Super CB Raffle Cancelled

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Carol has decided to cancel the Super CB raffle due to lack of interest. Although some tickets have sold, there haven’t been enough sold to cover Carol’s costs. Perhaps this was an idea before it’s time, or perhaps they are meant for another purpose that is yet to be revealed. It’s a mystery! Carol may decide to try the raffle again at a later date.

Carol will be refunding all of the tickets sold. If your refund isn’t processed immediately please be patient. Carol is currently traveling to Tucson for the gem shows and will not have a lot of time to be on her computer for the next week or so.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

1 thought on “Super CB Raffle Cancelled

  1. Esther Bunny Brown

    At least the refunds could be helpful to those who bought the tickets.

    Don Croft, thanks for your comments on divination; my mother bought me the Starter Tarot Deck by U.S. Games Systems while she was in California for a visit, now I would like not only some Tarot decks but also some Lenormand decks as well.

    Also, I’m intrigued by Petit Lenormand’s relatives Kipper and Grand Jeu Lenormand, alongside a book by Andy Boroveshengra.

    Link to a review of the book:

    Link to possibly brief info on Grand Jeu Lenormand:


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