The current status of Kisumu in New areas

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The current status of the our areas in  Kisumu and some of other new areas  are  not all that stable in  the sense that all the dry areas which we had reclaimed previously by constant gifting have started to experience the same problems which  they had before. From late last year I had experienced some financial hardship  and as to such I could not continue with  the work, but  thank God  that all is resuming and  we have now started and am very sure  that  ecological stability  will be realized in  some of the already devastated areas.

We have some areas like Ahero and Kano scheme which had already experienced good performance in the terms of their ecological status for they had experienced constant rainfall that support farming of both subsistence and large scale, now they are not doing well and it’s my prayer that after   picking up steadily, am going to see that they all resume successfully.

Am also planning to see that we visited some of the areas in Kisumu which had been hit by the contentious garbage removal problem from its initial place to the new site of Kajulu areas, I want to see that within the shortest time possible to come in as a team to see that we gift such areas to avoid escalating the matters. I am planning to arrange all my resources and by next week to see that something is done.

It’s my trust to see that in the near future we are going to make sure that we expand the business to meet the expectation of all our esteemed customers to avoid such unnecessary failures that would work against our consistence production of the orgonite.

Politically we are still not stable yet and more so our areas which is opposition prone zones. We are still living under continuous fear of attack by the police because we are from the opposition zones. We still need more of your boost. Another hazard that we are facing as per now is that concerning the political instability that we are still facing, even our presells, which we have been sending outside the country could not go. When we try to enquire they tell us that they will be sent out soon. So we still have hope for the good outcome as soon as the normalcy of the nation resumes.

It’s my happiness that Chris is doing a good work in Malawi and Zambia and I believe in the near future we shall have orgonite manufacturing plant in Zambia to sustain the production of the soyers farmers in the copper belt regions of the Lufwanyama areas.

Even right now one of our fellows Nicholas is also in Arusha Tanzania doing gifting; this brings to our attention and much concern to make more of the bilo orgonite to make our gifting mission manageable and successful. This is my email address

Mrs. O

2 thoughts on “The current status of Kisumu in New areas

  1. Mrs. O Post author

    Thanks a lot in fact its true that at times even the human activities can interfere with the effectiveness of the orgonite. Really during farming some of the orgonite can be disallocated and were moved to other areas. Soil erosion is also another ares. .Also of late in our areas of Kano we had a chines construction comines building petrol station and they were using the raders to dispel the ran so these also made the orgibites. So those are few among other factors which had made our gifting mission for be abit hard but thank all will be okay.Mrs O


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