Chris: Orgonite in Zambia and Malawi

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It’s my great concern and privilege to see our people in both Zambia and Malawi coming up after adapting to the use of our newly invented orgonite. In fact I was very happy to see the number of orgonite user coming up steadily; in Malawi I had a bigger number of people who have shown a good interest in our orgonite. Even in their farms nowadays the majority of people use the orgonite I their farming activities. Soyer beans farmers are now using the orgonite, and am very sure in the near future we shall dominate.  It happened  that this I encounter a strong opposition from one of their native organic fertilizer but am quite optimistic that , because of the outcome that most of the farmers have experience we are still coming to see our ways out.

I also managed to visit Lake Malawi and did some gifting to the northern part of the lake where fishing industry is being done. One of the fishermen testified to me that since i introduce orgonite in their fishing career, they have a good production; even some other species of fish called in their language Chambo and the kepenter are now availed.

I also managed to get a good moment and conduct some good training with the local farmers and the fishermen and am very sure they will have a good step in their productions.

In Zambia I also got a very good time with the farmers who grow maize in booth small scale and in large scale. I also got an opportunity to visit some cassava plantation where I did a food work. Even right now I have got some reports that the work which I did there is in a progress and the result will be to the maximum.


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