Exposing Pedophelia & Child Murder in Croatia

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[I got the following from someone in Croatia who has been trying to expose this activity, which is part of an international network that involves the American FBI.  I suggested that he put orgonite around all of the institutions that are involved, including the clubs where children are ritually murdered.  If he doesn’t have the means to make orgonite I can put him in touch with contributors.  ~Don]


Im sorry for bothering you,in the end of 2013,i have came upon a large groupe of people in my city Osijek,involved in child trafficking,they killed one little girl in the basment of one club,named Oks,whos owner is Alen Borbaš.I tried to do something,but i got lots of threths,One police officer told me,would we played such a hard game,if we didnt have to,and another one told me he can not talk nothing about it.I have talked to more than few people on facebook,they were mostly afraid to talk about it.I found out they bring teen girls from Bosnia,Serbia,and who knows form where else,they sell them around town as prostitutes,and occasionaly kill some of them in private sado-mazo sessions,i also belive they sell organs,from what is left of those kids.I also heard they are filming those sessions.In the end of 2016 i got a msg from one of them,where he admits they have connections in fbi,and sell kids to usa,its thier biggest market.I also found out they drugged and raped one teen girl from Osijek,and filmed the whole thing with mobile phone,she pressed charges,but they only got probation.If you can please help in any way.

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