Daily Archives: February 13, 2018

Deconstructing the global news blackout on the breaking of the Great Artificial Drought, 2018


“Go for the ribs, don’t let that bastard breathe!” Micky Goldmill (to Rocky, after round 1 with Apollo), from “Rocky“, 1976   “Rock, you’re breakin’ the ribs.” Paulie Pennino (to Rocky, in the meat locker), from “Rocky“, 1976             If you’ve made it all the… Read more »

Chris: Orgonite in Zambia and Malawi


It’s my great concern and privilege to see our people in both Zambia and Malawi coming up after adapting to the use of our newly invented orgonite. In fact I was very happy to see the number of orgonite user coming up steadily; in Malawi I had a bigger number… Read more »