Persian Climate Healer?

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An apparently very resourceful fellow in Iran contacted me last month, wishing to know about bringing rain to his drought-stricken region.  I referred him to ‘Habibi’ in Germany, since he has experience in bringing unseasonal rain to a very similar region in Morocco and both of us have been offering technical advice to him (and each other), as has Charles-Louis in Belgium.

A couple of weeks ago, our Persian friend had business in Europe but Reinhard (Habibi) was unable to travel to meet him. Charies (Cyclingflinger) in Belgium did manage to meet him in Brussels between flights, at least, and handed him some orgonite and solid encouragement.

The Persian made a batch of orgonite as soon as he got home and sent us all photos. He gained some committed material support in his hometown and (perhaps prudently) decided to first contact the police before initiating his first major campaign. He asked me for documentation and scientific evidence of orgonite’s capability to present to the police.  Of course all that is non-existent and even Dr Reich was ostracized and eventually imprisoned and murdered at the behest of the Church of Settled Science so even his impressive body of evidence would probably not inspire support from such a government.   Iran’s national police were trained by the CIA, MI6 and presumably also SS war criminals, after all.

I know that the fellow is burning to do the work so we’ll see what pans but, meanwhile, Reinhard and I used this opportunity to have an interesting group exchange in email.   I was going to start a thread for him, here.  ‘Habibi’ means ‘dear friend’ in Arabic and I suggested that for his username because he had converted to Islam when he lived in Morocco, which is unusual and intrigued me.   I didn’t realize how extensively Reinhard had done this fieldwork in Germany until we started this conversation.   He may be typical of the many prodigious orgonite flingers throughout the planet who are disinclined to write reports for publication so I thanked him for this rare opportunity.

In our international round of  discourse I mentioned underground bases, which are often indicated by patches of low, white smog after busting all of an area’s death towers have gotten rid of ordinary smog.  Our Persian friend’s city is smoggy,  which is rare outside of China by now.  I was at least able to assure him that getting rid of the smog is going to be a wonderful confirmation for him regarding orgonite’s capability.   I also mentioned that Carol and I have gifted two very old, German built underground bases: in the Namib Desert and Montauk, Long Island 😉 and this is the email he sent in reply, which I think you’re going to find as inspiring and informative as I did:


I don’t feel like posting much of what I did anywhere, I never made
photos while busting and never had the intend to write about it and
then, even if I did, it had to be translated and this is a lot when you
keep in mind that I was in Morocco for 6 weeks and later again for 2
weeks and the busting of (mainly) south-west Germany in’t finished, but
a good chunk is done and this took 8 years very intense and 4 more years
with quite some busting…

This is too much of writing. I always felt that making photos would
derail my efforts, and I was in quite some dangerous situations. Better
to be 100% concentrated only on busting.

I wanted to answer that in the Gharb, where most of the orgonite went
to, this is the corn chamber and not at all a desert. But the
percification is normally zero from April/Mai until November, the rain
comes in the winter months. The astonishing thing was the rain in the
middle of the summer – I would guess 10 times in the 6 weeks I was
there. When I came, Morocco was yellow/brownish and when I left, still
busting the last peaces, it was green and rained.

Don, thank you for reminding me about the underground bases, I didn’t
know that the Germans built such old ones…

Here where I live I found countless doors or other entrances into
mountains, bridges, strange buildings and so on. All those places got
their load, if possible for me. And once I got the information of a
possible base, I went there at 3 o’clock in the night, I made quite some
noice because I couldn’t get a pipe in. While having a break to get my
breath back I heared it – a huge base, machines, voices, music, traffic
underground. This is a very rural area and I’mn 100% sure it was from
underground, I could even feel a slight vibration from below. I
continued hammering in the pipe and it was louder, then stopped again
and everything was silent! I felt like having stopped a whole city with
a single pipe, but probably it was just an alarm. Wow, this was
thrilling…! I went there later several times using huge earth pipe.

About the remaining fog, rarely I can observe that now, a bit of fog
that doesn’t fit in the landscape and is therefore possibly a place
where more busting is prudent, but this is really rare – the main job is
done but if someone feels like it, he might do some “fog-indicated”
busting, this will for sure enhance the orgonite net. By the way you
were the first person who made me aware of the connection of fog/smog –
orgonite – underground bases.

Thank you for all the support by keeping your side running and for
giving advice!




2 thoughts on “Persian Climate Healer?

  1. Don Croft Post author

    I sympathize with people in countries where the police need to be considered. Our African cohorts are even being followed by secret police these days, waiting for opportunities to arrest them for busting death towers. I advised them to be keenly aware of who is around them when they toss it, to never take time to bury it and to even hand it out to neighborhood kids, as we did in Uganda. The kikundi already know very well not to get very close to these tower weapons when they’re turning them into life force generators.

    Fortunately for us in N America and Europe this doesn’t happen (the sewer rats have to be more covert with their interference) but there’s been a shift in public awareness about the American police state in recent decades, at least. The evidence for this (for anyone who’s been alive during the shift) is that in the 1950s, one might hear ‘HELP! POLICE,’ but now one is more likely to hear, ‘HELP! IT’S THE POLICE!’ People now distrust and fear the federal gov’t, here.

    That said, there are wonderful policemen, even in America. One of them is a friend of mine who ran interference when a fed (pretending to be a concerned citizen) claimed that I endangered him by tossing orgonite out of my plane near the top of a death tower while I was making a little film. You can see on the film, itself, that there was nobody on the nearby road, which is where he claimed to have been.

    This cop, along with presumably most others in the US, carries a change of cvilian clothes in his patrol car in case martial law is declared. No cop wants to be a sniper target in that case and they sure as hell will NOT enforce martial law on behalf of this criminal federal regime ;-).

  2. silvio nocerino

    I think is important that this orgonite friend in Persia stay in touch, and that has the internet available to read this forum and also the other resources that are available on the website called

    One viable option for spreading orgonite, oberving the effects and preparng for later it could be done, by distributing oronite to friends and people in his home town. I did it when I started gifting in London.

    One of the many HHG that Habibi and Gherard sent me, was sold from a natural food shop last week in Milan, and was bought by 3 Indian tourists girls.


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