It’s December, 2017, and the Great Artificial Drought has been broken.

‘I think that there are certain crimes which the law cannot touch, and which therefore, to some extent, justify private revenge.’

Sherlock Holmes, from “The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton“, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 1904






It’s December, 2017, and the Great Artificial Drought has been broken by the slow, steady, widespread and ever-increasing distribution of simple, inexpensive Orgonite devices in the vicinity of the weather warfare infrastructure that many still mistakenly presume only carries cell phone traffic and weather radar data. And I’ve appended below numerous press accounts from just the past year to support that statement.

If you look back at previous posts in this thread, you’ll see that the record rainfalls and snowfalls started in 2012 or 2013, about half a decade ago, now.

There’s also a bunch of record-low temperature data below, as well. In the future, it will be difficult for people to read a compendium like this and grasp how a very large subset of the general populace could have been taken in by a gigantic, baldfaced ruse like “hottest year in the history of the planet”.

And I understand the subconscious minds of victims of the great “Condfidence Game” currently underway will retreat to a bitter “yeah, but that’s there” as a defense against any record-low temperature data.

But for any con to succeed, the rube must have “confidence” in the, er, artists running the con.

Artists, ah, mirth…for that is what, with sickening pride, they actually call themselves – these people who metaphorically and literally take candy from babies, I supposed first by distracting them with a rattle or a wry face.

Remember: confronting a duped rube about a confidence game they’ve fallen victim to is probably even more dangerous than awakening a sleepwalker, which is a metaphor that, to me, has particular resonance, here.

That’s why I’ve made it so you have to find yourself all the way to this Obscure Internet Forum to read this.

But the title of this thread is “Positive Changes That Are Occurring”, and for over three years, now has documented the fact that the efforts of a relatively minuscule proportion of the Earth’s population have dramatically changed the game, here, forever. In that the global Death-energy matrix built and expanded over literally Millenia by our barely-closeted Dark masters has been undone, has been transformed by the slow, steady, widespread distribution of simple, inexpensive Orgonite devices.

That’s really great news.  But it does not follow that anyone should rest from their labors. If you have not already done so, please consider distributing Orgonite where you live and work today, or sponsor a gifter, perhaps even through a vehicle such as this forum.





December 26, 2016 – Arizona – Let it snow! Flagstaff snowfall on Dec. 24 breaks 100-year-old record

A new snowfall record was set in Flagstaff this weekend, breaking the previous record by 6 inches. The 10.1 inches of snow that fell at the Flagstaff Airport broke the daily record for Dec 24.

(The headline hedges, simply saying “breaks record”, then buries the amount of the new record over the old lower in the article. The article says the new record broke the old “by six inches”, but carefully withholds the percentage of the new record over the old. So I had to do the math. 10.1 minus 6 is 4.1. 4.1 inches to 10.1 inches is a 146% increase. Such records are usually broken by tiny margins. – ed)


February 13, 2017 – Ottawa digs out of record snowfall – 1310 NEWS

A record amount of snow fell on the nation’s capital Sunday. An estimated 28cm of snow fell, breaking the record for 24.4cm for February 12, set in 1988.

(They give you the numbers of the old record and the new, but carefully withhold the percentage of the new record over the old. So I had to do the math. 24.4 cm to 28 cm is a 15% increase. Such records are usually broken by tiny margins. – ed).


February 17, 2017 – Ottawa sees record snowfall with 51.2 cm in one day –

51.2 centimetres of fresh snow was recorded at the Ottawa airport by 6 p.m. Tuesday, breaking a record set in 1947 for snowfall in a single day. … Previous record set in March 1947 with 40.6 cm of snow.

(They give you the numbers of the old record and the new, but carefully withhold the percentage of the new record over the old. So I had to do the math. 40.6 cm to 51.2 cm is a 23% increase. Such records are usually broken by tiny margins. – ed).


February 28, 2017 – Iceland turns into winter wonderland after record snowfall

Iceland’scapital has been turned into a winter wonderland after the city’s residents saw the biggest snowfall for 80 years.

Up to 51cm blanketed Reykjavík on Sunday, the most snow to have ever fallen on the capital in February.

(The 51cm seen here in Reykjavik is mirrored exactly in the 51 cm seen in Ottawa, Canada just days prior – ed)


May 20, 2017 – Wyoming – Cheyenne snowfall breaks record set in 1915

The spring snow just kept falling in what became a record-breaking two-day event Thursday and Friday in Cheyenne.

As of noon Friday, the National Weather Service measured 14.3 inches of snowfall and 10 inches of snow depth for Cheyenne’s two-day storm, said meteorologist Tim Trudel.

Most of the snow fell Thursday, when the 11 inches broke the 1915 record of 5 inches. On Friday, 3.3 inches fell, just beating the 1915 record of 3 inches.

(They provide numbers for the old records, but carefully withhold the percentage of the new record over the old. So I had to do the math. 5 inches to 11 inches is a 120% increase. Such records are usually broken by tiny margins. Instead of printing that stunning information, they went with the word “broke”, which is a violently-conservative hedge. Then they go on to say “just beating” to describe the 9 percent increase from 3 to 3.3 – so they emphasize the smaller achievement and carefully obfuscate the larger achievement. –ed)


July 16, 2017 – Central Chile to endure unusual snow, record cold this weekend

A bitter blast of frigid air is plunging into central Chile this weekend, causing snow to fall at unusually low levels and putting records in jeopardy.

Santiago has not had snow since 2011, according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Jason Nicholls.

So while snow in the capital is unusual, it is not unheard of,” he said. “There was also another instance of snow whitening Santiago in 2007.”

Temperatures will continue to plummet overnight down to near 4 below zero C (25 F) in downtown Santiago.

The last time temperatures in July even approached the levels they will be on Saturday night was in 2013, when Quinta Normal (the official weather observation site in downtown Santiago) recorded a low of 3 below zero C (26.6 F).

“An even colder night is expected on Sunday night as clear skies and calm winds will cause a rapid drop in temperatures,” Miller said. “Temperatures will drop to or under 5 below zero C (23 F) in downtown Santiago with the suburbs turning even colder.”

That would break the all-time record low of 4.6 below zero C (23.7 F) from July 1924 at the Quinta Normal station, according to data obtained by the Chilean Meteorological Office.


October 3, 2017 – Record-breaking snowstorm hits Rockies, heaviest October snow in Montana since 1914

Havre, Montana experienced what was effectively a blizzard and recorded 37.6 cm (14.8 inches) of snow as of late Monday night, NWS Great Falls said. “However, with the power out, we’ll need some time to verify the record.” All of Havre was without power, Hill County sheriff said, with numerous trees and power lines down.

If the record is verified, this will be not only a daily record but a monthly, NWS said. “The current October record high snow is 21.8 cm (8.6 inches) set on October 4, 1914.”

(You can see the hedging in “we’ll need some time to verify the record”, and notice that they give you the numbers of the old record and the new, but carefully withhold the percentage of the new record over the old. So I had to do the math. 8.6 inches to 14.8 inches is a 72% increase. Such records are usually broken by tiny margins. – ed)


October 23, 2017 – UK faces MONTHS of SNOW: Sinking polar vortex to trigger COLDEST winter since GREAT FREEZE

BRITAIN is weeks away from the first major winter whiteout with 2017 shaping up to be the “year of the snowstorm”.
November 3, 2017 – Seattle hit with early November snowfall – Curbed Seattle

Unusually low temperatures brought early snow.


November 8, 2017 – Early November Snow Cover in North America the Highest in Over a Decade

Over one-quarter of the area of the Lower 48 had snow on the ground on Nov. 8.

This is the largest areal coverage of snow on that date in at least 14 years, according to NOAA data.

As of Nov. 8, almost 26 percent of the contiguous U.S. had snow on the ground, according to an analysis from NOAA’s National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center.

This is the most expansive Nov. 8 snow cover in the Lower 48 in NOHRSC’s 15-year analysis, topping Nov. 8, 2011’s 21-percent coverage.

This is a sharp contrast to one year ago, which was one of the warmest Novembers on record.

(Uses the general term “toppling” to avoid providing specific information as to how much the new record is above the old. And used a vague “almost 26%” for the new record. So I had to do the math. It’s roughly 24% percent above the previous record. Such records are usually broken by tiny margins – ed)


December 3, 2017 – Australia – Flooding across Vic after record rainfall – Sky News

Victoria is on high alert as rain eases, however the risk of flooding remains across parts of the state.

Rains are expected to ease in Victoria after a summer’s worth of rain fell in 24 hours, causing flash floods and forcing people from their homes.

(Uses the general “summer’s worth of rain”, and withholds any specific information – what the amount was, how much higher than the old record it was, when the old record was set, et al – ed)


December 7, 2017 – Ottowa, Canada – Record snowfall in Ottawa


December 8, 2017 – It’s snowing in South Texas. Yes, you read that right.

Big and fluffy snowflakes fell across parts of south Texas on Thursday, including San Antonio and Austin.

While snow is common in parts of north Texas, it’s unusual for this region to see snowfall and people shared their delight on social media.

“A Texas Christmas miracle!” one person posted on Twitter.

Snow blanketed cars at a dealership in San Antonio.

This rare snow event isn’t over yet. It’s moving farther south to cities like Corpus Christi and Brownsville. They are expected to get snow throughout the night with 2-3 inches possible around Corpus Christi.

Corpus Christi has only had eight days on record with measurable snow (0.1″) dating back to 1948. Last time the city saw snow was Christmas eve 2004 and that was their greatest snowfall on record with 2.3 inches.

It turned into a historic snow night in Houston. The city had not seen more than an inch of snow since 2009, and Thursday’s event was the earliest seasonal snowfall on record, the National Weather Service said.

(These days, we’re seeing a lot of “mid-event” reportage, which allows them to not print the amounts. “This rare snow event isn’t over yet.” – ed)


December 8, 2017 – Louisiana – Snow in Baton Rouge: A rare December day for wintry precipitation in South Louisiana

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