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There has been a lot of large-scale orgonite work in Italy, beginning in 2001 in the mountains where I think one of the first Sylphs were then photographed.   At the time, he owned a sign business in Queens, New York,  and was vacationing in his hometown in Italy.  We were corresponding quite a lot but I can’t recall his name at the moment.  It’s in my old journal reports.

Silvio Nocerino has been committed to doing this mainly throughout Tuscany for many years and before that he was living in England and exploring orgonite’s effects in the field, then.  One of his main focuses has been institutional work and discerning how all of that relates to the earth’s lines of subtle energy–a sort of macro-acupuncture.  Busting the death towers along the way is a prerequisite that I think most of us follow in the field and it’s not surprising that death towers and weather weaponry are often installed in earth energy vortices. Mecca’s once-lovely  cultural landscape is now littered with this weaponry, for instance (busted by Jane Ngugi of Uganda).  Italy may be unique regarding the large number of medieval and Renaissance architectural targets, also the WWII human sacrifice targets and Tuscany is an historic crossroad for European cultural migrations.

Igor Cinti and  John Leach, many years ago, thoroughly gifted the Vatican and all of the Jesuit landmarks in and around Rome, including the catacombs that were first used by the Etruscans.   A group in Southern Italy has worked systematically  in that region, though at the time I was corresponding with one of them we didn’t yet have adequate translation programs and none of them were conversant in English.   Most people who do this work don’t contact us, of course, so reputable people who are willing to write field reports for the public record are precious, in my opinion.

Andrea Pellagalli in Perugia started a dynamic orgonite gifting forum, orgoneitalia.it, and we’ve been corresponding often.   His English is fluent but I recommend the hideous NSA’s translate.google.com for reading just about anything on the web accurately.  We might as well use the enemy’s spy tools to our own advantage and in appropriate ways, right?



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  1. Silvio

    There are at 10 years of gap since I started, and many gifted generously in Italy. I was inspired by reading past reports, without knowing I was later try to emulate them. Gifters from Uk, German, France, US, probably from everywhere. I found one of reports from psychics Lazou and Cesco, its very interesting it also includes episodes from IIreland and Balkans and Italy. Thank you

    Thnaks Don for opening the Tuscany thread, I am preparing the material for the reports which includes I hope a project that will involve other gifters like Andrea, and I look forward everybody contribution. I must not forget to say that I was helped by other gifters and by EW readers in various occasions in order to get some support for the gifting in Tuscany. Tuscany and central Italy are key location, as Don said from cultural and for the geographic location. Tuscany is in the middle of two large mediterranen islands like Sardinia and Corse and on the other side the Balcans. Central Italy has a srtong seismic activity and in a distant past was eruptive zone which created many volcanic lakes and mountains.
    In fact even n today the volcanic activity is used fo creating electric energy fromm geo-thermal plants (something like 1.2 gigawatts from earth steam).

    Since Done mentione Vatican, there are gifters who also gifted the Radio Vaticano antenna which is a documented leukemia case that affected many children and adults in that area.

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Thanks for mentioning that, Silvio. Vittorio’s done a masterful job and has vast field experience with orgonite. A confirmation that gliorgonauti.it is vital is that he was incessantly harassed for it, including gang stalking. That strategy had proven useful for the sewer rat agencies for intimidating a lot of good people to abandon their efforts to share empowering information online but it failed in Vittorio’s case. This sort of thing tends to be more overt in Europe than in N America.

      Orgonite fingers in N. Europe & Scandinavia get a lot of black helicopter visits and they tend to see these as unwitting confirmations; involuntary applause by the sewer rats ;-). They started painting their helicopters in the US to look like ordinary ones pretty early after they had become ubiquitous, perhaps because a lot of Americans were shooting at them. It reminds me of the story of the Gestapo trucks that filled up with arrested innocents in the middle of every night. Not too long after they started doing that in the mid-1930s they began painting them to look like circus trucks and had loudspeakers, blaring circus music to drown out the shouts and cries of the innocents inside.

      After the Brits & Mossadomites cleverly deposed the Shah and installed their Khomeini lookalike the Iranian Gestapo equivalent got busy rounding up hordes of innocents in broad daylight. they had to stop wearing those pretty uniforms, pretty early on, because volunteer civilian snipers were taking them out systematically.

      During the short time when we were seeing black helicopters all over our continent I also saw green, Russian military helicopters, at least where I was living, and occasional little convoys of Russian military vehicles on the roads. That was when it looked like the federal gov’t was holding out hope for martial law, right after they blew up the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma and untold thousands of Russian troops were already being billeted in national parks, abandoned mines, underground bases, etc., in the US, Canada and Mexico.

      I think most of those fellows eventually became urban drug pushers for the CIA after martial law finally became untenable for this criminal regime. The Russian ‘mafia’ is so busy in nearby Spokane, Washington, that a lot of people have refused to live in that urban area any more, so have voted with their feet and are now causing our lovely area in nearby Idaho to have become quite crowded with people who prefer a long commute to living in that city. I wonder how bad it would be, there, if we hadn’t busted all the death towers, nefarious institutions and high rise district many years ago. It’s actually a pleasant place, energy-wise, and I’ve always admired and appreciated Russians, in general.

      I wonder how many people think about the huge Russian-army contingent that were sitting on their hands in Serbia throughout the horrid conflict that followed the breakup of Yugoslavia. They’re still there, I’m told–an army of old men by now: imagine a wheelchair infantry assault. Historically, after any major foreign campaign, national economies have rarely been able to remain viable after a huge army returns home and the Russian gov’t apparently refused to allow most of them to come back after the phony Cold War ended. Kissinger was allegedly heavily vested in Yugo Auto Corp because the genocidal banksters in The City were evidently expecting to keep Yugoslavia together.

      Italian orgonite websites are evidently popular in Croatia, by the way.

  2. Silvio Nocerino

    I put my CB in the basement twice, in order to improve the situation at ground (undergound) level, and when eventually I put it back on the balcony and within one or two days there was elicopter to pass over the house.

    There is a web utility that allows the downloading of entire websites into the personal computer. It is very good that gliorgonauti.it was compiled in html language so that the utilit can downloawd all the pages and photos.

    its called HTTRACK.COM it’s easily installed software. Beside GLIORGONAUTI.IT there is a beautiful site about Tuscany called FOTOTOSCANA,IT it is also downloadable with httrack software. Reccomended to discover more places in Tuscany.

  3. Cyclingflinger

    Thank you Silvio for sharing, good to have you back on the forum blog!

    I am gifting more and more in Brussels, and I get attacked by this new berlusconian junior thing entity.

    I think it’s an energetic meddling of la Juvé and AC Milan.

    Thank you for the pics! My italian uncle ordered some of Tupix, that’s the best news I heard from the south!

    Good luck to you!


  4. Silvio Nocerino

    Cheers Cyclingflinger, thanks and I also wish you good luck and take care, and alway bring a ZAPPER with you. Good news that your uncle is now using orgonite. I sold the first HHG from a shop in central Milan this week!!!
    I am having some internet problems in the last few days. I really look forward receing the SP from Don Croft!
    Here after this comment the first part of the Tuscany report.

  5. Silvio Nocerino


    Mount Serra antenna array by the city of Pisa.
    Gifting in South Tuscany

    Gifting in Lunigiana North Tuscany
    Mount Secchietta Valleombrosa antenna array
    Gifting in South Tuscany

    Mount Morello antenna array overlooking Florence.

    Mount Amiata antenna array
    Gifiting in South Tuscany

    Livorno and radar
    Gifting in South Tuscany
    Mount Argentario antenna array

    Gifting in South Tuscany

    Tuscany Mugello province
    Gifting in South Tuscany

    I went to Tuscany region for the first time in 2014 to gift the large antenna array on Mount Serra near the city of Pisa, which is famous for the Leaning Tower.
    From 2011 i was gifting various parts of North Italy like Lombardy, Liguria Genoa, Piedmont and Emilia.

    I and a friend called Peter arrived at about 3am in Pisa, took a walk by the river Arno and flinged a couple of heavy orgonite at two bridges in the center, one is called the Cittadella Bridge. I know that Habibi had passed from Pisa during a holiday and also spread some orgonite in the area.
    We drove off and took a nap in the car in the vicinity of a place where there is the rock of Calci, there is a photo in the link of the spectacular place. We only left few orgonites along the way since we had the important target of the Mount Serra and for later on when we would spend a short break further to the south of Tuscany.
    At 7 am we arrived at the top of Mt. Serra at 900 mt of altitude, the weather was foggy and humid. It was the best hour since there was nobody around.
    The array is on a steep ground and its made of a main group and also a smaller group at about 1 km distance.
    We mostly buried the orgonite for the main array otherwise flinged into bushes a way from the walk path. It was confusing to know where we were going, we went as far as the electricity pilons. Then we came back on the main path and walked to the top at the gates of the antennas. Some maight have been switched off at the time had no noise coming out from the transformers. At that point we only had a few large hhgs and buried them. I also flung some down the mountain. I think we had used about 12 kgs of orgonite. We had done also the other array without reaching the top, and there was some people in a house. They had ducks and goats.
    When we were at top we saw the car of a antenna thecnician, discovered that this mountain is the first mountain over another valley at the North and it is used to block the weather exchange from this areas. Suddenly a hole opened in the sky, it dindt last long there wer clouds coming from the sea that brought rain. 😉
    On the way back we left a few more tbs near the electricity lines on the mountain,
    When I went to Tuscany again and passed from Pisa i always saw that Mount Serra is targeted with a lot of chemtrail spraying. I would like to go back and do more gifting for the mountain, and for Pisa area.

    Calci 5am photo of the rock and a bit of ‘sleep’ in th car, outside is raining.
    Mount Serra 7am, at 900 mt behind Pisa, foggy and humid, sourrounded gifting under the trees, then went up from the main road, altogether about
    10-12kg orgonite, pyramids, coffe tin pipes, dodec, hhgs, and some 50 tbs. After nearly 3 hours after the last piece was gifted, suddenly the sky
    opened. The wind soon brought new clouds from the coast and it kept moving until it was raining by the time we reached the plane.

    We moved to the city of Piombino, which is a important port city on a promontory, the city is very industrial too and polluted. There are analdo industries and the Solvay chemical industries. Piombino was bombarded during the WWII war. There amany antennas every wherostele and an array near the coast. This array was probaby gifted by some German gifters years ago. We didnt have and aboundance of orgonite but we tried our best for Piombino and other nearby places. We gave a pyramid to the Hostel owner.

    The promontory of Piombino is located in front of the Elba Island it must a been a beautiful place, the orgin of the nearby Populonia are Etruscan, it is the nearest sea side they ever built. The Acropolis (city) on the hill top of the promontory and the Necropolis (graves) at the bottom near the sea in the middle of the bay. The etruscan side is unspoiled, but it is etherically
    bad, same for the medioeval castle next the acropolis. Also I think some more uncovered necropolis is under there.

    By the second day spent in Piombino, the area of Piombino city was visited by 4 tankers spew planes.

    When we returned to Milan we went to visit a plave in the Lunigiana Valley called Castello della Virgoletta. It is a stunning village made of stones, absoulutely peaceful. Carol Croft had been in Italy in the same year and the same valley gifting another castle linked to Matilde of Canossa.
    In the village of Villafranca of Lunigiana we found a momument to Dante the poet of the Divine Comedy. The monument is quite symbolic and alluding to the Divine Comedy. Dantes is inside a portal, there are nine circles with planets and moon and the sun, and the tenth circle is a channel for the water.

    pt 1/ August 2014 gifting trip to Tuscany.

    Photo of this post at https://ew195876057.wordpress.com/blog/

  6. silvio nocerino

    There is a shylp in the photo gallery of the first report, it has ha beautiful wing shape. It appeared in Piombino in the direction of Punta Falcone, which a pointed part of the promontory there is a beach and it is also like a observatory place, there are some antenna in that spot of Piombino that we gifted with a few tbs. In our stay in Piombino I paid the room that we shared with Peter and we split the cost of the fuel for his car.

    I forgot to say that we went to Castello Virgoletta but we didnt have any more orgonite to do gifting, I think I only had left a couple of tbs neard a eletric cabin near the Dante’s monument in Villafranca.

    In the September trip I did two trips to Tuscany, from this time I went alone and used a hired a car from the car sharing company.
    I have used hired cars from the car sharing company for all the future gifting trip because it gave me more flexibility. They have cars parked in the city which you book and can pick up near where you live at the time that suits you, if there is the availability. Once there was a problem with the car when I went to pick up wasnt working, and so I had to call them and then they found me another car in another location not too far in town. After that I booked the car for a few hours in advance like night time so that I can have time to check if everything was ok, and to fill the fuel tank and take the car near home, so that in the early morning I could leave in time.
    I thiught that to use a hired car with a big logo also had the benefit to protect you from getting too much suspicion from people or from local police when going around all the time in area and doing the gifting. The car sharing company changed their branding and company a few time, it used to be called GiroAci, now its called Ubeeqo. Can you spot the word BEE in UBEEQO? The car sharing bill it’s paid the following month, but their cost per kilometer is higher than Hertz rentals, altought they give you a fuel card. I used Hertz also and it costed me less for the long distance trip and they gave a nicer car, now Hertz only accept booking via a regular credit card whilst on that occasion they accepted a prepaid credit card. I’d reccomend Hertz for the longer journeys and the car sharing for one day trips.

    The first trip in September was a day trip I went to gift in North Tuscany Arzelato and Fontia in Massa Carrara, these places are close to the Lunigiana area, the Apuan alps and near the border of the regions of Liguria and Emilia.

    I didnt have much orgonite probably ten kilos. Only did hill tops, from the Lunigiana Valley, Arzelato with 5 antennas, and Aulla 4, then antenna array witth 11 antennas in Carrara di Massa a place know for the marble extraction and for being of ancient origin.
    I first gifted Arzelato 850 mt altitude, then gifted in Podenzana Aulla, then the main array on the hill top near Carrara, a place called Santa Lucia in Fontia.
    When I asked road direction to a foreigner woman with her son, she told me they live exactly where I was heading, and by the way she told me there was a local public transport strike on that day. So i gave them a lift with the car, in the car I explained what I was doing there and donatedthem and a couple of tbs.
    Gifting Carrara mountain top array produced a noticeable and spectacular transformation of the clouds from dull to a feast of sylphs and an eruption of gorgeous white cumulus.

    The new trip of september I went far away to the Monte Secchietta (1500 mt altitude, 40 km East from Florence), and after to South Tuscany in the Maremma area.
    Mount Secchietta was one of the strongest feeling for me, when you look at the shylps that came out in the sky you can also feel uplifted. It must ahve been a special place. There is a important village called Reggello before the mountain, where there is a also a St. Michael church built by the Longobards around 10th century, I left some gifts in Reggello but I didnt have the time to find the road for other antennas that i spotted on its hills.
    After Reggello there is a village called Saltino, after you reach the famous location of a influecntial important benedictine abbey called Valleombrosa, which was a influential abbey.
    I had good amount amount of orgonite and I felt free to toss it along the road inside the trees or near water, i started doing that after I encountered two stray dogs after a curve.
    Going up on the mountain ofter there were fallen trees, boulders, and the asphalt was broken but the forest is very beautiful. I found a place called the Fountain of Santa Caterina and also gifted with some orgonite.

    Mount Secchietta has also wind turbines on its top. When I arrived there were people and sometimes it was not easy to gift. There are various groups of antenna. I was glad I had started gifting before reaching the top so a prta of the work was already done. I dindt have a spade I tossed orgonite or hide it under rocks. I used tbs and also big pieces of orgonite.
    On one spot of the mountain there is a monument memorial for the Nazi executed a group of antifascist partisans in 1944.

    There was an airplane that sprayed some chemtrail, but after few passages it stopped spraying. The cloud become like lines of consecutivesarches, only after some time the clouds picked up and existence of their own and turned into various interesting shapes. After gifting the highestpoint three antennas a falcon bird arrived hovered another nice confirmation surprise once I returned, down in Reggello there was an old man by
    the road looking up in wonder at the display of interesting clouds in the sky above the mountain peak.
    I headed south in direction of Siena and then Grosseto Piombino area, along the road I did some gifting of antennas or water but I could not afford to use to much ammonitions. The area of Siena is dried altought fertile there is a small difference, if it gets gifted will improve positively.
    Near Grosseto there is an important Etruscan and Roman archeological site called Roselle, I wasnt planning to be there to gift it, but as I passed I felt I could not take my eyes of that hill and that it was calling to be gifted, so I did the necropolis without needing to go inside the city, I felt this was the more the right spot to do quickly. I did also various antennas of Roselle.

    I headed to Follonica a city by the sea near Piombino, I did some partial gifting of what was possible to reach by the road, I also saw a weather ball radar which was unexpected for me. I asked info to some locals and they told that that was the Poggioballone Radar. I learned that in another trip i would come back and do also the radar and other antennas.

    I didnt have a room I drove up and down and slept less than two hour in the car. In the morning after at least another hour of driving at 6.30 I was in Monte Argentario a important promontory at the very south of Tuscany near the border of the Latio Region of Rome. Unfortunately I had not studied the map prperly I and could only find the way a really ardous dirt path, and was at some point impossible to drive on. I was on the wrong side on a area called Fort Stella, I gifted there and used some large blocks of orgonite hoping that at least start doing work for that promontory. The next time I would do the arrays. I gifted a few normal antennas in Orbetello and on the road.

    I headed toward north where I was the night before, and gifted another Etruscan site called Vetulonia, a city on a hill, that is also visible behind the hill with the weather ball, I gifted near the necropolis which is below and at the top where is the ruins of the city and the bordering walls, the place become windy after applying the orgonite, the same had happened in Roselle necropolis the day before, I had the impression these sites are
    on Earth energy vortexes or ley lines.
    I headed to Scarlino for antennas that I was indicated by the guys in Follonica, and did some antennas by the road, but I was feeling followed fron the afternoon before, so I did not stop to gift all antennas in a sequential style, I gifted in Follonica and there also I missed a few until next time but did the main part, after I also went up to Massa Marittima, that is the first hill town behind Follonica at about 400mt altitude.
    The Mine of San Silvestro, it is like a castle town build there in medioeval era, by the lords Gherardesca, the minining exits from thousands years, and also the Etruscan had busy extraction economy, the undeground is rich with copper, silver, zinc, lead. The mediovaltown is a ghost town ruins, for this time I gifted near the enatrnce, there is also an antenna, also here I noticed that a breeze arrived after gifting, near the entrance there is a sort of bar in one building that is also archeological, over there there were tables of blackened wood with benches for sitting, I had the impression that there was invisible beings trapped at those tables, and the wind that arrived after placing orgonite clened some of that ghost forces, it was not impressed tough and put an orgonite down a sort of chimeny of stone that was sprouting from the ground in front of the bar, the orgonite took a while falling before reaching something metallic, maybe a grate.
    After this I felt really peaceful and so it looked for the environment, two hazel white doves on a post were rubbing each other slowly, later when I was down on the plain and looked back I saw two dark grey clouds near the mountain, and after they vanished the sky of the area above the Mine of San Silvestro was really blue, the same or similar doves passed and they seem to fly one above the other almost joined as they have one single hearth beat.
    The last target was to gift the sea by rocks in the Gulf of Baratti, near the location called Villa of the Baron, this is opposite side extremity of the Etruscan site of Populonia. I placed a piece of about 1kg , inside the water bottle, i left the PET plastic so that it maybe be last longer from corrosion.

    Gifting Tuscany pt. 2, photos at the link below

  7. silvio nocerino

    Thanks Andrew! Here is another piece.
    In November 2014 I booked the car again and went to do a day trip to do some gifting in the South Piedmont. It was probably when I went to Alba or perhpas was when I went to Acqui Term. Both places and some mid size array on the hills. Anyway I was late to return the car and so I extended the booking, and the next day I went all the way to Florence to gift the antenna array on the Mount Morello.
    When I exited the motorway I discovered the road was interrupted do to works, I have to take the road from Fiesole t Sesto fiorentino. Sesto has a big antenna near the Telecom building, but unfortuanetely there was no place for orgonite unnless maybe finding a pole or buring it in some green patch whcih I had no time to search. I didnt get lost and found indications to go via the Careggi hospital, later on I also founf a girl on a bike that was going up to her home on the same mountain.
    The array is positioned next to a restaurant called Caravanserraglio. There is another antenna further away but there was not a visible path to it.
    I flunged all the rgonite wothout buring it, and wnt up and down the road a few times, also untile the road was blocked.
    When I was down I stopped and lefr a few figts to an old church, the Sant Andrea of Careggi, it was once known as the year 880 as the Santa Gerusalemme. Careggi is a important suburb of Florence.
    Here is the photo link
    It was a very cloudy and goffy day, the panorama photos over Florence. After when I returned down the sky over the mountaihas canged and there are movemnts of clouds and large blue holes,

  8. Silvio Nocerino


    I wanted to mention that in September when I was returing from the gifting trip I made a stop in Pisa and just gifted the river at a bridge called Ponte delle Bocchette. I felt it was urgent to add some orgonite in the Pisa’s river area. Ponte delle Bocchette is ouetside the hitoric center by a main road that takes the traffic outside town. The previous year Peter and I have only gifted two briges, we refraind doing all the central bridges because they all had security CCTV and we were the two isolated individuals walking around in the middle of the night. So for the record there is another four bridges than can still be ticked off the list, they would be Ponte della Vittoria, Ponte della Fortezza, Ponte di mezzo, and to the west the Ponte dell’Aurelia. Aurelia is the name of the roman road that was build under Aurelio, it connects Liguria region to Rome. The actual roman road is now called old Aurelia and is a regional, whilst the normal Aurelia road this road is the new larger road and is the state road 1 SS1. Some parts of the old Aurelia are really enjoayble from a touristic side of things, long stretches have beautiful trees and is possible to see various villages.
    After I continued to travel toward home and was getting late and I have almost not slept for two days, I was falling to sleep while driving on the motorway of the Cisa Pass that goes across from the sea to the appennines and arrives before the city of Parma. I was trying to keep awake by turning up the radio, singing, slapping my face but it wasnt maing any effect and it was terrible because I cannot avoid that my eyelids closed and I was in a state of sleep. I managed to arrive at a filling station and drunksome coffe and a sleep for less than an hour and then continued. Again the same sleepiness was overtaking and I had to struggle really hard to arrive until the net filling station. That road is also dark full of galleries and with bends. Eventually I managed to arrive on the other side of the pass, when I was on the straight motorway it was slightly easier, I arrived realllly late before Piacenza city and there I exited the motorway, in that way I could be able to drive across villages be under lights and at a slower speed.
    So for a long trip allow a extra day in your booking if you can or find a way to make sure you have slept especially if you travel at night.

    The next year in July 2015 I went to gift the very important array of the Mount Amiata and various locations in the usual South Tuscany area of the Maremma. I have booked a hotel for a few days and even managed to go to the beach a couple of times.
    2015 must have been the year of my life where I cried and weeping the most ever, and that also happened during the gifting mission of July.

    For this trip I asked pubblicy for support on the Ethericwarrior forum, I received contributions in various ways from Pip, Bestgolfgear, Habibi, Gherard, Braikar, Laurent, and Tupix.

    In the previous autumn there have been some strong rain and floods that caused destruction and some life loss in the area of Parma and in connection on the area of the Levante Ligure (La Spezia city) and Lunigiana borders. I decided to try something and went to gift the river mouth near Massa Carrara where I have been before and ggifted the Fontia Sant Lucia array. So in the morning I arrive at Santo Stefano di Magra, gifted some antennss that I found near the motorway and gifted the mouth of the Magra river, Bocca di Magra. I used about 5 kg of orgonite in the strech of river about one chilometer before the river water reaches the sea. I had a definite impression that that orgonite in the river quickly started to add its protective benefits to the area. There has been an occourance of the so called by tv news terminology ‘water bombs’ which are localised ultra rapid and potent precipitation, nor other devastion from storms in the whole Levante and Lunigiana and on the other side of the Cisa Pass. In fact on the way back of this trip did the old Cisa Pass road and gifted a couple of tall antennas, there are more that were to far to reach. Also the following year I gifted down the valley the river Taro, and also another array near Massa Carrara the Belvedere above the marble of Carrara caves.

    I stopped to gift an array at the motorway pay toll barrer of a location called Rosignano Marittimo, these antennas are very visible from the motorway, I flung the orgonite driving around on the roads underneath that array made of 5 antennas.

    I had to reach the hotel where I was based and continued until a place called Tirli.
    The monte Amiata volcano is a large and tall dormant volcano, but there were many other spots that I gifted, another important target was the Poggioballone radar. By chance I found a hotel in a village called Tirli which sits on the hill above the maritime top resort locations of Punta Ala and of Castiglione della Pescaia. The Poggioballone radar has also neighbours antenna.
    I think Tirli and the Poggioballone locations were under black juju spells and there was invisible malicious beings controlling it.
    First of all I was graced that the hotel next square had a mad man that was talking loud and cursing until the late night, so I also miss sleep.
    The Poggioballone radar road has a spot where 5 military died in a road accident, and the radar is famous because it was the only radar in Italy that recorder the misterious air crash of Ustica in Sicily. Many of the personnell of Poggioballone have actually died during the period of the investigations. It was finally declared that the airplane was hit by a missile from some foreigner (France?) airfigher jet. an hypostesis made is that they were chasing Gaddaphi tavelling on another plane. I think about 90 people died in that air crash.
    In fact when I wnt to the neighbour antenna just above Tirli i was keeping mising the right dirth walk path, the indications were confused, suddenly I saw a shadow very fast cutting the road and going down. I put orgonite where I could I think it was not far from the antennas on the top at the Eremo Sant’Anna. There are photos on the link.
    I gifted the road side of that hill on both sides, tha one coming from Punta Ala and the one side that goes to Castiglione, also on another spot of a road accident.
    In the following days I also gifted many sposts i that area of south Tuscany: a carsic lake called Lago dell’Accesa which a place that was inhabitated by the Etruscans people before the Romans, the array on the mountain near Montieri more inlanda after Massa Marittima.

    Another location I gifted was the antennas above Gavorrano another, and on the way back home also had a few spare gifts, but there is a grath shylp in the photo in a locatin called Camaiore and is more close to the north near Lunigiana and Carrara.

    The morning I went to the Amiata I raised at 6am, I had to drive 100km, and made stops for some antenna in the area of the main city of Grosseto, on the road also there high voltage electricity lines in a location called Paganico, here i think they put these electricity where 2 earth leylines crosses after the Roman Etruscan city of Roselle. The Amiata has a large perimeter and many road that goes up to its summit at 1750 ts. Amiata its the Tuscany main skying resort, the volcano has a history of mining to its composition of minerals. I went from the nearest location and I had to pass near Monte Laterone an hill where there is an array with a few antennas, however there was no bushes to hid orgonite and the soil is made of rocks and there were houses and people out and about.

    I took courange and headed to the Amiata top, the trip and the road are quite alright better the the mount Secchietta, but the place felt worst. I had a few EPs, and used a total of 7 in various places starting from about 1100 mt of altitude.
    One peculiar hunch got me as I was driving I saw a roa sign post, I felt I had to stop, I walked inside the forest and in a short I foound an erratic stone quite big almosta shaped like a pyramid and on this rock there was garment made of black and with red stars, I planted one EP and left. Obviously that was a ritualistic site and the orgonite probably knew exactly where it was. It’s in the photos.
    Similar to the Mount Secchietta I also used the same tactic to start spreading tbs before arriving on the top. When i arrived I found the pplace busy with many tourists, bit it was not too difficult flingin tbs or hiding. I could not hide big pieces but I manage to hide a few HHGs. Many puffly clouds arrived and I heard a man from a shop saying that now the clouds looked like wanted to snow. Before there had already been a passage of a flock of some birds pretty high distance above the Amiata, there was some falcon or eagle for sure too.
    Some of the hotels or other location that I passed at lower place on the Ammiata they dindt feel like they had good energy, but it would have been impossible to do everythung alone in thatt amount of time.
    When I gifted the Montieri array at 1050 mt of altitude, I could not walk all the way, but there is a esplanade not too far on the eyeline sight, maybe 300 meters. Anyway I tossed as many orgonit toward the array and buried tbs on this side also the elctricity cabin. In a shrt time a really strong wind arrived.

    The last day I went to Punta Ala where there are a few local antennas, but the area is almost fenced and under private roads. I decide the best solution for the time bieng was to put orgonite in the sea near the port, there I put 2 hhgs from the ones donated by Habibi annd Gherard.

    Report photos at this link

  9. silvio nocerino

    It was in the spring of 2015 that I did several gifting mission on the Emilian Appennines and valleys, and near Tuscany. It was consequential to the considerable work done for the Genoa and Liguria regions which has been done not only by me but was started by two ladies from Genoa thanks to the networking of Tupix and he also put us in contact with Vittorio (gliorgonauti.it) who is really the dean of the Italian gifters in South Italy.

    With regard to the previous post of 2015, I wanted to clarify that Camaiore array was done on the returning journey with sapre orgonite, Camaiore is part of the northern part of Tuscany called Versilia. Also on the way back the same day I did some gifting on the cisa passa, i used a couple of EPs and small amount of orgonite but I thinkthey were in a range close enough to influence the action of some antennas above. There are some pretty clouds forming and I sensed the usual tick barreer of clouds that is found after leaving the coast was being pushed back.
    So after the disasters and chaos of the 2014 i pushed forwad into Emilia region. Here is the list of the places I gifted. Again I was using rented cars, and they all have been done in one day round trips.

    April 2015
    1. Monte Venere, Monzuno, Castell’dell’Alpi, Futa Pass, Brasimone
    2. Monte Sole, Marzabotto, Madonna Formiche, Monte Armato,
    May 2015
    1. Cerreto pass, Pietra Bismantova, Casine, Monteduro Valsparata
    October 2015
    !. Castello Rivalta, Valnure, Ponte Oglio, Ferriere
    In August 2016 on the way to Tuscany I did some gifting in Canossa and Cerreto Laghi, Cervarezza, and Aulla.
    In witer 2016, in February I already reprised the gifting on the Reggio Emilia and Modena appennines.
    Ii first went to Sassuolo and Fidenza, and Monte Evangelo array.
    In March 2016 went to gift antennas at Serramazoni, Montefestino, and the river in Fornovo Taro.

    I have uploaded all the photos of Tuscany up to the last trip in 2016 here

  10. silvio nocerino

    I have to make some correction.
    In the first gifting of April I also passed and left some dis some gifting in Alpe Monghidoro where there are some antennas on the mountain, Roncobilaccio, Castiglion de Pepoli before arriving to Brasimone lake where I gifted the water. I did not have a lot of orgonite left but there is a photo that shows some interesting changes in the clouds. Brasimone is the oldest official atomic energy research centre. Brasimone is one of three artifiacial lakes in that area. I’d love to go back there too.
    In the gifting of April 2015 to Monte Sole I went with Peter from Milan and we used his car. There is a famous photo of a hand that holds a pyramid over a bridge with mountains on the backdrop, and that is the hand of Peter, (the pyramid was mine)- That location is the river Reno on the outskirts of Sasso Marconi. The mountain on the left side is the Monte Sole where the SS made a massacre of civiliansin 1944. The same SS corp killed hundreds of civilians in 1944 of that area, it included massacres from the sea area of Massa Carrara and across what was close to their Gothic Line, the most of people was sacrificed in the area of Monte Sole and Marzabotto.
    Italy PM (Renzi) went to Marzabotto the same year after us.
    Sasso Marconi and some parts of the Appeninnes had been gifted by some German or Austrian gifters, I once read a report they had gifted a place called Sasso Maccaroni! In that report I also read that they gifted more inside, probably hat was their route to somewhere, Pavullo nel Frignano where there is an airport and they also wrote to hae gifted Monte Cimone which I think is the highest of all the Norther Appennines at 2165.
    In Sasso Marconi there is a memorial to Guglielmo Marconi (invento of the radio) which is quite large and I had the impression it could be a masonic temple.
    Also another correction is that in March 2016, there where antennas on three neighbour villages, it also invludes Faeto beside Serramazzoni and Monte Festino.
    I also did gifted in a prealpine region of Piedmont (Valsesia, where later the same year Italy’s president went, and Ivrea Andrate, and more gifting in direction from Mian to Turin) in 2016 but I dont know if that is necessary to report here. The Valsesia was gifted twice and I used also about 2 dozens of hhgs that I bought from Francisco in Spain.

  11. silvio nocerino

    As if this was a moment of truth, and dont feel being an hyprocrit to say that the more I write on Ethericwarriors.com the more it helps me to remember things. (Beside I think the Open Libre Office software on my Linux computer is controlled by a strange intelligence)
    Don Croft started this thread introducing also our full names. I have to connect this to the amount of separation and isolation that occoured to me during last year 2017. There is something else.
    In autumn of 2016 there was a an important criminal subject called ‘Pizzagate’ the organised institional pedophilia from the high places of the ruling society and also down to the streets of our world, there were creepy discoveries also among the intellectuals and artistic world also connected with ritualism and esoteherism.
    I would like to take the subject of anonymity compareed with public selfless service. I think it was around December when the forum Voat in the #Pizzagate forum somebody posted about a video by Anonymous, in this video Anonymous gave an ultimatum to the people of power, based on a sort of blacklist they have and they say that they intimated the elite of the world to change and to start working for the beneits of this planet and for all the people. They gave 365 days. Was this change enough? Those who helped, helped properl? Why benefactors dont come out of anonimity it means they belong to a secret society and just the usul old philantropia that they perform in order to delay their bad karma?

    Back to the Tuscany report. Regarding the Poggioballone radar it must explained that it was the only one that had a recording of the airplane crash of Ustica, meanwhile all other Italian radars had a glitch and did not show the airplane.

    Here is a news from a Sicilian newspaper from the 10th of July of 2017. After 37 years since the disaster of Ustica the Italian State has been sentenced to pay the families of the victims with several millions of Euros.


    Also I need to be specify about the gifting in Piedmont, in Valsesia I did not gifted all the valley for time reasons. The antenna array near the Sacred Mount of Varallo is not gifted. Iwent further and gifted more of the river. I gifted Valduggia which is a lateral valley from Borgosesia going toward the lake of Orta. But I gifted another array in the area on a neigbour valley and that location is Zegna (like the wool fashion brad) in Trivero. Aso in Zegna I found a common memorial for some killed partisans during the war. I rememebr the inscriprion says that a 19 guy called Lupo died there as he had stayed behind whilst the rest of the group was trying to escape. In that memorial I found two English names which is quite intriguing.

    As said Italy’s Pm Renzi showed up in Marzabotto and later President Mattarella showed up in Valsesia, an they had did it to commemorate the antifascists fighters of the WWII, the commonly called Partigiani.
    I also gifted in the valley an isolated hill called the Baragge, also there there had been a execution of Partisans. The Baragge has an archelogical interest, som of its part are military area.
    There was one man in Tuscany that was called the Monster of Florence, there is also a hollywood movie whome was partly authored by a blackmailed Italian journalist who knew too many things. The monster of Florence had been a a Partisan too in Tuscany. The story of the Monster of Florence is one of those dark stories where there are more victims among witnesses and related that the actual victims of the assassin.
    Florence Monster is also linked with Perugia Mason Lodges.
    If I remember anything more I ll write it just in case.

  12. silvio nocerino

    The topic of the Monster of Florence is important because of the sexuality of couples. It’s a hidden fact that sexuality is used to drive psychichs and ‘energy sentitive subjects’. Just Just few days ago an innocent afternoon documentary showes a so called experience of intuitive chasing of animals.
    Some kind of holiday eperience in an exotic land where the particiapnts are tought how to follow their instict. What really happens is that they put the participants in states of trance and self suggestion. Making them little Jim Morrisons, the enviromantal type a new thing.
    Warlords have sex with psychich women and psychic women can muse and direct energy sentive little soldiers.
    The orchestrated black magic of the Monster of Florence it was a spell for a generational change.
    When I gifted in Mugello I put already sme orgonite in a village where the Monters of Florences have hit another couple and maimend their sex organs. But I pinpoint all the sites and properly gift them in due time There is also a geometry involving a line which I studied.
    In the very city of Flroecne by the the area of the Bridge of the Indian (a Indian prince that died in Florence) there have been things also facts happend… More later like, love P of Perugia like love pizza or the ‘love promises’
    Don Croft akso opened thi thread of Tuscany talking about gangstalking. I ll introduce also a personal variation on gngstalking which involves the Italian Lottery and the revelation of winning lottery numbers via mass media, personal contacts and mail. unless they stop do it to me they can broadcasting i dont mind.
    A not also for Anonymous, when the mass media reveal lottery numbers they dont actually exapin to the ordinary father of the familly what to do with that hint. it s only for the benefits of thos who already know.
    I have a doumented record, lottery stlakers that hide your face and follow me around in Milan have to srop or really buste you in this website and in every way I would I can. I already mentioned Ubeeqo, but the state TV does it in the evening programs at least once or twice a week. And its not what Anonymous meant in order to help humanity.
    The next gifting in Tuscany will be dedicated to the late Chuck Tellachee.

  13. silvio nocerino

    Two days ago there was a train disaster on the outskirts of Milan a place called Pioltello. Pioltello has the HQ of the main Italian chain of sopermarkets the Esselunga. It was never a easy place to gift on foot when i went. In this train accident three women died. The lotto came out with number 13 on the national.
    The occultist need a change for this year, after last year disaster of the storm in South Livorno where 8 people died. The Livorno tragedy had a bottom line ‘is nobody’s fault’. With this accident they will finally will put a a face to guilt.
    Pioltello is near a energy a line, it is proven because is near a tall cement broadacastin Telecom tower, and the village of Cernusco sul Naviglio which has a menhir and on there is a roudoubatou that by chance has a pick stone ugly monument dedicatd to the ‘Victims of Marzabotto’ the SS massacre mentione in the previoses posts.

    When someone is subjetc to gangstlaking and ritual abuse that encompassess all the possible spheres of the life of that person.

    Back to the report, in Monte Sole we could not gift all the antenna on the top of it, there are antennas on the north and on the south, in Grizzana Morandi. Also the objective is to go back and gift all the way across. We continued and tried to gift an antenna that is near a ancient sanctury hermitage on a moutain but the road was broken. Then from that hill we spotted a castle, so we mangae to find the castle and buried a bit of orgonite there including a dodec. That castle is called Rocchettta Mattei, or Castle of Savignano, It had belonged to Matilde of Canossa but in a older era was being buitl by the Longobards.

    There is something else that I muste remember but I am being interrupted, right? Faceless benefactors ha ha!

  14. silvio nocerino

    If Anonymous would like some eplanations, they can hack my emails from Ubeeqo, I have already unsubscribed tough.
    These two hint had been provided last week from the Italian State TV.
    This phrase ‘it takes patience’ was repeats by the presenter and during the transmission.
    What is means is number 48 and he word ‘it takes’ indicates that that number is for Milano lottery wheel. It tkakes is a code word to indicate that goes on Milano wheel, otherwise that number would go on the national lottery. On the same days the website called rivistastudio.com publishes an article dedicated to Gianni Agnelli ’15 years without the avvocate (lawyer), Gianni Agnelli was a lawyer, lawyer is number 48. Not a hint for the father of family right who probably on that ubeequitous cultural website.
    A secret code word for number 69 is the expresssion ‘devi andare oltre’ (to go beyond), and also the expression ‘meno male’ (less evil) this prhases had been used on the evening gae and number 69 came out.
    The previous week the Tv news siad the the UK has declared a war to plastic. plasti is the same as prize and brain number 74 came out on the national lottery. The other week also the Tv news siad the the electricity price will go up (go up ..) and magic number 62 came out on the national lottery 62 is the number for monster by the way, light, tiredness and electricity.
    I ll provide more indepth when necessary, Anonymous is warned

  15. silvio nocerino

    Something is tinging on my back which maybe a smaller inplant device, it feels is a fresh one from last night when I went to the supermarket. Hence more revelation about the lottery.
    Who can I pick, somebody local. From chirstmas I have to do some parcatice about taxes for my mother, since she is a pensioner the pension insitute INPS needs to check wether the person had been hsopitalized, or other info about taxes, income. The required paperwork is done via a trade union bureaux, called CAF. It happened that I rung the local CAF three times and on each episod they gave me a ppointment date and that date number came out on the lottery.
    We can postulate again that the ordinary Fathero of Family doesnt bet the lotto and surely is wife would not not deisre that to be thaught to the children. So whose beniefit is, and also the old guy at the CAF is not e superclever numerologist. Whose benefit is, the masses? They provide the numbers wothout discrimination, but only those ‘who know’ will reap the benfits.
    So here are the number, late December I rung up the message’ tto late the lady is away until the 8′. Number 8 comes out.
    Last week I rung when can I apponit, we can give you the ’24’, 24 comes out. I rung them before the 24 ans said look this week there are health (13) problesm can we change date. The guy answer, ‘apointemtent fot the 2nd’ and again magin numer 2 come out.
    Impratn info these numbers juggle among three specific wheels National, Milan, Bari. They never ever provide numbers on other wheels.
    Since I am stalked and shoot of implants I continue to bust them in this or other possible way particularly with orgonite. Next target will be the mouth of the river Arno, Stalkers can now orgasm.
    it is sad that I have to walk around wih a camera from now on. See you in PiSA.

  16. silvio nocerino

    The money subject and the sex subject contains more programming and illusions that most other subjetc. Once is ascertained tthat somebody can predict even a just just single number that person has all the necessary power, a unlimited amout of power. Imagine if that secret number is revealed to a an investor from any country in the world. That entity only needs to register wit the website lottomatica.it place the bets with their credit cards. So what does protect the lottoery not to go bankrupt. Beccause its an illusion, whatever money are won are never paid in gold, they would just be numbers moving from an account to another. The elite dont need money, only the lower level freemason nneed to be hooked.
    I am going to post numbers when I get them from any source.
    If anybody is interested in a free method there is a great method by Roberta Cottone, it does require a few hundred buck to invest and a regularity in the betting for a few months. It would probably require founds for a few hundres euros.
    It is done by taking the first number from Milan, the second from Florence, the third from Genoa, the fourth from Rome, the fifth from Cagliari. Put the 5 numbers togher and sttart betting from the following turn on the same cties. Before you trust me doqnload one or two years of results and do your research. This is what I got, there is another simpler that requires less founds but has no losses involved. It based on the repetition of group of gemini numbers after a pilot number shows up on the city above. If done properly can provide 30% income.
    Warlock and wiches was the word not warlord.

    The emails from Ubeeqo had phrases or tarifffs higlighte in bold and that always came out in the lottery. I have save those email.
    I need stalkers to sstop gangstalking me, including those with lottery numers okay? The worst they have done to me is to interrupt psychich intuition toward numbers. I have an email from Habibi from last night, it is a proof that ordinay peopl can connect with numbers. In the emaill we talk about the health of another gifter and that he run his business for 13 years just like the lottery 13.

  17. silvio nocerino

    There is also Vodafone the telephone company. I have saved the text messages they sent me say8ing that my number had been selected for a special offer. Punctually every time after that text message the last two digits of my number came out on the lottery.
    How do all know, thay I am a slave to the lottery, did they spy me or perhpas they sent people that suggested to me to bet on the lottery. If this is the case it started when I was still working and somebody started to came around and put emphasis on certain numbers or codes.

    Stalking is stealing, because these day anybody can be followed anywhere thanks to their cell phone, the internet, public transport, car, transactions, the CCTV. Even if anybody tries to escape from that system is normally within a range of any agent that can help find out who that tha person is. Unless that person is using a double.
    So stalking is vicious and is a crime that must stop. I start taking photos when I come back home at least there I have a psychological support that is where I live and I can take as many photos I like and no strangers need to be about. (home is number 59 by the way).

    I have also individuals tha I know in person and they have repeatedly hinted numbers at me altought it was uninvited This is the key how on earth they know they have to tell me that piece os shitty info? Who told them its me they have to say it? Stalking is stealing.

  18. silvio nocerino

    I also laeraned that the languge used is important for those ‘who know’ in order to understand on which of the three wheels the number can go.
    When the ver ‘to get’ and a person or more person than that cue is for either Milan or National wheel. Differentllly when the conditional or a third person is used then is for the wheel of Bari.
    Example the prhase ?I got cuts on my hands because of this job’ it means hand 5 to cut 46 and since there is the I got it means is for Milan.
    IIf the person says ‘I could be better’ to ameliorate is 19 lbut the conditional puts it on the Bari wheel.
    Other hints at lottery numbers, two of something ‘there are two packages’.
    Percentages, numbers followed by the word percento are lottery numbers.
    Money or value its the ringiing bell that a numbe could be there. ‘Electricity goes up’
    Berlusconi former president the previous week from now ‘We will provide a income of 1000 euros to all, also to mothers without income’ Three draws later 52 mother comes out on the lottery.
    Basically tune in on the Rai TV 1t channel RaI Uno and perhaps also Fininvest channels evening news and games, watch the evening news and the games before and after.
    Cllever boys can record all the programs and have a laugh back in the years how they made virtual billions in Italy or from watching trivial Italian tv.
    Why they do it or rather who they do it for?

  19. Edward

    That is very interesting. I never play the lottery, but I’m going to try to pay attention and see if the same methods apply to the La state lottery.

  20. silvio nocerino

    I was induced to play lottery by unknow individuals whilst I was on my job assignement in various shops of Milan.
    I think it started out with two middle aged ladies showin me numbers or mentioning them in the conversation. They seem nice benefactors, they seem to know me.
    It countiuned very slowly but regularly, there could be also younger people, they numbers could have been the last code of a turned postcard or something put out place on the shelf.
    It made me feel I was kind of magic, these people they never fully explain, of course. At the beginning there was a speciality their numbers were always on the Milan lottery wheel. Later after there have been numbers but they could have been on different wheels the national or the Bari, altought if they ever gave me something that I had to hanle then it was for Milan. It was confusing. Also the date were not precise, some of the numbers were for the the next very draw, some that were left hanging sometimes up to 3 times.
    At a certain point I was getting numers from everywhere, including family and other people that acted out of syncronity. I had problems because to bet it requires the full certainity and also some founds. I spare you the whole story. But there are many reaseong I dont need to see them I feell they are responsible for making me leave my ful time employment. Some amazing intercepetions starte to happen when I’d go shopping, one day a woman arrived next to me and was acting really mysteriously and very hastily, she grabbed 3 different item of veg and gruit. I was conditione and memorised the codes for the scale of those items. About three draws later the 3 numbers of the items bought by that woman had come out on the same wheel.
    She did not talked, noer gave me more clues. Obviously after that incident I started going in that supermarket hoping to be lucky, there have been some episodes always mainly women, but they never provided more than one single number in their moves.
    I have to say c that apart from my personal disgrace, 8 people died in Livorno Tuscany last year I could not go to fix what it neede to be.
    I am trying to make more missions to Tuscany.
    About the national lottery I can offer you another lue that the state tv provides numbers for those who know (not us). When a film come out there is something in the title tha correspond a number, if the film is publicized on TV you can wait that the film posters are out than it should materiallize that number
    Two weeks ago a new movie called ‘Benedetta follia’ (blessed madness) by the comic actor Carlo Verdone was presented, the after seeing the posters around in a few days the number 22 (mad man) came out.
    There is a new italian movie that was presented on tv last week and is about matrimony wedding, which is number 28. I ll chekc if they put out the poster. You never know.
    A personal hint number 32 (guilt, agenda). I have to add more things about giffting and do not like to go off topic too much. I ll be back shortly. Thanks Edward for reading

  21. silvio nocerino

    What I meant about not receiving more than one number it is only for that supermaket.
    I have received more than a combined number on other occasions always by womem sometimes old women, but hey never told me what effect I could get by applying what they where telling me as if was a normal conversarion.
    I was not in a condition to be able to risk since I left my job and beside there were other number interfeering comeing from actual syncronicity or simply by tricks of the mind.
    Last winter in 2017 one evening I was at the tram stop near the supermarket and three lady pensioners started to talk and I heard wht they said, three numbers coma out toghert on the Milano wheel and later other things they mentioned came out one by one in the following times.
    I remember one woman started to say that she really had loved philosophy, I dont remember all, I know that at some point they all strteched out the arm and indicated the supermarket. After I also talked to them, they seem familiar fidures and protective.
    Abut the meaning of words or other objects i learned them over time via a certain website. Another coincidence I did not know about websites like that, one evening a lady passed next to me and said ‘the book of numbers’ then when I went home I researched via the internet and find some websites. For some reason I selecte one that seemed to have consistent meaning with things I already discovered.
    Many other things i dindt discovered until much later. Every few month they send sombedoy like that in person and that woman will provide two numbers and more single ones for later. It happened before the end of year.
    There are interference and electronic interference and other macig that makes me go against the instruictions, the behaviours in my family are also conditioning me.
    At the moment I avoid going out to avoid, but most of the times is something that happens at night that demlishes the positive inferences.
    Last summer I had to put the CB next to my bedrrom to stop being fried, also there was always a non stop sybilant sound in my ears, that often triggered angst and aggressivity at home, lack of sleep and forgetfulness and negativity. There must be some antenna somewhere too. Anyway the stalking never stopped and they seem to like to repeat certain scenes identical they way they did it in the past. It is something i do not need from everybody, as i said they never provided money or timely instructions nor they helped me shielding from the attacks. (to write is number 60)

  22. silvio nocerino

    About the mentioned gifting in the Appennines in 2015. The antennas on the Alpe Monghidoro I discovered after Castell dell’Alpi and as I was going to the Futa Pass where there is also a Geman war cemetery. On the Alpe Monghidoro I saw 3 or 4 tall TRV antennas, there is a theme park below called ‘Triton Park”. the road was very bad for a normal car, i drove as as far as possible and the finally there was a point where there was enough space to manouver the car and turn. i parked there and went directly inside the forest and further up for a little while and there I was not able to see where the antennas where and how far. I planted an EP and buried other orgonite.

    Another thing that I mentioned that there has been a collective work in Liguria and that one time when Vittorio was present we gifted in Valtrebbia, the weather ball that me and the two ladies have failed sometimes earlier that year and gifting in Genoa. I always forgotted and omitte to say that for the fineal gifting of the weather ball on the Monte Lesima I gor out from the car and waited alone for them to go up and do the gifing. I was worried by the driving style of one of the ladies. Later fats whowe that she was accident prone, But at the same time she was under stress for many things that were going wrong with her brother going bankrrupt and divorcing and her old mother getting ill.

  23. silvio nocerino

    Wouldnt be the first time that subsequent to posting on EW I get the hiitch to explore the map and voila’. I made a new map of alignemts, a combination of ancient sites, geological places, SS nazi, radars etc.
    What is interesting is a new place that I was not aware the’Foretress of the Verrucole’ this place is at half way from the Pietra Bismatova mountain (Dante’s site for the purgatory, an elavation with a characteristic flat top, with a reputation for suicide jumps). The area of the Pietra Bismatova is parte of a Geo Park protected by the UN, it comprehends sevarl municpalities. (Agenda 21), it is claimed on theri website that that area is of strategic importance for the climate in the mediterraneean to the Balcans.
    Themap inclueds radars, antennas, Garda lake and its german cemetery above the Garda promontory, Monte sole, Piacenza etc. etc. The SS massacr of Sant Anna di Stazzema is on the line from Pietra Bismantova, Fortezza Verrucola, Camaiore.
    The new map and all the photos are at this link:


    A small parenthesis to furthere clarify numberrs and the divulgation via the media, the TV news passed a political comment the day before of yesterday’s draw, by Beppe Grillo the founder of Cinque Stelle Movement, it was only a short phrase where they reported that his comment about his liasion with his party. One line was his comment and the second iline was a mysterious ending saying ‘now there will be the ghauls (gosts)’. Okay its Italy they can say whatever they like but the State TV what has got to do with selecting that cadence, that ending phrase?
    Ghosts, it means 25 and ‘there will be’ it’s for the National wheel. If for instance he had said ‘I have got a ghost’ then it would have been for Milan wheel. bust since he used the plureal it basically means ‘WE GOT GHOSTS’, there will be it means existance, the to be it is not a conditional. The comment from Berlusconi was different it entailed that’ IF of WHEN’ we are elected we will give 1000 eruros to mothers without income. Capito mobsters?
    The conditional and the verb with a action is for Bari, the other stuff that there is or there are is for the other two wheels. I suspect that also makes a difference wethere they use articles or not. Yesterday evening (after the draw) they shows the PM Renzi and they showed a passage where he ssaid ‘Le Polemiche? polemics are number 1 which came out on Milano wheel.

    In 2016 I did three trips to Tuscany adding new areas but also always returning to the South.

    I post below here a saved copy of the original posts that I wrote on the ethericwarriors.com forum

    Hello there, here’s a report of the gifting of the 12-13 June.
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    May 21, 2011
    From the beginning, I found myself glad of keeping the promise to a hunch I had to put an EP at the Chiaravalle della Colomba abbey, which is a
    1136 Cistercencian just passed the city of Fiorenzuola D’arda near, Piacenza, an important place for history which also the templars have used for
    some event and procession, there is a tradition in the month of May and June to make a carpet of flowers over the floor of the chuirch, with some
    type of design. This event is called La Infiorata. A small antenna near there was gifted before, and here was beginning to rain.
    I headed for the coast via the Cisa pass, stopped for an antenna in Fornovo Taro next the pasta factory Barilla, which is located in Fornovo sul
    Taro. Other antennas on the motorway I could not stop safely, but I was interested to gift Aulla at the end of the Cisa motorway, I had gifted the
    antennas on the hill in Podenzano, but never found the time to gift the 3 antennas in Aulla which is a city where two roads that pass through the
    Lunigiana region meet, there is a fortress castle belonged to the Malaspina family. The river Magra passes in Aulla and reaches the estuary in
    Santo Stefano, Bocca di Magra. After finished Aulla by mistake I missed the exit and had to turn back and so found and gifted the antenna outside
    the motorway in Santo Stefano di Magra.
    I had selected a main target in the city of Livorno and the weather ball radar in the nearby hill of Vallebenedetta. Livorno has a big oil refinery, and
    a port, I had in mind to gift the area of the refinery and then the old city center sorrounded by canals, but the plan changed as the gifting evoled in
    response to the changes in the sky. A writer title a novel book on Livorno, called ‘ Sul Lungomai di Livorno’ which translates as on the long never
    of Livorno. I have a feeling Livorno is very important eteheric target, and asset for the control of the spirit of Italy. I am yet not to find more
    exaplanatory words, but will be coming to Livorno again.

    The area of the refinery is a suburb called Stagno, there are electricity line weaving in a chaotic way all over the area, ideal place to gift when is
    also combine with antennas, There where many bushes or areas with high wild canes and it was easy to fling orgonite from the car.
    The photos show that in less than an hour, thanks to the intervention of elemtals too, the sky went from fully overcloud to cllean and bursting wit cumulous cloud. The reaction definitevile amazed me. I found myself taking another wrong exit and being in a kind of round stadium which by
    chance I read that the Dalai Lama was going to be there from the 13 to the 14 of June. There is a Buddist place in a hill village called Pomania not
    distant, which on the ley aligned with the refinery, the weather ball, La Spezia city and Rome. (ley map source is orgonitworld.de). After gifting 13
    antennas in Livorno from the refinerey area to the Pala Mascagni stadium and the train station I had already used at least 50 tbs. I headed for the
    weather ball in Vallebenedetta nearby, at the top there is a church and some villas and the cemetery, the road continues in the valley gifted the
    forad for a couple of kilometers, on two places I saw man coming out from the woods bare chested, it looked it was somebody living there. I put an
    EP in a place where there is a sort of escavation, and there are a signs of path going into the woods, it was very hard soil, i didnt have water to
    soften the ground and only put 1 EP, I feel this place was relevant for the mission, and would have put more EP. Anyway i headed back to try to get
    close as possible to the weather ball, withouth trespassing the signs of off limits. There was people and cyclists visting the hill, so in order to be
    prudent i gifted again from another path from the back with about 10 orgonite mixed tbs and hhg. Here I felt a feeling of anger as it was from
    somebody physically there. A peculiar butterfly appeared and stopped on the ground, not moving or flying anymore, so I took some photos from
    close by.
    The gifting was enough for Livorno for the time being, the next targe was more than 150km to the south, the Mount Argentario, a promontory
    island attached to the peninsula by a small itsmo string of land with two salted water lakes.
    The Argentario mount is in front of the Island of the Giglio, the antennas are big, I could not gift the last 3 antennas that are further afar, altought
    they are smaller antennas, because I would have to leave the car alone and there was people there at the car park. I used 3 EP as well as hhgs an
    tbs, I did not notice any particular reaction, only that the sky was preatty clear over the antennas, whilst over the sea there was a whiteout, a
    coupe of photos show that where the blue and the white meet there is a sort of sylph, somehow show that there is something intervening and is
    modifying the aspect of the white area. It is a fact the there is intense spraying of chemtrails in the sea. Its a really nice treat to be on the sunny
    part of the sky being freed by that cold lifeless blanket of chemtrail.
    The day wasnt over, I turn back to North and reached Piombino, where I had booked a room, which is another industrual city and harbour. This
    city has also a lot of antennas and they were gifted before, even by German gifters I have read. Piombino was occupied by the Nazifascists during
    wwii and was heavly bombed by the allied army.
    After a swhower I went to the other side of the Piombino promontory which is a Etruscan city called Populonia, I went to see the sea, after less
    then an hour the sky above the car which had the orgonite inside, was showing a round blue hole and a anouther cloud like a sylph. They
    anticipated that I was going to look to put orgonite in Populonia, since 2 years ago I did not like the place and was also psy attacked. After a couple
    of gifts near the necropolis, the sky started to print some strange shapes of clouds, then I went up the hill toward the Etruscan Aropolis, on a bend
    there is a place marked because a child died in a accident, the next bend, I saw a metal hut. Somebedy sprayed vertically the word ‘sodom’ with a
    a symbol, and in huge capital letters SODOMY, there is another word on the side but I am not sure what it is, here I found a soft spot for a EP. I saw
    a shadow the size of a big cat crossing the road super fast. This cat must have realized he was not in the different role of the mouse. I think there
    was a evil a cunning thought form and unlucky scenario there, The next time I probably vistis also the caves and other parts of this archaeological
    park, also the castle. Anyway the sunset sky soon after show a pretty beautiful light and the clouds are only far in the sea.
    I also was able to pass behind the next day and I took the photos of the sky behind the Vallebendetta Collesalvetti, it looks beautiful as it is an
    epicenter area bursting out small round clouds in all directions. As a contrast the clouds far from there were slightly higher in altitude, flat and
    compact like a blanket of whiteout.
    to be continued
    pics here, they can be downloaded and magnified

    Sorry for breaking. There has been various episods of violent rain in southern Tuscany since last year, flipping the new antennas of this mission
    can be a positive test for orgonite to mitigate weather as it is hoped.
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    In the main city of Grosseto I added 2 antennas to the other 4 done last year. From Grosseto to Albinia Argentario circa 100km there are about 18
    antenna, up to now a third of them is gifted with orgonite.
    The second day, in the early morning I visited around Piombino, there was no people around and I could do a little of gifting, first I went to see a
    industrial quarter called Cotone and discovered a square with a large monument to the victime of the war and to the community of Cotone. This
    monument was wailing, as I went close I was automatically reacting to cry, with one tb the feeling dimished a lot, I buried another one in the trees
    nearby. Two local seagulls passed above after a moment. Interesting experience, so was worth it, then as I drove around I got near to a large
    antenna in the middle of the town next to a school, that was not fully reversed to POR generator since the last time, I found a park where to bury
    the tbs, also another smaller antenna was near there, then only few more tbs along the main road and near the place I was staying since their
    house was hit by a lighting bolt. They still have a small pyramid that I gave them two years ago. They told me that Piombino is not a rainy town,
    but there and in Populonia it happened a very strong storm, the same in Grosseto.
    I left by 9.30 in order to do more gifting on the way back. I stopped in the gulf of Baratti and spent an hour on the beach in the bay next to
    Populonia. The next village is San Vincenzo where I gifted 7 towers, 5 of them up on a hill are visible from the motorway, there where sylphs kind
    of clouds already there, 1 other tower in town was done in a previous trip. The panorama view was very interesting since the sea was covered by
    the clouds and coast had clear sky. I hope is going to work as a protection from anymore bad weather. The next test would be normally after the
    second half of August.

    After San Vincenzo I took the motorway, toward Livorno and when I was near the Collesalvetti Vallebenedetta area with the weather ball now
    gifted, the sky had very different type of clouds, round like pieces of cotton at low altitude and it seem to be expanding from a centre, and
    propagating in all directions. With not so many ammunitions, I decide to leave Livorno as it was and go to a different area altogheter near Lucca,
    called Pescia.
    There is a valley that starts in Pescia, is part of the Valleriana, Pescia has a river. When I arrived there was a thunder storm on the mountains of
    the valley, and maybe it was about to come down hill, I found a big building which is the flower market, it almost look like an industrial plant
    since it has very high white poles around it, they are strange since are groups of three each with a higher one in the middle which is taller thean
    the building, a few of them have antenna panels, it is not clear what is the purpose of the construction. To start I put a fat tb in the stream that
    goes inside the area of the plant. The arrived by the river and gifted the various bridges, I found the church of Mary Magdalene, and other
    churches not far from the river.
    I wanted to go up the valley a bit and gifted the river a bit under the rain, then I had to visit the place called Pieve of Castelvecchio which 10km
    distant from Pescia, a 9th century church site with many symbolic images and on the top it has one man that protects two women with his hands,
    one woman head is almost leaning on the shoulder of the man.
    I put 1 EP as soon as arrived near the tower of the church, soon after there was some people not distant, I added some more gites in the bushes,
    then another EP and hhg outside the village of Castelvecchio.
    link to the pics here, the images are downloadable

    I have corrected some typing errors in the previous post. In Grosseto city there are now 6 gifted towers, outside town there is an antenna array
    with 5 antennas on the hill of the archeological Etruscan and Roman site called Roselle. There i had gifted 2 years ago the array with 5 tbs only,
    beacause I thought that a person from Genoa had been there, I remember I took a photo of the clear sky that time, before and after the gifting, and
    it seemed that the blue was deeper tone after the gifting, altought since I had orgonite in the car it could be that it was also contributing to
    flipping the towers, I had gifted a bit the archeological site itself and other antennas on that road that lead toward inside the region, to Siena or to
    Mount Amiata. The antennas from Grosseto to Albinia are probably 18.
    About Populonia, the child died on a bend where there is the beginninag of the archeological site where there is the path that goes up to the hill
    where there is the Etruscan acropolis. There was be a couple of tbs already there, but I think the point is to put enough orgonite in the area to
    reverse it completely, because that it could be a DOR accumulator as a whole, beside possible evil that is perpretated. I still have the feeling that
    there are secret sites under that archeological territory, near the necropolis in the low territory of the necropolis. Near the Museum info point
    there are some paths for exrcusions, and there is a restaurant, since was late and the musuem was closed, the restaurant owner stop me, said that
    it was closed and beside dangerous because there are caves, wild boars, and there is man warden. Well guarded secret? I also put hhg brick in the
    sea near the harbour, altought the water is a bit shallow, its a bit heavy, hopefullu goes under the sand and it should stay there.

    Here is the photo of Piazza Rinascita, with the wailing women monument and a house for sale with various stucco like decorations.
    Castelvecchio is 10km distant from Pescia, a internet site says it is the oldest church of the area.

    Please boost me and my gifting trip to Ligurian border, Tuscany and seaside regions, water and arrays, leaving in a few hours. Thanks you all
    thank to those EW buddies that supported materially.
    On 7 / 7 I realised I was going to change something and leave my job.
    In the morning, the undergound metro was stopped because allegedly a person had trespassed and enterd the tunnel walking. I cursed the metro
    with my voice out and a woman next to me said it is worst than you said. The anger was becoming a part of my relation with work activity due to
    the vexation from my superiors. ‘That’s not my way’
    The last thursday I informed them to not renew my contract, they are asking me to stay (at the same conditions, shortsighted foxes) but its no, I
    turn the boat now.

    Mission ongoing until Tuesday. Gifted the biggest geothermical electricity plant of Italy and maybe Europe. Situated in Pomarance Larderello
    Castelnuovo Val di Cecina. It exploits the vapor from vulcanic activity.
    There are several geothermical plants in the area.
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    Few days ago did the plant in Monterotondo.
    Today did Castelnuovo Val di Cecina andand the area of Larderello In cadtelnuovo place there used to a mine exactly where is the plant. There
    was a SS massacre, on the 13-14 June 1944 the SS killed 77 innocent miners workers… Named the massacre of the Niccioletta.
    On the other side of the hill there is Larderello Pomarance here there are 4 geothermical production plants.
    There are antennas too. The plants use water to cool down the chimneys or maybe something else inside. .
    Did this hardcore gifting to gain earth grid and atmospheric benefits.
    Used only 7 eps, 6 hhgs and 2 dozens tbs.
    The Eps are 13 inch lenght. Due to hard soil I dig and use water to make mud. Dig is necessary also because it must be done quietly.
    I am staying in Massa Marittima, a ancient burg fortress of some importance , there is the Sun JHS symbol over a lateral entrance of the city wall.

    Discovered by following a dog that arrived in the square on his own at the same time. He took the stairs down, a girl saw him too, but soon was out
    of sight. Put a tb in a dark hole like a cell. Already put a pyramid by prison on the new side the city, where the forest start. Psychic attack gone
    now. Done loads of towers from here to Grosseto and the array if Roselle. On the way here 80 tbs in water in Livorno. Travelled and gifted across
    Appennines via Canossa, than Cervarezza, Fivignano in Lunigiana, down to Aulla.

    EDIT please read, I have rewritten the report
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    Hi, this the gifting report update in chronological order,
    I had about 300 tbs, a dozen hhg, and a dozen EPS, since I have a week of time I have improvised and adjusted the gifting as it happened, hoping to
    make something meaningful in the end. The effect of the June mission in Livorno with the other areas such as the Argentario promontory, was
    calling for something substantial. The number one objective was to protect the local people from the same kind of rain and floods disasters
    happened up to last year. But it is also nice to gift one whole area and to see what are the effects to reclaiming it as much as possible from the
    influence of the conspirator powers that be.. were.
    Gifted in this mission a total of about 58 towers, including 33 in the area of Grosseto, Val di Cornia and geothermal plants, 11 in La Spezia Mount
    Parodi array and 14 from the Appennines to Livorno.
    I had a week fom the 28th of July, the morning that I was heading to Tuscany from Milan, I decided to improvise and so left the motorway and took
    a route to go across the Appennines via the Land of Canossa. The first gifting was 2 towers in Montecchio, then went up to Canossa Rock, the
    castle of Matilda of Canossa had been gifted by Carol Croft in her Italian trip, I was oblige to go have a look and I saw a couple of antennas past
    behind the rock and gifted them.
    When I arrived at the junction tha leads to the rise to the rock, there was a woman with two children by a water fountain, The woman was wearing
    a head scarf and turned the back to me, whilst I was staring at the young boy’s eyes and he was checking her mum’s in response. After the
    antennnas I throw some tbs by the roadside. at the base of the rock.
    From Canossa I reached Castelnuovo Ne Monti, where there is the Pietra Bismantova, and I took to Cervarezza, here there are some thermal spa
    Fonti of Santa Lucia, I gifted the fountain, and a church a the cemetery, the mountain Ventasso is the main natural feature of this area. Cervarezza
    is actually not far from the Monteduro antenna array that I gifted before. I had a feeling passing near the Spa that there was something about kids,
    but I was too tired to gift any furher. (I only slept 2 hours the night before and was on a average of four hours for the past week).
    The next place I stop was Cerreto Laghi, I think this location is mainly touristic and made up with a lake and skying and touristic resort, I gifted

    the one antenna that I found and a war memorial to three partisan antifascists fighter that had been killed there by the nazi on the 25th April
    In the next village Fivizzano, there is an array of 5 antennas, unfortuantely the road that leads up on the hill was narrow and dodgy so I gifted a bit
    a distance but I think there was and effect, I put some of the orgonite including a HHG by the electrity lines and by a water stream under the hill.
    After I stop in the Tirrenian sea port city of Livorno, which has a English name that is Leghorn, apparently the Italian name is derived from te
    name of the pre Roman Ligurian tribe that founded the city.
    Last month, I had gifted most of the antennas, this time I added gifting in the center of the city using the canals. I gifted the cittadel inside the
    canals, the old and new fortress, one of the canal has all the possible banks branches. I used 40 tbs, and I found some antennas where on the roofs
    of the houses. I skipped to gift the port and went to a a southern suburb Antignano and Calafuria (fury bay) and put 40 tbs into the sea. A sylph
    came in the sky in direction of Livorno, when I stop to take a picture I noticed that a car with a guy inside stopped at short distance behind, I
    grabbed the camera and was going to take the photo of both sylph and him in the car, when he saw my camera he looked astonished and run
    away immeditely.
    The next day I went to gift the geothermical electricity production plant of Monterotondo, there is a site where the vapour of water and sulfur
    derived from undergound volcanic activity comes out from the earth. I used a couple of EPs and more orgonite to try to make the place have a
    reaction. I almost destroyed my hand trying to pierce and hammer a hole in into the ground. At that time I got a sort of call to gift the beach near
    San Vincenzo.
    The next day in the afternoon I put 2 EPS in the beach, near the Populonia, Villa of the Baron, 3 ravens arrived on the beach after gifting, staryed a
    little while than flew back inside. In the following days I could admire how clean and pleasent was the air and the water. I guess it could be a
    alternative worth trying, a way for gifting near the seaside.
    All antennas in the city of Grosseto are now gifted, there is a funny church in the center near a big antenna that looks like a minareth, on the
    same day I went backl to the Etruscan site Roselle, where there 9 towers, altought not big ones, in Roselle there is also an astronomy observatory,
    2 yeasrs ago I had oput 5 tbs for the antenna, I added a HHG and tbs to make the site fully reversed. One antenna is separated from the array and is
    further up, its inside somebody property but is within range enough for the orgonite. I gifted the villages of Castiglione, Marina, Principina. Before
    Grosseto I stopped at a protected area called Torre Trappola, here there is the river Ombrone, a few kilometers before reaching the sea. I was able
    to find a spot with a a path among the canes that is probably used by somebody fishing, just near 2 dead trees one each on the opposite side of the
    river, I throw a pyramid in the water there. Near Castiglione there is a hill with 2 new antennas, but there is no apparent road, altough is ot a high
    hill, I also missed another antenna that is only visible when you come from the otehr direction. One antenna was by thge side of the canal by the
    port and gifted in the water with 4 tbs to add some effect, there was immedtialy an arrival of wind.
    The mist and the haze had complety gone, the area become slightly breezy, permanently, and vibrant, I touche villages at sea level and those on
    the hills.
    On Sunday I headed back inland again in order to continue on the project of gifting a vulcanic area with the electricity production plants.
    The drive to go there was beautiful, as there are dozen of kilometers of uniterrupted oak tree woods. I reached Castelnuovo and Larderello
    Pomarance, here there are the main geothermical electricity plants that convert the vapours from the earth into power to make the turbines to
    turn and produce electricity. The site is the largest in Italy, is vast and there are 5 electricity plants. I think the whole area comprehends 7 or 8
    plants. One of the site, was formerly a mine and during the WWII, on the the 13-14 of June 1944 the SS nazi killed 77 miner workers.
    I had EPS and HHGs as main tool, unfortunately the soil was very hard everywhere I tried, I could only succed by using water in order to soften
    the ground and to be able to dig the soft mud, it took a long a time, for 2 eps I had to hide the part that was sticking out with soil and leaves. I think
    at least the photos show that there is beginning of a cloud formation after the orgonite gifting, I employed among the Castelnuovo plant and the

    Lardarello Pomarance sites 4 EPs and 5 HHGs and 2 dozens of tbs. Whilst in the previous gifting of Monterotondo 2 Eps 1 HHG and a dozen tbs at
    the site, plus another EP at a junction where there is a obelisk dedicated to Giuseppe Garibaldi.
    The monday I continued to find antennas, so I went to Suvereto, as I passed accross te natural area called Marliana, I gifted a ancient river, near by
    there is the Mount Bamboli, where there was a discovery of fossils alligators and an biped ape from whom the humans are not discendent tough. I
    also gifted 1 antenna in Campiglia to gift an antenna I missed to do before.
    So now the area called Val di Cornia is entirely gifted, from San Vincenzo down to Grosseto. Including a lake called Lago dell’Accesa that was
    gifted last year, this is a lake has no rivers so the water is from uinderground, it was known by the Etruscans. This side of the valley including
    Massa Marittima seems to be the place where the puffly low clouds form and originates first.
    Massa Marittima is a burg on a hill top, I gifted its antennas 2 summers ago, now as I was staying there I reliased that i dont like the place. All of
    its medioeval buildings, and walls. its also the bithplace of a saint called San Bernardino da Siena, whose native home in the center of the city at
    piazza Cavour has a plaque from 1980 and a big JHS sun above to commemorate 6 centuries from the saint birth. Bernardino now owes to them as
    he is double spinning in its grave for being sponsored by the jetsuits.
    Most of the people in Massa Marittima seemed to be a bit like strange automatons and characters, including some of the tuurists. The first moring
    I put a pyrmid near the prison, the night I put a tb on the rood o a memorial next to the cemetery, in the following days, reluctantly added a few
    more tbs in the area, when I gifted the city wall near the library, face inland, the morning after the atmosphere I went to check the wall, the place
    was so charged that I felt the hairs was going to stand on my skin. There is a square with a park called Piazza 24 Maggio, here there is also the
    Hotel La Fenice (phoenix), the square is a probably, almost certain, conception of freemason mentality, 2 pillars, at the gate with the steps, than in
    the center the statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi, and a stuatue of a woman with the helmet that simbolyzes Victory. This place was emitting dark
    energy aura which was visible from inland the first day when I came back from the Monterotondo plant. I think there are probaby tunnels
    undergound from old times of mining in the city Massa Marittima. I saw some weird foreigner tourists on the 30th when there was a festival
    called ‘The moon and the Tower’.
    In my return on the last day I gifted La Spezia mountain array of Monte Parodi, which has at leat 11 towers on its side and top, using an hhg base
    with a pipe inside, 2 dozens of tb and the inside of 2 EPs, 1 inserted inside a metal balaustre near the road, after half an hour the montain become
    Picures, follow up soon.

    Hi here a map of the last 3 years of gifting, highlighting all the antenna arrays gifted and other some other places of gifting. To enlarge the map,
    click 3 times.
    (Please re read the report as I rewrote it from last night.)

    Hi here is the photo album of the last trip, dowanloadable for higher resolution.
    (updated the above map, as it was missing Argentario and Camaiore)

    Freemasonry in display. I had taken a few pics with a smartphone, one is an unvolutary selfie of myself via the the reflection on the glass, in front
    of a Etruscan goddes that strongly reminds a Babylonian goddess with the bee wings, at the Etruscan musuem of Populonia site, for this one I
    think I am a bit unpresentable, I only thought I was only stressed with work and maybe need a denstist to fix a couple of things.. people could
    have told me I am mutating. I look taller though.
    The other photo is the symbol of the square and compass plus the addition of 2 swords crossed on the symbol. First time I have seen it. Its on the
    pillar base for the bust sculpture to Ettore Socci. It is placed in a square of Follonica. The symbol is pretty large it is applied on both sides od the
    monument that dates 1907, but it is on good reasured conditions. Pigeon pay more attention to the monument than people it has to be said.
    Socci, was a intellectual that joined Garibaldi in some battles, was enlistend in a masonry lodge called Uguaglianza (WIkkkipedia), was also a
    book writer.
    Square, compass, 2 swords

    Photos here. Once again another alignement that involves historic places, infrastructures and antennas. Ronta where there is the former Mars
    temple later changed into a church of ST. Michael.
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    From Ronta temple to a MUX antenna site in the forest near Nusenna, making a square angle we reach the sea where there is precisely a very
    large chemical plant of Rosignano Solvay, the Solvay industry. The line find on its way also the city of Colle Val d’Elsa with an TV antenna, the
    ancient Etruscan and Roman city of Volterra, there is an antenna array in Rosignano Marittimo near the pay toll barreer of the motorway.
    The line from Ronta to Nusenna takes all the way to the center of the farthest German city and port of Hamburg, on its way passes very close to
    the centre of Bologna, Trento, Merano (on the border with Austria) and in Bavaria the Roman city of Augusta. about 1130 kilometers from Nusenna
    to Hamburg. To the South the line could arrive at the sea in Riva dei Tarquini, the lido city of Tarquinia probably the most important Etruscan city
    which gave the kings to the city of Rome.
    Ronta temple is already part of a geographic geometry of 89 km side triangle with the radar, the Fonti of Santa Lucia in Cervarezza from this apex
    in Cervarezza is possible to draw a line that reaches the centre of Piacenza at the Palazzo del Governatore and to the South to the Univeristy of
    Siena city, both very old Italian cities.
    Good innit?

    Hints impossible. Have a look a this pic.
    Draw line from the RADAR in vallebenedetta to vatican st. peter entrance. Line passes on the ancient Terme of Saturnia, sulphorous hot water
    spring (take in small doses)
    After there are the mines and the geothermical sites, then Pomaia, maybe 1km away the Lama Tsong Kapa monastery, then artifficial lake of Santa
    Luce, then Guardistallo.
    Guardistallo was the site of bellic incident between the WWII partisans and the Nazi Lutwaffe, the partisans attacked the germans who were
    retreating, one german was killed and some partisans too. Subsequently the Nazi organised a civilians massacre, captured some 16 partisans and
    made them dig a mass grave and shot them, then handgrenaded civilians and families out of their homes, killed 46 of them then also put them in
    the mass grave.
    There is a area of Guardistallo called Casino di Terra with a modern looking church, it looks like the bottom of a ancient boat upside down. I dk if
    anything else there is upside down as well This church is by the road round about under 200 mt from the line,

    The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Frassine is located on the road from Monterotondo to Suvereto.

    It contains a wooden statue of mother and child, allegedly Lebanon Cedarwood. There is a necklace on the child it looks
    like a coptic/cathar cross, and there is a wooden T.
    The Madonna is wholly in red with a black coat.
    In year 515 The bishop Regolo arrived from Africa by boat at the port of Populonia, he was togheter future saints Giusto,
    Felice, Cerbone, Clemente and Ottaviano. They took different directions, some headed toward Voterra, whilst Regolo took
    the statue with him and went to live like an hermit up the valley of the river Cornia near a place called Frassine.
    In 545 the Ostrogoths of king Totilia, captured and killed Regolo. The statue was then recovered and kept by the friars of

    e Abbey of St. Peter of Palazzuolo near Monteverdi until year 1252 the Pannochianeschi set fire to the convent. One monk
    managed to save the statue and hide it in the forest.
    One century later a peasant by the name Fosco, brought the cattle in the Val di Cornia to feed. He saw that one of his
    animals would leave the group in the morning and return back in the evening. He followed the calf and found the animal
    sitting by a fraxine tree and there he saw the lost statue of the Madonna.
    It was decided to build there a place to keep the statue, in the beginning a small church and later become a bigger
    A story of a miracle says that there was a man that had been made a slave by the Cartagineans Pirates, this man was praying the Mother of Child
    very frequently, the pirates were fed up and put him inside a box and throw him in the sea. The day of Pentecoste there was a merchants fair
    outside the sanctuary, the box was found and opened and the man was in there alive and safe.

    Don’t panic Toscanic! This amazing sylph, yesterday revisiting the geothermic area over in Val Cornia added another 2 EP and hhgs,and tbs, the
    sylphs were already there, during the chemtrail spewing, After I witness a clouds birth from the mountain side were I put the Eps, made a photo
    sequence of that.
    Last photo is the electric plant by the sea in Piombino after 3 EP.

    Thanks to Habibi, Laurent, Braikar. And here’s the salute from these two screaming hawks birds in the Apuan Alps at the antennas of
    Montececina above the white marble caves of Carrara.

    Some notes about the village of Castelpoggio that is below the mountain.
    Already inhabitated in neolitich age, it has old history because was situated in a strategic place that overlooks various valleys and paths of the
    Lunigiana and the Garfagnana areas, and that inter connect the various valley of the northern appennines, all of the cities the plane of the Po river
    valley behind the appenninse, and to reach the Ligurian and Tirrenean sea. Primarily the the cities of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, and the also
    Bologna the valley of the river Reno, further South the via Faentina from Faenza via the Futa pass North of Florence. And from the Garfagnana
    there it is possible to arrive in the lower valley of the river Arno , which is also reacheable passing inside or across.
    This burg name was called Casapoci o Casopoci, it was later renamed Castrumpodium in 1500.
    Below Castelpoggio there are Gragnana and Carrara, and the plane of Luni, in the North direction Fosdinovo that brings to Aulla.
    The Via Francigena from Canterbury to Rome (which also had variation in various era and circumstancens, due to bandits, gabelle that is a sort of

    custom excise, and also the plague of Genua) was passing from this area and there was a hospital built in the 12th century in a place called Forca.
    One of the ways connects the Brenner pass of Austria, the route was estabilished by king Ottone the 1st who put in charge of the road to Azzo
    Adalberto Marchese di Canossa, an ancestor of Matilde.
    During WWII it was one the main center of the antifascist resistance, which combacts helped free this territory of La Spezia, Carrara, Lunigiana in
    April 1945.
    The village Castelpoggio was burned down and bombarded by the nazi, 33 civilians were killed in various vendettas of the nazi from 1944 to 1945.
    After the change of the war front, with the invasion of Normandy actuated by the general Alexander in winter of 1944, the allied stopped
    advancing and the partisans were told to throw away their weapons and give up fighting. The allied definitively stopped the parachuting of food
    and other supplies and the partisans were left to their own devises by November 1944. At the same time the nazi army marshal Kesserling
    realised that there was an opportunity to release part of the army from the front line and direct it against the partisans ‘bandits’. The Italian
    fascists collaborated with the nazi, beside the purpose of the war and against the same country people partisans enemies, under the command of
    the officer Walter Reder they pepretraded many massacres of civilians of all ages, over 4500 in Tuscany.
    The consequences of the decisions of the war by the alley, over the civil populations, and the history fight of the resistance is not explained in the
    school books of this country. It is thanks to one organisation called ANPI association of ex-partisans that they collected all the names, the data,
    the documentations and survivors and witness informations. Without the ANPI the parasitic estabilishemt would have erased the civilians
    resistance from the history books.
    The Italians fascists too like the nazi used brutal merciless torture against prisoners including women in order to obtain information.
    Indluded in this mission 100 tb in the sea and the canals of the Golfo di Follonica Piombino, 20 tbs in the port of Piombino, used Eps for the ENEL
    electric power plant by the sea side, and the clear results in a very nice atmosphere for the people and the nature, and poor results for the spewing
    chemtrails agenda. They dont know where to attack, if they start inland there there are the valleys of geotermical plant, where they find the
    sylphs, in they attack above Follonica it just vanishes the chem trail in 1 hour.
    Their best bet is to start at large i the sea and above the Elba island which is off the coast full of antennas is in front of the gulf
    3 Aiplanes uninterruptetly created a white out with a observed 12 hour shift, from 9 AM to 19 PM, maybe they continued after sunset too. In the
    morning the sky was already clear.
    A t 8AM I heard a comment from a sailing student in Pratoranieri that told me she was cheching out the situation since they were going to have
    another class out in the sea ’ according to the weather forecast this sun was not supposed to be here’ today
    Used 37kg of orgonite and 8EPs from the Mugello, Ronta, Nusenna, Volterra, Saline, Guardistallo, and various places listed in the previous maps, 1
    EP with a hhg just thrown from the mountain inside the trees above the marble caves side, near the site of Apuan Alps of Campocecina.
    In Rosignanno Solvay I used 60 tbs to gift around the chemical plant and to gift 6 towers. 1 EP at the cemetery uphill. In the next village, I gave 4
    tbs at the cafe in the center of Castiglioncello beacuse there was no place to put the tbs, they seemd to immediatlly appreaciate it.

    Here’s the photo album link in chronological order and some more notes about this mission.
    Forum Posts: 549
    Member Since:
    May 21, 2011
    I started to gift a appennine hills location on the border with two regione the Emilia Romagna and Tuscany. Arrived in Barberino del Mugello,
    where there is a race circuit, and the artificial lake of Bilancino, there is also a group of t-shaped antennas somewhere on a hill toward north
    which is matched by another array in Vernio, these were not for this time, in fact they may need to go by motorcycle. For the rest of the day by the
    moment I arrived I was under the heaviest rain and clouds that I ever saw, there was no wind but the downpurs where very strong and seemed to
    last a very long time with minimal in between pauses.
    The area of Mugello is quite interesting, I gifted a dozen of antennas in the villages from Barberino to Scarperia, Borgo San Lorenzo where 4
    towers are arranged in square inside the village, and the burg of Ronta. This area is also high in the seismic risk, for example Scarperia (the city of
    knives manufacture) had lost 150 people at a earthquake around 1552 and 100 in the 1919 earthquake, some quakes after year 2000 were less strong
    and didnt cause trouble.
    I put some orgonite in the lake Bilancino where there is a pedestrian bridge, near the car park and the cemetery by the lake where there is a tower,
    rain was very strong, then in Scarperia found the race circuit and 3 towers. When I arrived in Ronta the rain was again very strong, the first place I
    ended up was a old church next the cemetery. The old St. Michael church, which was a former roman temple of Mars. There have been findings of Etruscan artifacts in Ronta, in fact the hills around all seem to have a particular energy feel, so it its also the lower part of the villlage area
    between the two hills, this part is mostly a woods area and I saw fences, it may belong to the hotel. There was no chanche to explore or see much.
    I was mistaken, I didnt know about this church, since there is another church of St Michael (la parrocchia San Michele) which is the one with the
    name and location is printed on the google map. That church is a 18th century building, I flung 3 tbs nearby the original temple place without
    being consciuos of the notion, thinking to came back. When I got to the modern St. Michael church I found it was less strong and interesting of
    the other place, it was open. I hid a couple of tbs inside.
    In Ronta there are 2 antennas, 1 is at the train station and the other is on the opposite hill, I did the station one, but not the other because the road
    was broken. In order to go to the opposite hill where there is the hotel, one has to go 1 km North up the road Via Faentina and reach Madonna Tre
    Fiumi, that is a spot with 3 rivers joining and there is a hotel and the sanctuary, here I could put a hhg and a few tbs in the rivers. Sure, it felt right
    to gift there.
    For this time was okay, until I can come back for the array in Barberino Vernio and with EPs for the Mugello area.
    I reached Florence at 1200 noon, and travelled to go to the antennas in the woods of Nusenna where there are 2 very tall towers and some drums
    on the building. Fom Valdarno I exited the motorway, then from Montevarchi I took a road that goes up quite steeply, there were clouds around the
    antennas, luckyly I managed to plant an EP and scatter 20 tbs in the forest, it then started raining very violently and I left the place in direction of
    San Gusme’, after the roads arrives in Monteaperti where there was the most important battle of Tuscany among Guelfi and Ghibellini factions,
    there is a pyramid site memorial on top of a mound, but I think is inside a private property, in the next village Vico d’Arbia (from the river Arbia)
    gifted the antennas which are near the motorway.
    In Colle Val D’Elsa there are some antennas, in particular a tall broadcast antenna which is on a private property, I could only gifted it from the
    road underneath a bit risky as is a fast 2 lane motorway with traffic.
    Here I experienced a headache by simply passing next a pile of pebbles that had been erected by somebody near the road at the end of the village.
    This perception happened again few days later when I was gifting in the geothermical volcanic area of Sasso Pisano, and it prooved to be a useful
    occurance to gift some bad spot otherwise invisible, the clouds that later started to bloom excatly above after the planting of Eps prooved it.
    Volterra, was an important Etruscan city and even in Roman times had some influential dinasties as well as the near by Cecina, sometimes in the
    past the Cs were spelled with Ks. They also had an economy based on copper and silver mining.
    I gifted a couple of antennas and near the Roman Theatre, then since it was getting late I gifted the antennas of Saline, a place where there is salt
    extraction from the earth,
    The road toward Cecina arrives in Casino di Terra where there is the church that is a sort of viking boat, I put a hhg and some tbs around, behind
    the railway line which is just there, there are also power lines and the river Cecina, I also gifted the water there. When I arrived in Guardistallo the
    sun had set, I gifted the place of the nazi massacre of 61 civilians, but there is memorial obelisk located in the village which I could not do since it
    was too late, The massacres site is on somebody’s land, it had a weird feeling, since after the gate with the cypress you come down some steps
    and just found a mess of wood logs of various shape and sizes, some low stools under a tent, burned wood, smell of burned stuff. I could not see
    much and felt some kind of presence, I buried some tbs, after I gifted an antenna, Next time I will take another look also to gift the memorial. By
    the way I really didnt like the place and it kind of attached something on me for one day.
    The next day, there was a mixed weather and the spew planes were spewing stuffs that later seems to become rain clouds, something that that
    makes no sense after so much rain already, obviously in their lucid madness they could not stop their agenda, only that they lacked the wind, and
    something more subtle, if the region is already gifted by some extent for a few years, the soil is much more favourably receiving and absorbing the
    rain. Until few years ago this amount of rain would have made the news because of the disasters. There was no disasters and floods and in fact
    the radio news dindt gave much importance to all the rain.
    Days later I saw a twister forming on the sea that was coming down from a big clound, it looked like a sting in the sea from the sky, interesting around the point where the twister inserts in the sea there was a larger rotating cylinder made of water, thise was transparent and large and not
    tall to reach a sky but enogh to be noticed, maybe it was tall 50 meters. The twister dind’t move, it extinguished in about 5 min. It must have have
    been a few km of coast.
    —– addition about Ronta ——–
    Also Ronta and other villages suffered deaths because of the eartquakes of the past. Ronta was bombed from the sky with the airplanes, a plaque
    on a wall lists 30 people, including women. I havent read if was a German or a Allied coalition bombing.
    As I have made a triangle of places in Tuscany with a line that passes from Piacenza down to Siena, Viterbo, Bolsena Rome. I must give the new
    measurement basing it on the original postulate of the anciente temple of Mars was one of the corner where to design the triangle. So in theory 2
    side should change but acording to the measurement that I double checked only one side is different. According to the computer tool if I move the
    point on the map from the modern church to the old church one side toward the Radar of Vallebenedetta is shorter, but the triangle side from the
    new point to the fountain of Cervarezza doesnt change, which could be explained that is like a radius line from the fountain site, and so both
    churches are placed on the same cirmcumference, anyway is a large distance so maybe the reading is so. Here are the distances:
    Vallebenedetta Weather Ball to Cervarezza Fonti Santa Lucia Fountain, 97.88 kilometers, Cervarezza to Ronta old St Michael Church Mars Temple,
    98,26 kilometers and the same is to the new church, then the Temple to Vallebenedetta ball is 97.40 (to the new church 97.96 kilometers).
    The longest side is Cervarezza to Ronta and the shorter is Ronta to the weather ball, the difference is 860 meter,
    The average of the 3 sides is 293,54 / 3 = 97.846
    The day after I arrived I started water gifting, the first place was a canal in Follonica called Cala Martina where arrives in the sea, I discovered a
    monument to Garibaldi who sailed from this place, nice marble, they sculpted Garibaldi’s head, a curtain, and a oak tree branch, and two colums,
    masonic or not? Behind there there is the beach with the boats and a tent of the Civil Protection, like they can step in and wathever emergency
    they’re there with the old guys.
    The Solmine industry chemical plant has a canal coming fromt the plant going into the sea in a spot called Puntone I gifted it and discovered
    there is a Roman Villa ruins, its fenced with a net and there there is a sign post with the archeological notes, pretty bad that there is not even a
    sign post by the road side so people can go see it, ther is even a car parking space and a hotel but zero mentioning of the archeological site. The
    net to the canal side has a hole the one guy that was fishing inside looked nervous. I discoverd the villa in the afternoon, the canal had lost his
    stench from the morning.
    The place near Castiglione, called Roccapiana, with 2 towers on a low hill near the road, where I could not gift last time, I now gifted it and
    strangely was the only pace that had a blue sky above whilst every where else was coverd and was raining, I took a couple of photos of the sky
    and the hill. when the rain storm arrived it was the last spot that become covered almost like tangentially, then it cleared quickly. I was sitting in
    the car watching these meteorology happening.
    I gifted the port of Piombino, I was worried by the cameras and the stewards, until suddenly a seagull came down directly over I was, it gave me
    some momentum I raised from where I was sitting even if there was a man watching and started flinging the tbs in the varios docks. Piombino
    promontory sea is goint to take more gifting next year.
    In total I ended up with about 100 tbs in side sea or places where the canals arrives in the sea.
    On the Sunday I erathpiped the powerplant with 3 Eps, the building has an atenna tower on its top, I also used tbs. Always back up Eps with tbs.

    Another day I went back in the area of the geotehrmical energy production plants, I discovered on the side of Val Cornia there are at least 6 power
    plants, I went all the way to Sasso Pisano which I think belongs to Val di Cecina valley, when I was driving in the forest I suddenly had a stinging
    pain in the head, I had seen a forched stick planted by the road side, and after a old an walking with a stick. Coming back from Sasso Pisano I put
    an Ep near a crossing where there is a tomb for a road accident, as soon as I finished putting the Ep a car come from the road that comes from a
    nearby powerplant and it had written Hullyburton written on car. Affter another km o 2 the pain in the head happened again, since it was near the
    place of first time I immediately stopped I noticed there waas a small brick house inside a fenced property inside the woods, I put an EP, Later I
    went to Lago Boracifero where there is a lake of Borax water and 2 plants and I only had a hhg and some tbs I headed back and saw that there
    were small clouds arising, blossoming above the hill side where I put the Eps before. I took photos of the sequence.
    Earlier on there was an gynormous sylph over that mountain near Monterotondo.
    Below the city of Livorno there is a cancer city by the sea called Rosignano Solvay, (the 6 towers near the motorway are already gifted), It does
    make an alignement from here to the antenna in Nusenna, striking through Volterra, Colle Val D’Elsa, past Nusenna the same line can be
    continued to the city of Arezzo in central Tuscany, all the way to the Adriatic sea to the city of Ancona.
    In Rosignano I planted an Ep near the cemetery when it was still dark, and then distributed 60 tbs around the chemical plant and the antennes,
    also gifted in Castiglioncello, I saw really peculiar clouds the day after when I was retunring home, I think there was a lot of transmuting of
    chemtrails and pollutions from the chemical plant going on.
    For last I went to Campocecina which is on the Apuan Alps at 1300mt, there are 3 tall towers and on the main road another antenna. This place is
    above the white marble caves of Massa Carrara. There is a large sculptures installations in Campocecina, its the Parco della Shoa, about the jews.
    All these statues are weird, with symbolism carved on them, there is even a sort of obelisk with stones scattered around, inside is a cave round
    obelisk that has an opening that can allow a person to stay inside.
    There were tunders in Campocecina and the photo shows the clouds very low, altought as the antennas where gifted there was a hole in the
    clouds and the sound of the tunder stopped.
    As I drove back down, after a liittle while I heard two hawks or eagles, screaming and hovering above, I took photos. Quite touching since is not so
    a frequent sighting.

  24. silvio nocerino

    One more revelation to help others to gain another glimpes behind the veil of Maya (the great illusion), about the tricks that ‘those who know’ use to distribute money via the lotto.

    Very often they divulge the number 77, and it happenede to day gain.
    Yesterday a person who I had done some work in some shops (those where numbers where hinted at me) told me that he was going to block the insurance of the motorbke he landed me in order to have mobility when I go to work for him. (funnny he gave it to me when was already winter).

    The 77 is these things, indigo color, women legs, knees, lavaender, quartz, assicurazione (insurance), la situazione (bad situation). But lately I have noticed that when the TV said saomething has happend involving a city mayor the number 77 also is drawn. Why? Mayor in Italian is Sindaco hence INDACO (indigo color).

    It happened in January when Milan’s sindaco had received a investigario warrant. And it happened today.
    I was going to post about it this afternnon, in advace of the lottery but I was a bit nauseated with this.
    Some people have been shot by a man, a drive by shooting. It happened in the souther city of Macerata, this man shot probably because eallier this week foreigners raped a girl in that city. Altought he is not related he acted for vendetta. They said one person is in really bad conditions.
    The TV brought the Sindaco in fornt of the camera, and they made him speak whn the fact was very recent, it can be heard the Major saying more times the word SITUAZIONE.
    I am sorry to take more space on this subject, it is weird but it is the ‘reality’, if anybody can do reaserch they better start recording the tv news mostly.
    The other day they also gave number 72 the wonder the meraviglia, the marvellous. All they need to do is to record the news. I dont remember the news, but I noticed that they use also a method. They insert a new that is not really important in between serious news, and its normally in the final words. I clearly remember the word ‘is a meraviglia’ and 72 came out on Milano wheel.
    For the meaning of the numbers they use the website called http://www.lasmorfianapoletana.com or they contact me and buy a booklet in .pdf format with the best selections of meanings. Please contact me at silvionocerino@protonmail.com

  25. silvio nocerino

    77 is also intrigues and the heel of the foot
    72 is also the wardrobe, to put, puttana or prostitute
    I am trying to organise a mission in Tuscany, any help with founds will be greatly appreaciate, I need money fot the car hire.

  26. silvio nocerino

    I must reveal more info since I do not need to be stalked for whataver reason including unsolicited lottery.
    This happened after I posted here that I was going to take photos, I have to try to see if they stop.
    Some of the details I have learned over the last three years have come after some personal contact, for example at some point there were episods where somebody approached me on foot near home and asked me the question where is Metro station, I normmally responded and indicated to thm in term of how how many traffic lights they have to pass. I thinke they said first the word traffic lights. After that I learned that the meaning of traffic lights is 41.
    On other episods I have a a girl asking me the same question only that when she was close she raised the telephon and put it up near me. On those occaions I thought well it’s 41 whilst the real number was actually 14 that is the tekephon. I felt like an idiot after I placed a wrong bet on 41. After one yearr it happened again and I had forgotten that and I made again the same mistake. I need the money I would bìhabe been better without that.

    More recently I cane reveal about cars number plates, places where they park before the lottery, And could revela more about what is going on on those shops also realted to numbers. There really is people who wknow what numbers come out on the lottery, the labels on the cardbox boxes, that reperesent a number of the expedition tells what numbers are cominf out that week.

    It musta heve been November od December I was using the borrowed motorbike, as I left home, (by sheer fate) a Tesla car, the oly ever Tesla I have encoutered passed me, the number plate was 081, That same week the 81 came out.
    I ams ure is not to difficult to trace a Tesla. Altough it’s not illegal to make predictions. It make a case when a certian street or corner see car parked only for the week ahead of the lottery draw and the day after the car is gone the number comes out.
    I would be able to provide photos for this since it happens where I live.
    Bak to the television, I have one more example from last week, this time was a game presenter a former DJ called Linus. the answer to a question was ‘CAPPUCCINO’ the cappuccino coffee has a number that is 25, the ame as ghost, also fork. The presenter said ‘one cappuccino tira l’atro’, he made a case with that sentence after the concurrant answer. He could have said correct answer weel donì but he aisd ‘ONE CAPPUCCINO PULLS ANOTHER ONE’. just fate isnit? Anyway the week befre another game presenter after the naswer ‘La gallina’ reposnded beak and beak againn la gallina (la gallina is chicken female. 57 is the chicken, the floor,, the magnet, and women’s boots. 57 came out that week and again the week after.
    One evening I went to bet a number according to the mail of Ubeeqo, a man entered the shop and charged his fone, the last twon numbers were 57, and a red color car Ford KA had been parked in the usual street the week before. I made a mistake again this time the 57 was delayed by a coule od draws.
    There could be good and bad people involved in this stalking and the distriubution of lottery using codes. I cant sopt that. I am have the reight to take back my life, stalking is stealling.

  27. silvio nocerino

    Last intermission about numbers. There is madness behind my logic.
    Reason and madness have often asociated in common saying, which also beomes a programing. With hindsight their expression and utterance in words it may hint at causality. Pazziare is a Neapolitan term derive from mad, but it mean to be cheerful In other word joy that is not destructive nor melancholic, perhaps it is a creative influx.
    Again TV and a famous signature of indipendent left wing journalism in a moment.
    The numbers mentioned lasst week all came, 60 writing, 32 guilt, and 25 the cappuccino that comes again as said in the evening games by Linus. Guilt came before, cappuccino and writing came both yesterday.
    Saturday afternoon on the transmission TV Talk there was a journalist called Michele Santoro, I make name on purpouse. First becouse it is not a crime to go with the syncronicty of numbers, second because I really wish that the benefactors would continue to use this communication in order to help as many as possible to tune succesfully.
    My name is also here, in case they fear me and like to cite in a tribunal. I have been in a tribunal before, I was doing the projection tech or the so called ‘Operazione Infinito’ That happened in the bunker room n.1 of Piazza Filangeri, I remember in the first cage there was a white collar clerck that was working for the mafia whilst being in a pubblic health office. He was a close friend of Formigoni nonetheless president of Lobardy Region.
    So what Santoro did was, that at the end of his intervetion in the programm asked suddenly to all ‘look is there anybody that really watches the TV serial ‘Don Matteo’… nobody watches it’
    The presenter said well I do, and Santoro insisted on the thing you watch it of course.
    Priest is 22 like mad, in the neapolitan language therei s a expression that says ‘pazziare’ that means to act like a pazzo (mad), what it means is that somebody is cheerfull (allegro), and is playful a bit like children. 22 came out on thursday (2 draws of advance notice not couting the day when the thing was said)..

  28. silvio nocerino

    Numbers came also from writers of this site. Jeff’ title had a 83 recentlyand last week a 12, Don posted about Elk (12).
    83 is recognisable by the human proclivity that says ‘I go, I must go’, the khabbala of the lotto assciates it with: the bad weather, the turd, the knot’. Turd is surely symbolic of something that goes, it is a passing condition. ‘Off you go’
    The marital knot. To go is also one of the way sexuality can be described. ‘to let go’, and the ‘goingg’.
    Sperm must live for only one reason’I must go’.
    I ams saying this because, there is knowledge of the body and of behavior that was studied so numbers are not a pertinence od mad people. (by the way applause, director, behaviour, are number 55.
    It is also true that some numbers are more frequent than others,.
    So numbers are used and are applied to the esotheric to influence the etheric.
    I have hinted about the Monster of Florence (MOF) and that is lieanant with the past work of gifters everywere.
    If you check out Don and Carol Croft adventures, you ll realise that I am not in denial, We try to hit the occoult, one way is exposing it, one other to apply orgonite physically (and quietly).
    Last weel Italy’s President was showen in some place and he spoke about ‘security’, which is #38 I went to shop at the local ‘Carrefour supermarket, the lady cashier gave me an extra plastic bag, I looked at the bar code and that ends with 38.
    During the week that the shooting in the street of Macerata the TV showed the Sindaco (Major) talking to the TV and indicggo (medicine) 77 came out, a few days later the TV news also shoed people of that town telaking about the young man that did the vndetta crime, these people called him, they dubbed him as ‘the boy, kid’ which is #15.
    Also 15 means ‘to sell, family’ and the 15 came out.
    Saturday afternnon the leader and presenter of the ’68 th Festival of Italian sogn, Claudio Baglioni was interviewed for a minut at the end of the lunch time news and he was wearing a red rose over his jacket, that day the number for rose @came.
    A woman criminologist, psychic, writer, discovered a occult masonic group which uses symbolism with names, mumbers, dates. The previous ethericwarriors has post about it. I remeber posting about pubbliity, for example after massacres in the US ther would be advertise of the product ? Finish’ by Henkel. They dont do that anymore.
    This woman find out that after ritualistic murders there would be soon train or airplanes accidents.
    She explains that the smaller rituals prepares, and also announce to those in the wolrd in that dark discipline what they have to do, it sets on the vibrational work of the darkesters, and influence the populace.
    She disccovered that that occult masonic gropu is the only one where women are allowed, and that also they use books to reavel information.
    She qoute one of the most ever famous writer ‘ìUmberto Eco, the author of ‘The name of the Rose’ for adding a postcript coment that goes in her words’outside the confine’ Eco wrote, with this book we showed you that books talk to each other. Now a very good police investigation mus show that we did it’.
    One day this lady buys a intriguing book in a siupermarket (yes by the cover), a fiction noir. But inside there are repetition of this’put a red rose on the pube (the vagina). She contacts the writer with a trap, tha she is a student graduating and would like to tal to him. She is gi en an appointement and she takes a police man that is friend of her to accompain her. When they arrive at the place they found out that the name on the door is not the one o the writer of the book but is the name of a forensic expert that worked in the MOF trial! So he knew stuff unknwon and put it in a novel. The reason for doing that is not very clear is also a occult thing, maybe he neede it for protection, or maybe is just a part of the esotheric work, to get more power from setting the minds of the readers on that specific frqquency. Probably both if not more reasons. The book is titled ‘Coniglio il martedi’. (tuesday rabbit).
    This detective lady is not a ordinary persona since she happens to be the niece of a a Cardinal of the Vatican which was covering the post of Treasury of the Vatican.
    For her the MOF was not only happening in Florence, the organisation carried uther bloody rituals in Italy.
    The sexual component of the ritual was performed under the teaching of a noble Florentine count, that is the maximumum effect is to take the lives of two lovers during the arousoul, before the coitous.
    The symbolism of taling the genitalia away is symbolic of the ‘woman’ the female principle,, otehr murders involved also taking the left breast which is symbolic of mother, the first gesture of (right handed women) would be to give milk with the left breast.
    She also explains that the ritula cannnot be carried out by one person, the person that cut and remove is higher in the occo, he doed not killbut perroms the other part of the ritual. she also says that there is a third person, which is working mentally for the mind control over the ritual.
    She was involved with charity in Roma for the poor and also for prison rehanilitation. She becam also in contact with former terrorists of the Red Brigads and discovered things in relation with the kidnap and muerd ot Aldo Moro, the Prime Minister, she says that is a common practice fot the Vatican to send nuns to act like spies inside the prisons, and they also act as emissaries and explain to prisoners how to act and what to say during the rituals in the courts.
    The MOF caase is probably still a cold case, of the official 16 (8+8) victims there is a count of fatalities of people that above that.
    The man accused of being the MOF was acquitted after the third trial, apparantly he said I could do names, by in a ‘aula dibattimentale’ I dont know the specific of the law, it may mean a different type of trial, where the people are also called to speak. After the acquittal he was also another one that suffered a fatality and died.
    A non MOF related but famous and mysterious case is the end of a cyclist, it was said suicide, he died in a hotel La Rosa and next to him was found a poem about roses, which says that of all roses the the is the more counted.
    According to her the original founder of the Rosa Rossa was an american mason, magician, occoultist, Arthur
    Edward Waite.
    The full Italian name of the group is La Croce d’Oro Indipendente e Rettificata.
    The articles of this woman can be found on various websites and forums, you may found often a lawyer blogger that talsk of her and based hos articles of her, he was acquiantied but it must not be counfused that they wer not a team, there is not much need to reaserach from him.
    lagiustainformazione2 (rub by her usband)
    She expalain that remote mind control is essential for the occult organisations, and for carrying out succesfully their rituals.She says that mind control ‘lowers the level of attentiveness’
    From my personal experience I think that using thelepathy over somebody it can make the mind of the person weakier, like hypnosys.
    For example at some point I was signalled numbers whilst I was crossing the road near my house, they did it many times. I started to avoid that crossing. Other times whils using alternative roads, and as I go by foot, I found myself attracted to pass from another, I have experienced that at another specific crossing there were people and’syncronicity’ happened, the last case was whilst I was crossing a woman had a pink scarf, a day later i also had a young woman coming on the bus and she was close and had a pink bag. That is #56 which came out first on a wheel and the next time on another wheel of the lotto.
    I think they used thelepathy to call me at that crossing. It does lower the will power and the indipendence of the person. First it lea to beliave, to intake creeds like being magical, special, second to obey to those signalled things like the color, also there is a sense of being controlled not free.
    They had a very vital info that could change my dsetiny and they spolied, they could have sent somebody anytime to talk to say something smart and assure me.
    I found that they are not going to renounce to their technques, they are not going to change, and surely there must be a reason.
    One morning I was going to work and a girl passed hastily near me in the couryard and went out, I went to board the tram and on the tram there was a old woman she looked at me, when she got off the tram she was chewing visibly a chewing gum. The chewing gum is the equivalent of cigarette butt (la cicca) #46 also means to cut, and polenta food.
    They have used telephaty over my mother, they were able to make her to force me to go out and buy something for her and and then outside I would suddely, uexpectedaly, unexplicalbly meet somebody stranger that signaleed something.
    It could be for example that she feels I must go now to buy bread, and then as i go down, there is a man dressed in dark with a hat on the oher side of the street and he quikly goes away, than after a couple of times the #1 hat comes out.
    They usde this ‘fake syncronity’ all the time and also whilst I was working, I can say compromising things about that. I need to reiterate that i one of the reasons why I left my position. Hence their are responsible for wathever happened, at seeing the results that I ended up gifting less, their action lead to impede orgonite spreading.
    In 2017 is for the most part thanks to donations that I was able to gift, and so more than 100 kg. i was unable to travel. I was in debt with a orgonite supplier from France, I was unble to reach a friend gifter nearby in Bergamo.
    It is not a happy ending.

  29. silvio nocerino

    Ps. A comment i found on the internets points out that 3 murders of girls in Italy that had a big mediatic resonance had the names in common with a latin word.
    ARA in latin means sacrifice altar
    Apparently they also had in common the number 26 which appatnetly is a sacred number.
    The detective woman did explain that one important clue to understand if a case is a ritual sacrifice is the amount of importtance it gets in the media. And also how important becomse the investigation, such as the fame ond the amount of experts, lawyers, police, religious, politicians talking it, press. radio, etc.

  30. silvio nocerino

    In the previous post, typos:
    about thenuns pragraph, they say to convicts what to do or say in the tibunal trial
    about thesuicided cyclist the poem syas the red rose is the more counted (not as mystyped written the the).

  31. silvio nocerino

    This is the latest Jeff Miller post aout olives, Did you know that the olive harvest in Tunisia more than doubled from 2016 to 2017?
    Few days ago I sent a mail to Don Croft to inform him that maybe olives would come out on the lotto, anyone can check on lasmorfianapoletana.com
    Olives is 58. This I wrote it to Don.
    On the saturday 58 came out on the national wheel.
    Well done for the olives, pretty quick result!
    I visited the supermarket and the pharmacy next to it today, and found some other clues. for example during the past weekthey put pink bajs sponsored by a cancer charity. As it happened Baglioni had a a rose on his jacjket, and the 56 came out twince last week. Also the pharmacy has a nasket full of creams next to the till and they are colored in pink. The supermarket also had extremely low prices for artichokes…
    What it is likely is that this info are made to percolate via commercial network, the first people to be aware of them would be the internal staff of the supermarket chain, those versed in lotto, and maybe a bonus for directors.
    Also at ground level more peonple indistintely can really profit from this clues if they are timely checking both TV, actions of the main public figures, etc, and they can add extra bonus numbers checkin out specific shops.

    The lady investigator warned that to understand the secret masonic organisation its mandative to study well the following:

    CODE BUSTROFEDICO (writng left to right alternated to right to left with reversed words)
    THE KHABBALA Particularly the GIUDAIC

    She affirms that there was a photography magazine who used the ONOMANZIA the khabbala of the names, to communicate to esotheric mambers. She says that the massacre of Nassyria the city on the Eufrate river next the Ziggurat of UR in Iraq, where a suicide commando attacked the Italian Embassy, this massacre had been predicted on the photography magazine unisna a language of anagrams. 19 Italian Military died in that massacre of the 12th November 2003.
    The hostoric photography magazine is out of market since some months ago in 2017.
    Searching his founder the topic onomanzia comes up and there are really strange writings, some of his articles are found on a website called SETH.
    Some link took me to a article where there is a sort og gnostic teaching, with diagrams, Tao, the path of light in the middle, a nother person tha quotes him suggests various links and at the top he tells you to click and downkoad a movie, the links syas ‘..The Meaning of number 23…JIM CAREY’
    I think web pages like this contain a specif lingo and material purposedly done n order to condition and allure toward their theoris. It is in line with scholaring the nw comers and also to inform or update insiders.

    The investigator also makes an esoteric hypotesis, that when the occult organisation feels is in fear to be found out by justice then they commit a new sacrifice and the sacrifice needs to be of similar type and kind of the other previous one.

    The remote control via the media is demonstrated by the statistic compiled via the announcements of Pope Bergolgio to. A couple of weeks ago he spoke against the crme of ‘femminicidio’ murders of women, then in the following days there is a surge in the amount of news of women of all ageas being brutally mirddered.
    The last announcement by Pope Bergolio is that the devil inspires violence, and thanks him we are also inspired by fear.
    I think the founder of the photography magazine is deceased, in a artcile on his webpage ‘onomazia’ it appears he is taking the piss of the jesuits, the jhs, aids, unless they are code words or a make believe.
    He exaplins that khaball is like horse and is done by bridgiing words even on differnt languages, including English, Chinese..
    The name of the detective lady is Gabriella Carlizzi, died of cancer in 2010. Her husband is lanching a new book.

    1. Don Croft Post author

      I sent Silvio a Succor Punch to aid him in his experimentation with numerology because I could see that he had committed to working with numbers in a systematic way and I wanted to see what will come of it. I had a hunch that his preternatural (look it up 😉 ) ability to find excellent occult targets, first in Britain many years ago and now in Italy, has a synergistic relationship to his numerology pursuit. Carol was the first psychic I know who got a boost from etheric tools (in this case, an orgone accumulator to set her cards book on in 1998). The Succor Punch, which we invented together in 2001, has a lot more psi punch than an orgone accumultor.

      Carol does a lot with numbers, too, though it’s mainly connected to her favorite psychic readings platform, Cards of Destiny, which I think originated with the Gypsies/Jews. Maybe I’ll need to travel to Scythia (ancient Medea) to get a better idea about the history and origin of ordinary playing cards, though 😉

  32. silvio nocerino

    Thanks a lot Don, it has to be mentioned that tha SP made by Don is a absoulutely great, and it must have taken quite a bit of work with all the windings. I remember that the first days I was able to do boosting. Last week I have connected it to the mains, the powers supply wire broke and I need a new adapter, but I can also operate it with the battery. I like to keep it in the pocket that is high on my shirt or jacket so that it is close the hearth.

    Regarding the gyspises, I have the feeling that there are more levels of them. There are not just those roaming the street as beggars or thieves. Another charcteristic that seem innate, they work in groups, they are use to unite.
    And this can be linked to the mental control over a situation.
    I had a impression that they maybe be connected to far away outside Italy and imgined Khazar for lack of history knowledge. Habibi had told me that he read about a Khazarian mafia that is based in Milan, I dont remember whho is the author that explained it.
    Some words come to mind in relation to MONEY and PSYCHISM. Off the top of my head RANSOM and KIDNAPPING, it could be happening on the material level or on etheric planes. (hey you dont get something for nothing!)

    1. Don Croft Post author

      The Khazars had a trading empire that occupied most of what is now Russia, west of the Urals. They were only there a few centuries, then were displaced by Slavic people who are ancestors of today’s Russians. The Khazars had what can be called Semitic features, according to authors of that period who went there, and they were belligerent before they occupied Russia, then became peaceful traders. What the Khazars, Russians and Gypsies have in common is that they all came out of Scythia at one point . The Gypsies apparently descend from Israel’s northern tribes, some of whom he Assyrians transported to Scythia and some of those later migrated to N India, where they stayed for many centuries before migrating to the Middle East and Europe in the late medieval period. One strong evidence that the Gypsies did not originate in India is that they don’t believe in reincarnation.

      If the Jews are ‘the greatest protagonists of history,’ as Admiral Flavio Barbieri claims, then I feel that it’s a good idea to explore that aspect history thoroughly.. Since Barbieri’s book, ‘The Secret Society of Moses,’ is not listed on Amazon maybe that’s a good enough reason to get it from Bear Publishing: when censorship is that overt, especially now, then the information may be very important to have . A protagonist is ‘the principal character in a literary work (such as a drama or story)’ and that includes heroes and villains ;-). In ‘The Babylonian Woe’ we see evidence that Jews were merchant/agents for Babylon’s trade with China, in which Babylonian silver was traded for Chinese gold. To the Chinese, gold was (is?) less precious than silver.

      Miles Mathis only traces Jewish influence back to the Middle Ages but I’ve got a couple of suppressed books that explore the subject in ancient times fairly and intelligently. I”m really glad to see that this enquiry is now out of the hands of Jew-haters, who I presume are all being controlled by one of Britain’s groups of proxy terrorists, the Mossadomites.

  33. silvio nocerino

    After reading the webpage, Is this a deviated ONOMANZIA, use word to describe despiccale things?
    A made example without knowing the secret tule, using both anagrams, bridgeing and jumping to another language, I didnt do blending..

    Nervi is a surname from Genoa region in Italy, in Italian would mean ‘nervs’
    nervi rovine re vino vino nero (nervs- ruins- king wine – black wine = he/she is black wine)

    replace v with c start again

    nerci crine cinere erecia (crine is the horse hair on the head, cinere is ashes, erecia sounds like heresy)

    chance c with s go to English

    mercy srine sinner heresy


    Probably they must do it using also around a power syllabe or combination of letters, a root.

  34. silvio nocerino

    The founder of the photography magazine on his webpage insisted around the word AIDS.

    Here the NERVI HALL in the VATICAN
    built by
    SIDA (ha ha ha their Milano address is via Hoepli next HQ of the Jesuits it goes a few floors UG)
    watche the youtube about the demonic shapes and hidden geometry and symmetry.
    The name of the khaballistic photographer Cesco Ciapanna

  35. silvio nocerino


    After the book of Exodus, Moses’s two sons and numerous descendants all vanish from the Bible. Flavio Barbiero’s investigation of this strange absence and his study of the centuries-long power struggle between the priestly families fighting for control of the Temple of Jerusalem starts with the rebellion against Rome–and the emergence of Josephus Flavius, one of Moses’s descendants, on the world stage. In AD 70 when the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by Titus Flavius and thousands of Jewish priests were exterminated, Josephus, now bearing his sponsor’s last name, followed Titus Flavius to Rome with at least 250 relatives and friends. Here they were made Roman citizens but then subsequently disappeared from recorded history.
    Barbiero’s careful study of early Christianity shows, however, that these surviving members of Moses’s high-priest lineage succeeded in taking control of the nascent Roman Church and masterminded its extraordinary success. Using a wide range of evidence drawn from fields as disparate as archaeology, heraldry, and genetics, Barbiero shows how these descendants of Moses used the cult of Mithras to eventually seize control of the secular Roman authority as well. He then follows, step by step, the spread of the members of this secret priestly elite into what was to become the aristocracy of medieval Europe and how their influence continues to be felt in modern secret societies like Freemasonry. “

  36. silvio nocerino

    In bona fide it was Vittorio after doing the gifting in Liguria and Genoa that suggested that the following year we should meet again to gift Florence.
    I started from the Monster of Florence and now we got a pedophilia ring that involves the area of Florence and insitutions. I am referring to the community called Forteto, the founder Rodolfo Fiesoli and the protections of the left wing political institutions . The most famous TV journalists Bruno Vespa said during the tv traansmission thaty they have had very insistent requests to do not ar the tv enqury. Vespa probably scored a easy point since he belongs not to the left and he works fromthe RAI UNO the first channel, traditionally more conservative.
    I also found 2 types of police, them who choose to not follow and those who were blocked.
    The founder of the Forteto founder is Rodolfo Fiesoli.
    Will start a thread, there is a line Tip of Ittaly’s border, Brescia, Mount Sole, Modena, Ronta Temple of Mars, Forteto, Arezzo, Frosinone. Line found by unitying Ronta with the Forteto.


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