When Theosophy Drones Bash Christianity….

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[I got a very interesting email from someone named Andrea, in response to a website that was shared in someone’s comment.   I’ll post my response to the email at the top so that you can have a clearer context for Andrea’s observations.  ~D]


That’s absolutely fascinating to me, Andrea, thanks! I’m going to post it on our blogsite to share with our readers, who tend to be more discerning than the horde of chumps who are led by the nose by fear porn and disinformation and have the mistaken impression that they’re fully awake (I never claim to be fully awake, by the way).

Of course, I don’t think anyone we know endorses that idea that Christians are technically cannibals but since the ‘host’ notion is so ingrained in all Western cultures I think it’s productive to explore its historical roots from many directions and this is certainly a new one to me. Too many westerners are quick to condemn all aspects of Christianity in a knee-jerk fashion, strange to tell. I think that’s a major coup for the Tavistock Institute.

My fellow orgonite flinger, Ed, in Mississippi is well capable of refuting the ‘cannibal’ claim, since he’s studied the Bible and its history quite deeply from the Christian perspective. That website has the stink of theosophy all over it, to me. It’s hilarious, though, that even the lockstep theosophy drones (new agers, who all deny that they are such) are being encouraged to contemplate the significance of the word, ‘parasite,’ now. To me, that has the characteristic of yet another ‘fighting retreat’ tactic for the mind controllers in London, who do their best to own every progressive movement and thought in order to poison it.

I wish you were here to further discuss the language root similarities of Hungarian and some American native tribes. I wonder whether the Indian tribes’ language similarities are from the Egyptian/Phoenician/Celt settlements throughout North America, which ended around the presumed time of Moses, as proven by Dr Barry  Fell and his grassroot network of amateur and professional archaeologists in the 1970s.  Heyerdahl had earlier proven that the Mesopotamians had trade routes and colonies throughout the Pacific Ocean.  The Egyptians and Mesopotamians were quite separate cultures until around the time of Moses but the Phoenicians were a Babylonian outpost.

The academic parasites (freemasonry in this case) want us to believe that all of the ‘civilizations’ came out of ‘Atlantis,’ ten thousand years ago, but African Bantu culture was around a very, very , very long time before that and is still in a fairly pristine form throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.  They were making carbon steel implements and weapons at least ten thousand years ago and ‘civilization’ only learned to use iron in fairly recent times.   I do suspect that Atlantis existed because Egyptian-style pyramids are found on the seabed (3,000′ and shallower) by Cuba and in the Bahamas. The ancient Nubians (most of whose rulers were females) built prettier and steeper pyramids than the Egyptians, by the way. There are still some of those near Khartoum, at the confluence of the White and Blue Nile. Also, Egyptian hieroglyphs clearly state that ‘The Egyptian gods came from Somalia.’ 😉

My friend, Tino Phutego of Botswana, who is a pilot for that country’s president, was educated in England and has been a close friend and confidant, since childhood, of King Kgafela, told me recently that some Japanese anthropoligists are in his country, studying the uniquely common traits of the Japanese and Koi (Bushmen) language, now. The Koi San were the inhabitants of that continent before the Bantu culture spread from West Africa, untold thousands of years ago.  The Pygmies of East Africa are another Koi remnant.  All of that also begs the question of the masonic claims about Atlantis, don’t you agree?  Deconstructing the claims of freemasonry help to deconstruct the bizarre mind control of theosophy, since the same people introduced both after the Venetian takeover of England, which began shortly after the fall of Constaninople.  The Dogon people of Mali might be the origin of Bantu culture and they claim to have come from the stars.


> Dear Don!
> I’ve just red an article about parasits on your site.
> https://energeticsynthesis.com/resource-tools/news-shift-timelines/3255-energetic-parasites
> Where I’ve read something about “christian cannibalism”.
> I feel that I must share my thoughts with you about this.
> Many people criticizes the “we drink the blood and eat the flesh of God”. Without knowing the original meaning of this, which is “brotherhood”.
> Let me explain: in Hungarian
> “testver” = sibling,
> “testveriseg”= brotherhood/fraternity
> testver= test-ver = blood-body (word by word in Hungarian)
> In Hu. beeing a sibling actually means, that you share the same blood and same body.(logical)
> So, when the priest hands over THE “blood and body” actually spread brotherhood (test-ver) symbolically.
> Furthermore, the “HOST” is “OSTYA” in Hun.
> OSTYA hardly different than the word “OSZTJA” == one shares something.
> Moreover, spooky, but
> HOST (En.)–OSZT (“sz” pronouced “s” in Hungarian). That leaved us with only one letter difference (letter H)
> -must admit- HOST is similar in English too to OSzT, the Hungarian “share” words. (By the way, to be a host, you have to share: )))
> Hope you can still follow…
> ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
> OSZTJA–(pronouced “osty-a”) one shares something
> OSZT (pron. OST)—shares
> PASZTOR: not only meaning priest but sheperd too in Hungarian–PASTOR (priest)
> who also has a “nyaj” (herd), but in both meaning (as heard of sheep and heard of Catholics)
> and “JUH”–means SHEEP in English, pronouced as “ewe ” (so female sheep in English)
> (just tipe in the words you hear it)
> https://www.google.hu/search?q=osztja+in+english&oq=osztja+in+english&aqs=chrome..69i57.12480j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
> ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
> So, the priest shares/spread brotherhood (fraternity). His action should mean this. (How come, even the Fathers’ve forgotten, what they doing and why)
> Is this, Ridiculous? Big headed? Impossible? Coincidence?
> This many of them ???
> Never the less, ancien Hun. tribes sealed major deals by Blood oath. This never ment cannibalism, but was to symbolise, that different people became the same “blood” and body==”testver” (sibling/brother).
> Should they turn against each others, would be like turning against their own family. (And family used to mean a lot)
> Funny enough, I’ve just understood -at the age of 45- and even if I speak Hungarian, even me, I’ve never seen the meaning of this church ceremony ’till now.
> We are totally brainfogged– including the majority of my own Hungarian patriots (who –are mostly not even Hungarians/(n)or patriots–, never came to this conclusion; or would even happily imprison any porter of such thoughts).
> We have at least 100 words that have not change since Sumerian times, there are native Indian tribes North and South America, with whom we speak similar languages; in our old alphabet Etruscan can be read (even by me!!! and has a meaning). Not officially, of course…and verifying takes a long time-but worth it!
> We’ve been robbed, killed, chased, crucified (Trianon), brainwashed, fed with false history about our past…
> Sorry, I’ve got carried away…I don’t even know, why I write all this to you…
> Anyway, lets hope, that the/out truth will set us all free one day : ))))
> Keep up the good work!
> Thank you, hugs and kind regards,
> A

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