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Here’s an idea worth trying out when dealing with attackers: Boost money. I was wondering how to deal with waking up after another nightly attack. And out of nowhere the eye and the pyramid on the one dollar bill appeared in my mind. So I boosted through the eye on the dollar bill, and I think that affected them deeply. I found some days earlier here, when I boosted my bank account with the powerwand that they do not like that at all. I think they are vulnerable in the money departement, regardless of the propaganda that rich people are powerful. Another idea: Boost paper notes in your own currency or the one you might think represent your attackers (I boosted the Yuan  to get rid of the Triads, and they pulled away quickly).

8 thoughts on “Boosting tip

  1. Frode

    There is a simple answer to that, you will help to weaken the stranglehold they have on humanity with money. They freak out. Been boosting the budgets of my attackers, I see it collapsing in flames.

  2. Frode

    I had good success here boosting the wealth of my attackers last few days. They are obsessed with material riches, so it hits them hard. I boosted the budget of the CIA etc. They get really hostile when it comes to anything with money, so keep that in mind. It is not so easy for monetary reformists yet to make changes, so this can be key.

  3. KatherineA

    Definitely! A couple years ago I tried holding a dollar in my hand and sent the command “purify and heal”. I almost dropped it when I sensed just a ton of blood energy just oozing out of it. It was very intense! I do this periodically now and also keep a dedicated dollar bill under one of my pw. Since then my personal financial situation has greatly improved, which wasn’t the goal, but is a nice side benefit.

    1. Frode

      This is just my subjective thought on the matter, but I think they put a lot of magic on the social security system to siphon the fears people have with their economic stability, and being dependent on money from the state. They leave nothing alone. So boosting that will help too, sure. And gifting.

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