Chris: The Gifting plan of 2018

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The last year had been a very tough year to the Kikundi and more so, on our determination to see our people and our areas to be secured. We had for sure undergone several arrests, eviction among other calamities like sickness which affected the lives of our comrades like Billy, Lillian, my daughter among other fellows among the Kikundi. It was also a year of greater discovery where by our known powerful bilo orgonite was discovered a move that I believe will take us far up to the furthest. It was also the year that the Kikundi managed to reach the areas which had never been reached before in their lives.

It’s my greater ambition that this year of 2018, we want have a bigger team that will work to see our ambition and vision reached to the pick of our expectation. In fact the has started so well  with  us and we can see our sister and fellow gifter Christine in southern Sudan , she is now busy constructing her house despite some of the challenges but we know by the end of the day she will have what to be called her own dwelling place.

This year 2018 from 14th I will fly to Malawi and if possible proceed to see our brothers in Zambia. In fact last year, I went to Zambia at a place called Kitwe at the copper belt region where soyer beans are being grown. I had to introduce them to the use of the orgonite of which quite a number of them accepted and positively adapted to. This time God willing I will make sure that I reached them and if possible recruit some more people. I am planning to have seminars with farmers in the two countries so as to sensitize many people for the use of the orgonite in farming activities to help in eradicating poverty and create self-employment.

So far I have several youths who I had introduced to the orgonite in Malawi as led by  brother Moyo and  their works  there is highly appreciated and I know with time we shall stretch  our wings to Mozambique God will ,in the middle of this year. So before   that   I want see our Zambia region also to flourish. In Zambia I have a good brother there called Kachila whom I know will help much with doing proper coordination and exploration.

On this account I have fully declared this year to be  the year of economic advancement,  my appreciation straight away goes to brothers and friends for standing firm with us during our times of hardship and in fact their determination have made us to be where we are  and who I am. Thanks be to all and my request is more boosting for I still need financial support to stabilize my family while am away.


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