Impact of Bilo Yesterday

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Maji Marefu our pioneer in the bilo orgonite has made one family to survive from the attracts and menace cause by  some bad people ( Robbers). In fact yesterday thieves went and broke into the home of one politician in the  Sirati in Tanzania where bilo orgonite was placed for the protection purposes. In  fact those thieves could not managed to move away even an inch. The following day they  were found unconscious and half paralyzed because of the impact of the bilo. The police were then later called and  they were straight away picked  by the police for questioning . From this i do see  that the bilo is going to help our people , our businesses and for the security of our home parameters.

Those who saw all that happened  developed an interest and resolved to order bilo from  us and they even said  that no need for employing  the watchman if bilo can do all  the work.

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