Anomalous Jet , Flying Too Low and Slow Over the City

Carol and I saw a plane, yesterday, that was perhaps dropping weaponized ticks and spiders on the small city near us (Coeur d’Alene, Idaho).  It was a four-engine jet, flying very low, slow and quietly over the city. It had no markings and was light gray so it wasn’t a US Air Force (steel gray) or UN (all white) aircraft.  I was driving and Carol saw it quite close overhead through the passenger window–around 800 feet above the ground and not near any airport.  I turned off the street and stopped to get a look as it flew away. It should have been quite loud but we didn’t hear it.

The new Lyme endemic throughout N America, Europe and Australia is evidently due to such airdrops over populated areas.  The original Lyme endemic was much smaller and the targeted people were a lot more isolated in areas that could be said to have natural ticks but now perhaps millions of people in regions where there are no natural ticks are damaged by this bioweapon, which is a spirochete bacteria.

On the bright side, it’s not nearly as widespread as the chemtrail-induced sickness endemic was between ’98 and 2003 and I think that before long, lots of people will be exposing this new assault and talking publicly about it–don’t expect to see it mentioned on the chemtrail fear porn websites, of course.

We don’t know if this is what that ‘plane’ was doing, of course, but i never saw a tick in our region since we moved here in 2001 and I got them on me at each of my favorite flying sites near here, last summer and I”ve been getting bitten by spiders (?) more often, lately.. If not for the zappers I think the itching would have kept me awake a lot.

I should mention a couple of related incidents that happened in Moscow, Idaho, in 2003, when we lived there. In those days we were seeing lots of UFOs, sometimes up close, and these may have been related:

1) Carol’s adult son, Nick, who lived across town, called her one day to say that there was a big passenger jet over the city, just sort of hovering at about one thousand feet altitude (there are no suitable airports near Moscow).  We went outside and could see it, too.  It moved very slowly and turned in ways that should have caused it to drop straight down but after a few minutes it just flew silently . and very slowly to the west. Moscow is a little smaller than Coeur d’Alene.

2) When she and I were walking back from the post office one morning we heard and saw a small plane flying toward us at an altitude of around 1500.’   When it was directly over us, it stopped and became silent.  We also stopped, of course, and after a few seconds, we heard the motor start up and it flew away at a normal speed 😉

When I took flying lessons in 2006, in a plane like that one, my instructor taught me to ‘hover.’ In that case, the wind at that altitude (1500′ or so) was unusually strong– about 45 mph, which is just above stall speed. It was fun to see the plane’s shadow not moving  on the ground, but in order to do that I had to actually increase the speed of the motor and raise the plane’s nose quite a bit.

I keep wanting to post about the ongoing gaslighting that many of us experience but, really, it has stopped seeming so important.  In one of Miles Mathis’ papers he pointed out that this is now happening to perhaps millions of people and he’s concluded, as I have, that there are more CIA sewer rats operating in the US than there are people in the US armed forces.   My assumption is that this number even exceeds the combined numbers of all of the armed forces and visible police forces and that’s not even taking the even more  hideous and perhaps as massive NSA into account.  I agree with his assessment that the FBI was sidelined after the CIA murdered Hoover, got rid of Nixon (took direct control of the executive branch) and later neutralized Congress, all before the ‘bicentennial,’ 1976. Obama recently admitted that Nixon was more liberal than he was, by the way.

Maybe it’s more productive to keep drawing attention to the massive scale and criminality of these NationalSocialist agencies than to whine about their ubiquitous and mostly harmless gaslighting 😉 . I think it’s even worse in Britain and Israel.



3 thoughts on “Anomalous Jet , Flying Too Low and Slow Over the City

  1. Edward

    That is most likely true about the whining about gas lighting, but to those of us who have been isolated for so long, coming on here and talking about it is cathartic in a way and helps the healing process I think. But I definitely agree it is more effective to expose them.

  2. Don Croft Post author

    Ed, if we were an organized effort and prizes were handed out for ‘Who gets the most CIA gaslighting?’ I think you might get the blue ribbon 8)

    I felt some support by reading Miles Mathis’ paper, ‘The Matrix,’ because he did some digging and found out that there are at least six million CIA sewer rats working inside the US, which of course is against their 1947 mandate to only work outside the US. So, when published figures indicate six million we can probably add another zero on the right side of that figure to get the accurate number. I can’t count the number of times Carol and I encountered CIA @$$ warts in the field who were speaking Russian, by the way.

    If we figure that only a certain percentage of any population would be inclined to get work as predators and parasites it makes sense that there just aren’t enough of those, born in the US, to handle the CIA’s present workload. We’ve encountered a lot of Chinese sewer rats, too, but those are more likely working for the Peking secret police dung heap.

  3. Don Croft Post author

    By the way, we don’t know whether that big cargo jet was dropping weaponized ticks and spiders on the city; I was just throwing the idea out there as a possible hunch. Even the psychics in our little coterie won’t claim that their hunches are authoritative and they only offer them to us as battlefield intel when two or more of them are seeing the same thing.


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