever something bad happens to the kikundi, the hidden attackers pay so badly for it, which I think speaks to the importance of the work the kikundi do educating people about orgonite. Plus I’m fed up with this.

    Somewhat poor comfort if there is more extortion fees down the line, but I think I’ll leave the PW on the city of Kisumu for while.

  2. TeresaE

    I was recently redirected to ho’oponono, I believe that is correct, a Hawaiian tradition of love and forgiveness.
    I’ve only been using this a couple weeks, but I’ve gotten seemingly positive results. It is basically boosting through a mantra, which works well for my overly busy mind.
    My dad died and I cannot begin to tell you the number of times I repeated it to bring comfort, peace and calm to my very disconnected siblings.
    I’m now using it to heal my past, and boost those that need all the love and compassion they can get. Like the Florida situation and chemtrails.
    It’s simple and I absolutely have seen it’s power, in only two weeks.
    I love you
    I’m sorry
    Please forgive me
    Thank you
    While just praying for Mrs O and her captors, it morphed to “we” instead of “I”.
    I am going to set an alarm to remember to do it on the hour in hopes others may decide to boost at the dame time.
    Love to all

  3. Billy Orgonite

    Patricia Buza help me and mum (Mrs O) I thank him so much and thank Nancy so much
    My Mum is arrested in Kisumu am Son of Mrs O Called Billy
     Thanks a m  doing well only my mother (Mrs O) who got arrested and now he is  still in. So now am struggling to see how the orphans can survive. So kindly asking if i can get $150  or anything that you can get so that i see how to handle the children. You can use the paypalpal account of Dancan at  or
    You can  use that  ACCOUNT OF  WORLD REMIT OF MY WIFE IS +254703430585  THE NAME IS. NANCY AWINO JUMA. 

    Patricia Buza help me and mum (Mrs O)
    But we still need some money
    I just sent KES 7,022.00 to Nancy Awino Juma in Kisumu Kenya

    The World Remit Transaction No is: 21632826

    via mobile money for the release of Mrs O

    Thehe email address of my wife is 

    it’s been hard for today,  my mother (Mrs O)got arrested  while sending some orgonite Eliud in Zanzibar. The CID officers could not understand  the bile orgonite  and they mistook with explosive device.  So quite  unfortunate  that  my mother  will spend her night behind the bar.  I will  be there and monitor their last decision. 

    Eventhough   my mother  advised me not to revel to you people  but Christine have insisted that I must let you  know this.  Don’t get worried  I know there is joy sense of alarm.  Have a good  time. 


  4. Mrs. O

    Billy Son of Mrs O Thanks a lot for being with us, for my Mather (Mrs O) to be safe before she is being taken to court. I talked with one of the CID and he advised me that if we can get $180 he would finish up all the case. So for now i have got $70 so still need $ 110. So kindly if i can get this money can help us  Billy

  5. Dancan Omollo

    Thanks you so much Don Frode and Teresa for your post

    Thanks a lot she is still remand for the CID are still doing thei investigation. She is still at the police cell. The central police hearquarters. Dancan

  6. Billy Orgonite

    Hello for you all My Mather (Mrs O) yesterday She told me tell all friends about the court today
    Am Billy Son of Mrs O Thanks a lot for being with us, for my Mather (Mrs O) to be safe before she is being taken to court. I talked with one of the CID and he advised me that if we can get $180 he would finish up all the case. So for now i have got $105 so still need $75. So kindly if i can get this money can help us

    My Mather (Mrs O) is going to court today at 2:30 PM but if I can get $75 we can help her

    If you any can help use this of Dancan paypal or

    You can use that ACCOUNT OF WORLD REMIT OF Nancy +254703430585 THE NAME IS. NANCY AWINO JUMA.


  7. Edu

    We tracked the latest operations against the Kikundi to the Babylonian MI6 headquarters.

    We believe that a sustained boosting effort by several people for many months might destabilize the shitworms inside and prevent them from controlling their African goons in Kenya and other places. We worked on the place under guidance by the cetaceans, but more is needed. We wish to make this a long term boosting target.

    If one wishes to collaborate, all one needs to do is send love to the building and its staff whenever one thinks about it. Together we can keep them under duress.

  8. Billy Orgonite

    Hello all It had been a very tough time with us after the arrest of my mother Mrs. O, for upon thorough inspection of the alleged parcel, they found the orgonite and some aluminum crystal which were being ferried to Eliud for making the orgonite in Zanzibar. In fact orgonite and the aluminum crystal the police and the CIDs could not understand, they mistook them as materials for making the explosive gadget. Worst of all we are coming from the opposition zones who never accepted the rerun of the last year election, so the government is fully on the watch out of all the activities and even the documents being ferried within our areas.

    But as per now we are seeing everything going to take a hopeful dimension for one of Dancan’s Cousin Evans Okech is going to see us through despite that cruel hand of forces and am quite optimistic that my mother’s case will reach to a good end. The only thing which shade more sweat is that, the CID who had the case refused to take the money we have claiming that the case is a bit tough but we still have hope.


  9. Billy Orgonite

    Hallow, Hope all is well, my mother was taken to the court for the time and the court red same vage charges. So upon realizing the dangers of the case concerning the rampant corruption in our country we resorted to have an advocate who can help us in arguing that case. So we managed top have who is very sharp and faithful and can managed the case. So he he advised us concerning the nature of the case and the prevailing circumstance in our country if we can raise $ 190 he can use it straight away convince the judge to dismise the case. So kindly asking if we can get this money for all the we had we have used to pay the layer who argued for us the case. Trust all will be well with you. Thanks continue boosting my mother Mrs O.

    If you can help use this of Dancan paypal or

    You can use that ACCOUNT OF WORLD REMIT OF Nancy +254703430585 THE NAME IS. NANCY AWINO JUMA.


  10. Billy Orgonite

    My Mother Mrs O , attended the court hearing today and the verdict is reached that she is to serve 3 years imprisonment. They tend to claim that she was in a possession of unknown and dangerous items, thus due to the political status of the this country Kenya , they imprisoned Mrs O 3 years or a fine of $3800. Our people tried by all means to pay the bills through the lawyer but they refused claiming that the case is very sensitive and deserve a jail term.
    On this account according to my mother’s advice, she told us not to get worried with looking for the money for she fully understand our economic stability. She just wants to be in the prison to finish up all her jail terms. Thanks to Kathy and Dennis for their tireless work.

  11. Christine Oginga

    Sorry Billy for what happened to your mother Mrs O. Three years is too much being the fact that your mother is one who stays with the orphans. Its quite unadvisable to follow her directives and leave her in the jail for all that long time.
    We will see what to do and whoever is in a position can react

  12. Mrs. O

    its quite unfortunate to see what now happened to Mrs O, in fact the years given are too much and we must do something immediately to bring a solution to her family. We will see if we can have a fund raise in support of her release very soon. Otherwise i hoe all our team will cooperate for this hazard that befell us.

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