An interesting exchange wth a zapper customer who is also an orgonite flinger

[The following is from a blog on our business website,  It took three tries to respond to one of our customer’s comments, there.  After I posted this response it became more evident why the NSA was apparently so adamant to interfere, as you’ll see in the exchange I’ll post after this.   ~Don]

Debbie, what you wrote seems to have struck a chord with the people (sic) who monitor this website because each time I tried to post a response I got hacked. The first time, when I pressed the button to post my reply. The content simply disappeared; the second time, my browser shut down.

Now, I’m wondering what I wrote in response to your comments that earned such an unusually overt reaction. This time, I’m writing in my Word program and I’ll copy/paste to this blog site and also to, since it probably relates to the work we’re doing over there, too.

I named this website World Without Parasites when I realized in the 90s that zappers have the potential to rid the world of internal pathogens/parasites. Shortly after that, when Carol and I began experimenting with orgonite in the environment as well as putting it in our zappers, we began to realize that orgonite has the potential to rid the body politic of two-legged, pathogenic parasites, who of course control all of the governments and major corporations in the world. I think the biggest threat to tyranny is free speech and this is an essential component of expanding human awareness.  Rising consciousness, alone, can unseat the rule of parasites effectively but in order to break down the tough matrix of cradle-to-grave programming that has been established in the world it may be that orgonite’s mass distribution may cause the software/hardware infrastructure of the brain police to disintegrate.  We certainly see this happening in the world already, as is being reported by our friend, Jeff Miller, in his years-running Positive Changes That Are Occurring documentation on

Parasites rule from a position of secrecy, so they’re hypersensitive to exposure, hence the existence of censorship through the ages, including its present iteration: hacking.  The internet blew previous forms of censorship apart, of course. If you’re reading this website, you likely already have a zapper, so have taken a stand against the parasites in your own body, at least.

Many of us agree from experience that the little parasites have the ability to influence our thoughts and emotions. We don’t pretend to know how they do this but it certainly reflects how it’s done on the macro level with radio, microwave and presumably blood rituals.  Anyone can see that the enemy use transmitters to affect us but not many people have had experience as targets of ritual magic.  But if one will read history objectively one can consider that dirty magic was being used long before high tech manipulation and  weaponry and the latter are arguably just a modern extension of the former.

The reason our zappers sell better than all the rest is because we’ve systematically added an array of subtle energy components that work in close harmony with the parasite-killing circuit. On the face of it, subtle energy is magical because these components work on the ether (which is the foundation of both matter and energy), as does magic.  The Church of Settled Science denies the existence of the ether, even though a lot of modern technology is etheric, such as radio and Tesla-coil based equipment.

Materialistic science’s acolytes use this etheric equipment without trying to understand the basis.  Tesla seemed to understand it pretty well, as did Wilhelm Reich and several other oppressed scientist pioneers.   I think ‘modern science’ and its related materialistic dogma is one of the last bastions of medievalism.  I didn’t realize this until I had started in the zapper business and tried to get the interest of scientists after seeing some pretty miraculous and consistent results.  I was shocked to see that most scientists are mystical and superstitious rather than rational and objective/observant.  They’ll reliably abandon simple observations for abstruse and ungrounded theories, as you might have noticed.  Their weirdest attribute, at least to me, is that they blackball anyone among them who even casually mentions that he or she believes in God.  Orgonite’s proven capabilities drives them right over the edge ;-).  At least a few of them are finally speaking out against the anti-rational Global Warming inquisition, now.  Successful desert-reversal projects among our associates (including Carol and I)  have turned Global Warming into a laughing stock in may regions throughout the world.  Our amazing East African cohorts have achieved public acceptance and are earning their livelihoods by making orgonite and selling it to farmers and fishermen throughout East Africa because orgonite has caused regular rainfall and prosperous agriculture to return to arid regions,  has cleaned up the lakes and seas and restored the fish populations.  Orgonite even restores dead coral reefs and quite fast.

I had a hunch that what (oddly) may have angered my monitors the most were my recollections of our direct experiences with antigravity craft, free energy, the odious but comical Men in Black and reptoids.  That’s not surprising when I consider that my monthly journal reports (we had a LOT of bizarre but empowering experiences then and so did others) during the first four years of this unorganized, worldwide orgonite movement have inspired many thousands of people to quietly commit to this fieldwork:

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