Dancan Omollo: My mission in Kisii highlands

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For the last two days I have been exploring the mountain of Kisii highlands with the orgonite. I happen to be here upon request form the locals after hearing what our work in Nyamira resulted upon. The work which  we did in Nyamira last year have left the area to be free from the harmful hazard, the Wachawi and other calamities caused by the lightning and thunder striking. In  fact in Nyamira areas it’s in record that  the Wachawi  and  the sorcerers could mean to use their divination power to even magically  manipulate thunder and cause it to inflict problem to the lives of the residents, now after our team  have launched a thorough  gifting work  upon these highlands  the place is now good and can support life.

Right now I’m in the highlands after getting the report that the Wachawi have dominated the area, some residents commented that it’s likely the Wachawi move to Nyamira after losing   battle with our gifters , they then decided to migrate to the highlands of Kisii.  In fact these Wachawi here in the Kisii highlands are even more harmful than the ones in Nyamira. Some of them are even have the magical power to exhume the carcasses of the dead human bodies and eat them. Really this is even so detrimental for human habitation, besides exhuming the carcasses of the dead human bodies from the tomb, they even kill their fellows and dish their bodies and celebrate it all.

These reports have caused an alarm to the kikundi and made me to spend my sleepless day and night in this area. In fact am also fearful upon working here because am working among the cannibals. What made me have some strength and power is the zappers and the orgonite that I have with me.

Now what brings me hope again here, is that since I arrived in this place some residents have report to me that they are having hope in life in the sense that some can now sleep without fear because of the orgonite I have put along the road just from the main town as I was going to the small center where I am just now. I hope the same thing which happened in Nyamira will also take place here and soon and very soon the place with be habitable and people will celebrate their being in this place.

My request now is, I need more boosting for the place where I am now is so detrimental for one like me who could not even understand the local language of these people. we can as well boost Chris for he is traveling to Malawi tomorrow.





1 thought on “Dancan Omollo: My mission in Kisii highlands

  1. Don Croft

    Excellent work, Dancan! For many of us, taking risks is part of the fun, though the risks in Africa are often life-threatening, unlike here or in most other places. I feel most alive when I’ve infuriated the bad guys, though flying is a close second place to that. The targets are also more obvious in Africa in many cases, though. Over here, the oligarchy (parasites) are obsessed with hiding from the host (the public). Where you live, the parasitic oligarchy rule in a more overt fashion. Sorcery is etheric science and when more people who have talent for science will finally recognize the significance of the ether I think it’s going to take a lot more power from the sorcerers who rule humanity. I’m a hack with etheric science but what little I do know is quite effective and I’m not a bit afraid of sorcerers on account of what I know: they’re just parasites and inherently weak on account of that. I think Africans might have an advantage in this new science because they already have a strong cultural foundation for appreciating the dynamics of the ether.

    Something to consider, for instance, is that even though the wachawi can generate lightning, locally, under certain conditions, our East African cohorts have been restoring the health of their climate over vast regions and this is evidently an irreversible achievement. I bet a single orgonite cloudbuster in a village would make it impossible for the wachawi to attack the village and surrounding area with lightning, any more. It would also mollify extreme storms and prevent flash floods, damaging hail, etc. We’ve been here ten years and not a single lightning strike has occurred near us in that time, nor has there been damaging hail. That’s in spite of the parasitic order aiming unspeakably powerful weather weaponry at us from time to time.

    What you’re doing now demonstrates the profound talent for strategy among your band of etheric warriors and that leaves more than a few of us envious of your opportunities. I’ll be boosting you as often as I think of you and I think about you a lot, these days 😉


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