Billy (Mrs.O’s son) arrested

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Posting this on behalf of Mrs.O (Atieno Odondi):

Yesterday I got message  My son called Billy upon gifting on the towers in one of our towns called Voi. In fact he was picked by a plain cloth police official. They want of $320
In fact he is been charged so we want to pay this money for him to be out before Christmas for that one would be a long holiday but our prisons are bad.  So if we can bail him out would do us much favor.Thanks and blessing to all of you  my request anyone who can help my Son can use this PayPal account of Dancan is or western union
Am not going well my friends for bad news

I’ve started the work on their website, which will help them to sell Bilo orgonite. I also hope the added public profile of the website may reduce these continued assaults on their safety and stability.

3 thoughts on “Billy (Mrs.O’s son) arrested

  1. Mrs. O

    Really my son Billy got arrested upon doing the work, so we are now doubling our effort to see that he got released before Monday. In fact if Monday reaches before we bail him out , he will be forced to be there till the end of the year. So whoever may wish to join hand can kindly assist. Mrs O

  2. Mrs. O

    Hi My friends Gifts
    I thank Mary for sent me $320 for my Son out of Jail But they needed again $140 to then Son will be out tomorrow morning Thank you so much Mary am in Voi I thank Dancan for me the money

    My lates confirmation from the police who was having the charges of my son confirmed to me that the total amount of money that they required so as to set Billy free was $420 not $320 as had been reported to me by one of the court clerks.. So now for Billy to be out tomorrow morning we must add $140. My request is anyone who can support us with that money $140 so that my son could come out will be appreciated. For we dont want Monday to reach when Billy is still in the police custody. Mrs O

  3. Frode

    Just got news Billy is safely back home. Thank you to those that supported them getting out of yet another crisis. We have been working and will continue to work in the boosting chat towards destroying the wachawi and their associated backers, in order to turn this around. Also the kikundi needs to take precautions to avoid the chance of this happening again.


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