FROM DANCAN The current status in Migori town in Kenya

The current situation in Kenya is really alarming, and more so today itโ€™s true that the whole street of our small town Migori was marred with guns short and all the business was fully disrupted. In the Kenyan history it had been attendance whereby after 5 years in every election years fracas tribal and ethnic classes like what we have started seeing today. So I would say that as per now our areas are not safe. Today our streets are empty and people could be seen walking under the guidance of the police. The youth put barriers using hips of stones and now vehicles could run through.

Despite all these I managed to run through and gift the necessary areas which were very much sensitive. Our happiness is that our Kikundi are safe and none of them happened to be in the mayhem. The pictures there practically reveals the real action of the angry mob who finally battled with the police officers.





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