Organic food sales rising far faster than predicted

“We may find in the long run that tinned food is deadlier than the machine gun.”

George Orwell




Delivery of poisons and toxins to the world’s populace via the food supply has long been a core project for the ill-intended few who for this moment still control the many, and that’s why they’re so pissed about the explosion of organic food sales around the world.

In 2013, the prediction was a 14% increase in five years. They grew 11 percent in just 2015, alone. And were up another 8.3% in 2016.

Read the following quote:

Organic food now accounts for more than five percent — 5.3 percent to be exact — of total food sales in this country…”

They inserted “5.3 percent to be exact” right in the middle of the quote to truncate it…so you won’t read, so people won’t find a quote that reads: “Organic food now accounts for more than 5% of total food sales in this country.”

It’s not the first time I’ve called out such a tactic. Someone with more time on their hands than me can go back into this thread and collect them all, and create a subchapter in the book explaining how neurolinguistic programming actually works.

As the realization continues to set in that food is medicine, and that we are what we eat, people are going to continue to move, well, “up the food chain“. 50 years ago, people drank three martini’s at lunch, and went back to their offices and chain-smoked all afternoon. They had little bars in their offices, too. Have you noticed that the world’s changed drastically since then?

The changes are increasing in speed and magnitude. I think there are going to be women from villages in Mexico rolling corn tortillas out by hand at the big chain taquerias, pretty soon.




January 2, 2014 – US organic food market to grow 14% from 2013-18


May 20, 2016 – US organic food & drink sales +11% to $39.8bn in 2015, OTA


May 24, 2017 – Robust organic sector stays on upward climb, posts new records in U.S. sales

Organic sales in the U.S. totaled around $47 billion in 2016, reflecting new sales of almost $3.7 billion from the previous year. The $43 billion in organic food sales marked the first time the American organic food market has broken though the $40-billion mark.

Organic food now accounts for more than five percent — 5.3 percent to be exact — of total food sales in this country, another significant first for organic.


July 2, 2017 – Organic food sales jump 8.4 percent in 2016 – Organic – Capital Press


November 11, 2017 – Organic food myths busted: Is it worth paying more for your food?

2 thoughts on “Organic food sales rising far faster than predicted

  1. edward

    I eat mostly non gmo and organic as much as possible, roughly 60-75% of what we eat is organic. If I could afford it it would be exclusively organic from small local farmers and if I had my own place where we were able to settle , I would grow all of our produce myself.

    I have 2 main points based on experience and my sensitivity to toxins in the food. 1st one being that if the product is made by one of the companies that also sell weaponized food then you can bet your ass they are lying about it being organic. My wife and I both have had severe reactions (identical to what the weaponized food does) to supposed organic foods made by the makers of the weaponized food. So it’s not organic at all in my opinion.

    It pisses me off to see a product that is labeled non gmo and 100% organic, then while reading the ingredients list I see 100% organic Canola oil. WTF!!!! By definition canola oil is genetically modified! There is no such thing as a canola plant or tree. Canola is an anacronym for “Canada Oil” because it 1st came from Canada, and is genetically modified RAPESEED oil. So there is no such thing as non gmo canola oil. It’ a blatant lie!! This is only one example to make a point, there are others.

    2nd point being how all the health food stores and other stores bend you over and rape you with a telephone pole over the price. At the local health food store where we get our Kangen water, 1 spaghetti squash is $15. One eggplant is $12. WTF? Last time I grew a garden, which was most of my life with the exception of the last several years since I got married again, growing organic was CHEAPER than growing with chemical salt fertilizers and pesticides. It’s a little bit more labor intensive, but the money saved on chemicals more than makes up the difference. I understand for huge mega farms it may not be cheaper, but they aren’t the ones driving the organic market, it’s smaller mom and pop operations driving the growth. So I’m outraged and I point this out to people everywhere I go, and of course, around here anyway, people think I’m a fanatic or something because I always want to know what’s in the food and point out how the food is poisoning everyone. You can’t wake up dumb people, you can’t argue with fools either. They will eventually wear you down and beat you with experience. I’ve nearly given up trying to wake people up. I guess this point was it’s a damn crying shame how the middleman is profiteering from this movement, and the farmers themselves who provide the real food cannot get a premium for their goods.

    A perfect example: around here, 100% organically grown, free range pasture raised beef, NEVER given antibiotics, fetches the same price per pound at the stock yards as calves twice their size, same age, loaded up with growth hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, and only God knows what else. But in the stores that same little organic calf sells for $35 a pound for ribeye, 12-$15/pound for ground chuck. That’s 3-5 times higher than what the weaponized beef sells for. To me it’s ludicrous. Something needs to be done!

  2. edward

    The reason I even have to read labels, is that my wife still don’t get it about processed food, and it’s a constant battle and compromise with her, and money, when it comes to what we eat. She’s slowly waking up though. Hopefully soon she will get there.


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