Approximately how many Orgonite devices have been produced since its invention?

Let me begin by saying it’s impossible to determine the actual number of Orgonite devices produces since its invention. (I added “approximately” after reading Don’s first comment, below – ed)

So this thread’s purpose is to catalogue what we DO know. And perhaps develop a wider global dialogue on the subject.

Okay, I’ll start. I’ve made about 40 of my own Orgonite devices, muffin pan TB’s, 2005 to present. Since 2002, I’ve purchased and distributed or gave as gifts another 500 or so, maybe 600.

I remember reading the number 10,000 re: Don Bradley in Southern California. Anyone with personal recollection? I bought all my Orgonite from DB until he stopped selling it.

Gare, I estimated 200,000 for you, please advise.

That’s 210,540, and we’ll of course keep amending this number at the cutting edge of the thread.

This is an exercise in short-circuiting the Ministry of Truth’s ability to “memory hole” this information.

And it’s also part of the scientific experiment that is the investigation of the positive changes that are going on – how much Orgonite was required to create such a change, and then watching distribution numbers and changes as we go forward.

Because people aren’t going to stop gifting. In fact, that’s also going to increase in speed and magnitude as awareness increases.

Carol just made three mighty CB’s. Every please advise re: CB numbers, also, if applicable. I think that would make an appropriate subgroup within ‘devices’.

Edit 2/2: I’m going to be moderating this thread. For replies or comments, it’s important that they be on-topic, and note how many devices you’ve made/produced. If I’m on the fence about the appropriateness of a reply or comment, I’ll note that as a ‘yellow card’, in soccer parlance, prior to handing out a ‘red card’ for a second infraction. This way, readers can get an idea of the kind of tactics used to defray and harry a blog like like this, and we won’t have ongoing problems with such posts.





4 thoughts on “Approximately how many Orgonite devices have been produced since its invention?

  1. Jeff Miller Post author

    Ines, we’ve never met, yet you’ve replied to the thread without introducing yourself to me, as if you’ve been here on the forum all along. It would be as if you went to a party, and pointedly ignored the host, whom you’d never met, and then called out loudly “how does someone get a drink around here?”

    And your post does not advance the thread’s basic mission – you don’t let us know how many Orgonite devices you’ve made/purchased, to date. And then your post attempts to lead conversation off onto a different subject.

    To readers I would note this could be a mole or stooge with the stage name of ‘Ines’, attempting to coopt this thread, or it could be a person named Ines has merely misstepped socially without meaning to, and future posts will be different.

    We’ve only just met – we’ll see.

    As I noted above, this will be yellow-card, red-card, as in Soccer.

    Not a complicated thread. “How many Orgonite devices have been produced since its invention?”

    If you aren’t a member of this blog and would like to contribute to this thread, please let me know how many Orgonite devices you’ve made/purchased to date.

  2. Don Croft

    First, it’s absolutely impossible to estimate how many pieces of orgonite have been made, also impossible to know how many orgonite cloudbusters there are becuase the vast majority of people who do this work won’t talk about it online or in email.

    Second, Jeff has a valid point about our accountability when posting comments on this blogsite. Before the feds murdered our webmaster and destroyed the old EW forum, last summer it was easy to monitor such things but the blogsite opened this up to the public.

    Jeff and I sort of made a pact to draw people out when there’s some question of their intentions and that’s what he’s doing in your case, Ines. In this unorganized network, one’s earned reputation counts more than anything else and I think that’s in line with how the internet is supposed to operate.

    Don Bradley is easy to contact through his website, I think, in case you want some first hand information from him.

  3. Don Croft

    Jeff and I are hoping to attract accountable people to this blogsite and my impression is that by insisting on accountability we’re going to attract more of these folks, who are a tiny minority in the world but are the only people who influence history in a positive way, after all. Any of us can influence history in a positive way, as this website has proven over the years.

    The sewer rats have a vast army of operatives who are mandated to destroy all public discussion by poisoning them all. We don’t feel inclined to call any of them out because that would be counterproductive. We rather want to undermine that massive agenda by attracting the folks who want to stand effectively against the rule of parasites 😉


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