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It becomes amazing and perplexing to me to see the kind of frustration that our fishermen are facing in Lake Victoria in the hands of our neighboring police from Uganda due to scrambling of the control of Lake Victoria because of the increase of fish production.  Through my visit in the twine Islands of Migingo and Ugingo, I managed to proceed to Ringiti and the Remba Islands where the same incident was taking place. In these Islands I manage to secretly gift the bilo orgonite with hope that within the shortest time possible our fishermen will experience peace because I know how far the orgonite will do the work. With that turmoil and insecurity state, I managed to give some fishermen the zappers for both protection and for curative purposes because of malaria which had been putting some under uncontrollable pressure.

I also met some fishermen from Uganda and also from Tanzania who had known the orgonite from Dancan in Musoma, in fact quite a number of them were very happy with my visit because those who had known more about the orgonite before were going to benefit much, in fact the work I did is going to rekindle the hope of many of them.  From them I managed also to get some customers from another Island in the sides of Uganda known as Lolwe which is bit densely populated than Migingo, Ugingo and even these other two Islands Ringiti and Remba.  I believe that after political temperature has cooled down in Kenya I will see on how to get some funds from the sale for that mission and I know that it will be a healthy mission in Lolwe Island of Uganda.

In that mission I will be taking to them good quantity of our newly modern Bilo orgonite and their lives will change, and I know that even the mode of their fishing will take another style because I know what bilo orgonite will do to them. Those who have known much about the bilo will waste no single minute but will straight away jump to adopt to it.

In fact the history of the pyramid Migingo have taken another stanza, really it’s in record  that after all  that we had done in  that island  now  the fishermen can just use it and is why the congestion in  the twine Island of Migingo and Ugingo is not  big problem now . However for almost centuries ago this big Pyramid  Islands none could even think  of anchoring  his boat on this island but of late after developing much concern and high determination we can see a big and remarkable change that matters. I know with time people will start putting up on this island and bigger history of the orgonite will surface up.

On our way back at Muhuru Bay we managed to secure life at one of the beaches at the shore of the Lake at Mughuru Bay. In fact we met one who had been sting by the scorpion. The guy was in a great pain they had taking him to the hospital but the doctors had just advised them that they should look for the anti-rabbis drugs which they could not afford because of its high cost. In fact they were quite stranded, but when we gave him the zapper, in fact the condition instantly changed.  So we had to give them two zappers for protection.

Right now I managed to make a return move back to the Islands because I still had some training with them. So I suggest after finishing my training with them is when I will see my way back home.

It’s my joy that that mission effectively helped quite a number of people and I believe that within some days good result will follow from that progressive work.

For now we have a manageable Christmas offer for whoever may wish to order the Bilo orgonite from us.

Previously our country Kenya had been in turmoil but the elected president is being sworn in the country will have at least some peace. The ones that we had been selling at $ 60 now will go down to $40. So whoever might be interested may order through Mrs. O or Dancan.,


2 thoughts on “Chris: Progress in the Lake Victoria

  1. Edu

    We boosted an underground base under lake Victoria during one of our chats, so this is very likely to be related to the previous beliefs in attacks by demons around the islands, before they were gifted.

    If one could manage to place orgonite earth pipes in pyramid island, I think it would make things even better. To make an earth pipe one can use any metal pipe (like from a junkyard) that has at least 1 1/2 inch of diameter and at least 13 inches long. Close one end of the pipe, place it straight up, fill half the pipe with orgonite mixture (metal and catalyzed resin) them drop some crystalline pebbles (the same used for common mbloea) over the mixture and let it harden.

    For placing it on the ground, hammer it with a sledgehammer, the empty part of the pipe facing down. With these devices one can gift underground bad energies that cannot be reached with common orgonite.

    For very very very bad places one can places 3 earth pipes, one next to the other, touching each it other forming a small triangle.

    1. Don Croft

      I have a hunch that Pyramid Island would be prime tourist real estate if not for its reputation for demonic energy. When I found out about it, I think from Chris Owuor, I had a notion that the kikundi could someday purchase it and then cause it to have a reputation for positive energy ;-), not unlike the way that they (mainly Billie Kibiator) removed the taint of cannibalistic sorcery from Nyamira District after driving the sorcerers out with simple orgonite in 2012.


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