Orgonite, antidote to black magic

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Some weeks ago my stepmother talked to me about an older couple, friends of the family. The wife had come to tell her one day about some bad energy in the couple’s home. It was something in the house that kept making them feel bad and fight with each other… she was sure it was something in the house.
When I heard of this, my answer was immediately to send them some orgonite, and the number of pieces and where to put them came to me pretty instantly – 2 HHGs and 10 TBs to spread around the house and the land, if they had any, with the HHGs to be put where they felt the energy was the worse. So they did this.

I get a call the day after they picked up and spread the orgonite around the house and she’s very happy because all that heavyness and nasty energy is gone. So there’s an example of orgonite being used very successfully against black magic. I’m sure there’s plenty more from many people, such as when the kikundi drove the black magicians away. Orgonite is a real antidote to black magic.

2 thoughts on “Orgonite, antidote to black magic

  1. Don Croft Post author

    Good job, Carlos. You might not have considered this, but it may be that people will be earning their livelihoods this way all over the world before long.

    People with your energy sensibilities will also likely be paid to end droughts with orgonite. The East Africans are on the threshold of this, and perhaps farther along according to what we’re seeing with Chris Onyango, who is regularly invited to several other African countries to teach people about orgonite. His airfare and expenses are paid in that case. Sometimes it feels like I’m pulling teeth, though, when I try to persuade our African cohorts to focus on making this miraculous field work profitable, rather 😉

  2. Rita

    don,we are doing the work in africa and ready to make it commercial,i have had similar results where a village has been attacked by dis incarnates and are sexually using people,i gave one orgone to one lady and she is now free from the sexual ties and i have told her to tell her testimony to the rest. still i have gifted the place. i have started an endless journey to fleeing the black man.i love my witchcraft(orgone). Love Rita


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