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  1. Angel

    I’ve got some happy news to share for the Eastern Scottish Highlands. We received our box of tb’s 5 days ago. For the last 5 months we’ve had very little sun at all…a few minutes at a time here and there…a few rare times up to an hour. But, for the most part, nothing. Just nasty white skies and a miserable 5 months. Of course, it’s common to have rain and cloudy skies during the winter months, but it has never been this bad where you can go this long with just a few short minutes of sunshine and have to wait a few more weeks for the next teaser. It’s just been hellish!

    So I get my box of tb’s and my mood lifts. I’ve been quite unwell so our gifting will be done after I’m able to recover my strength. This means our happy box of tb’s is sitting in the dining room under a chair. The next day I get up and I’m shocked to see the sun! I’m even more shocked when it’s still shining happily upon us at noon! I’m in total disbelief by 4pm when it’s still looking gorgeous as we sit outside and watch it set in pure and total awe. (At this time we have not thought anything except how nice it is to see this strange appearance after all these months…Why hello, Mr. Sun! We’re so very happy to see you!)

    The next day both my husband and I are looking at one another as we wake to see this miracle…Mr. Sun is once again smiling down on us! How can this be? We both wonder aloud. What an odd thing, to have the sun 2 days in a row! We decide this is such an extraordinary event that we spend nearly the entire day outside, just marveling at this wondrous event…my husband playing with the girls and I’m laying in the lounge chair he brought out for me all snuggled warmly in a cozy heavy blanket. To our great surprise, and happy pleasure, it stays to grace us right up to sunset! The sky is a stunning deep blue and the clouds are normal leaving us wondering how on earth we got so lucky to have sunshine 2 whole days in a row.

    On day 3 as we wake to this new and astounding event, we see that gorgeous sun and that amazing blue sky and finally the lightbulb comes on…tower busters!!!!!!! Get out! Is this awesome bossom or what?!? We’re marveling, thinking how totally cool it is to have 3 days of Mr. Sun!!! Yippee!! We go outside and hubs begins shaving our oldest furdaughter who has been choking us to death with her fur. Soaking up the sun and watching the shearing, I hear some people walk by who are talking about how wonderful it is to see the sun and maybe they won’t have to move to Spain after all to finally get some sunshine!

    My husband and I look at each other and smile. How wonderful it is to have something that, really, all of us should be getting pretty much every single day anyway. But the parasites have chosen to steal it away from us all. We sit and bask and another thought occurs to us both at the same time…it’s not everywhere as we thought it was. My hubs makes a quick run to the grocer and comes back verifying that we have a giant hole punch directly above us and it’s about a mile in circumference! Everywhere else remains under the nasty shroud of whiteness. But this magical circle of clear blue sky and normal clouds hovers right over our house and radiates for a good mile out!

    We’ve needed this. I’VE needed this. My health has been so poorly the last 5 months (odd that it began to decline when we lost the sun as I have sun light bulbs that I use by my chair to help me), that I began to write goodbye letters to my children in case the worse case scenario happened. But little by little my health and energy have been improving. I’m nowhere near up to par, yet, but to go from being stuck in bed and unable to do pretty much anything for months on end, to now being able to just smile and get through a day without feeling worried that maybe I won’t make it to the next month, is a true miracle to me. I have a renewed sense of hope and can even feel that I’m actually getting better.

    Today, again, the sun was shining brightly all day long and I’ve been out of bed the entire day. I even made a batch of guacamole dip and homemade mayonnaise. I’ve not been this active for literally 5 months! As soon as I’m a bit stronger we’re going to start gifting the death towers and that will make things even better! We’ve had tb’s in our house and vehicle for many years now but never had such a huge amount in the house at one time before. And we’ve only lived in the Highlands for a year now.

    When we lived down by Edinburgh we consistently had a hole punch above our flat the entire time. It was always awesome to be out and about and on the way home see the hole punch from a distance, knowing it was directly above our flat. But we gave away a large amount of our tb’s to family and friends so our level of protection was drastically decreased when we moved up here to the Highlands. You really have no idea how much protection they give until you let them go and see how vulnerable you have become.

    It feels so good to have hope back again. To feel my health improving day by day. And it would not have been possible without the help of some wonderful people. Thank you, Don. And thank you, Fran. You guys totally rock!

    Once we get out gifting, I’ll be back with more updates on how we clear the rest of this area…at least as much as we can! Happy gifting everyone!

  2. Don Croft Post author

    Paco (Fran of orgonita.eu) and I conspired to get a box of towerbusters to Angel and you can see that the effort really paid off 😎

    You might feel a bit envious of her because she’s been living in a place where the sewer rats can still poison the sky, so when she gets out and busts the local death towers and weather weaponry she’s probably going to be treated to the most empowering visual confirmations.

    Most new orgonite flingers in the assaulted nations are already seeing Sylphs and radiant blue skies where they live. Angel’s account reminds me of what conditions were like in the assaulted (prosperous) countries in 2001, when we first got started. Traveling across the US with our first orgonite cloudbuster in that year showed us a parade of sky horrors, through which we typically plowed bright blue furrows. Note that her orgonite cloudbuster hadn’t produced a blue hole on its own in that location, by the way. I assume she still has it.

    Putting a balanced psychic with a conscience and accountabiity in a place like that is bound to produce additional positive effects because accountable people, when we encounter any problem, feel compelled to do something about it but I’m content to watch that unfold.

    It looks to me like they were doing their best to isolate and destroy her but, as Muhammad said, ‘Men plot and God plots; and God is the best plotter,’ and I assume that the Operators moved her to that remote spot for a specific purpose. They put Carol (and I) here, eleven years ago, on the edge of a massive and apparently very ancient and important (to the baby eaters) underground base, for instance. It makes me wonder what the enemy are doing where she lives–I think we’ll find out.

    Congrats, Angel, and we’re very happy for you and looking forward to seeing you experience phenomenal vitality as you progress. We’ve seen over the years that in order for them to remotely destroy psychics who have consciences they need to isolate them, first, so thanks for staying in touch over the years. I believe the late Steven J Smith’s claim that the death towers (until they’re flipped with orgonite) are used (among many other noxious purposes, apparently not including cell phones) to amplify their subtle-energy (psychic/etheric) assaults on targeted people like yourself.

  3. Angel

    Hi Don, thank you. Yes, we still have the cloud buster. We can’t keep it outside b/c people were constantly trying to steal it in the night. One time they pried off 3 pieces of our wood plank fencing and the dogs began barking like mad. I went outside and heard people running off but didn’t realize they had pried off the fencing until the next morning. We replaced them and the next night they tried again but our dogs began barking and we let them out which scared them off. So we brought it inside.

    Today it snowed all day so we had a cloudy day, but my health seems to be holding out and I’m not losing strength like I had been. Will definitely keep you posted on how the gifting goes and the after-effects. I’m looking forward to relaying the good news!

  4. Angel Cross

    We’ve had another full day of beautiful sunshine here…this is incredible when you understand that we’ve not had sunshine for 5 whole months. I’m writing, though, b/c I noticed something else today. When we were outside marveling at our beautiful blue sky, normal clouds and sunshine, we also noticed that the hole punch has become vast! It’s clear for as far as our eyes can see! And the news stated that our weather today was supposed to be cloudy and rainy all day!!!

    Another thing to mention here, my mind was so full of hopelessness that I really had resigned myself to leaving this life. But each day my strength is improving…little by little I’m able to more and more. And my thoughts have not once been on being unwell or not being around much longer. My husband even commented on how he feels that the tb’s have really pushed that darkness out of me and made me more positive. I fully agree. I was getting angry about being constantly stomped and constantly unwell. And feeling helpless in stopping it. None of that has been on my mind at all lately.

    Just a bit longer, now, and I’ll be able to do some recon on how to do some stealthy gifting.

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

    1. Don Croft Post author

      I think you’ll find, Angel, that stealth isn’t really a consideration unless you’re doing this right under their noses, like putting orgonite around the local copshop, court, jail, etc.

      When Carol and I grid-gift downtown areas of big cities we typically do it on a Sunday morning, when the only other people on the street are mainly the sewer rats who are trying to see where we drop the orgonite, so they’re easy to evade. Having a Succor Punch running also evidently blocks satellite and radio surveillance; we ought to assume that they put bugs all over our houses, vehicles and even in our shoes and clothing, of course. If that stuff worked reliably for them, though, then you probably wouldn’t be seeing sewer rats trying so hard to keep sight of us when we’re doing this work ;-). I’ll make a SP for you and mail it, soon. It’s a powerful healing tool in the hands of any energy sensitive, too.

      I enjoy etheric combat more than I enjoy healing folks, even though I’m in the healing trade 😎


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