Super Cloudbuster Raffle to start Jan. 1, 2018!

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Carol has created three super Cloudbusters to raffle. These aren’t just ordinary Cloudbusters! These are three-of-a-kind, special edition, signature series, copper-encased Cloudbusters. Carol has been planning these cloudbusters for several years, after finding a large copper tank that she had Don cut into three cloudbuster containers.

Carol says: “We’ve worked with these CBs and they are like sisters. We hope they end up in different parts of the globe and all connect. They are interactive like a powerwand. You can tell it to go somewhere to dissipate the energy and they go there instantaneously. They are not like an ordinary cloudbuster, although they do the same thing. They have added abilities, such as the interactive feature and the way they work together.”

Raffle tickets for these three cloudbusters will be available in the very near future, as soon as Carol has put her personal finishing touches on them. They feature a purple heartwood base for the copper container and purple heartwood spacer for the top of the pipes. The copper container will be etched with a fleur-de-lis design and will be signed by Carol. This is your chance to buy a ticket to win a once-in-a-lifetime creation!

To see a short, amateur video on the making of these cloudbusters, click here. Carol describes the gemstones included in the CBs and their qualities. Check back for raffle details and a picture of the finished CBs!

13 thoughts on “Super Cloudbuster Raffle to start Jan. 1, 2018!

  1. edward

    Hey thanks for the raffle; keep us posted on how to enter. I can’t say that i was going to build what you have built, because i don’t know everything you put into them; but i was thinking about building a cloudbuster with a copper sleeve and a zapper circuit with the mobius coil wrapped around a decent sized column shaped neodymium magnet , all the crystals used, and connected to the zapper circuit; once i could afford to. Hopefully i can win one of yours as i’m sure it will work better than anything i could build. Thanks again for the chance to win one!

  2. Heidi

    I loved watching your vid on making the CTs – I can almost feel the energy up here in Canada-land! I have been collecting crystals for a while and now I know what to do with them… also like Dooney’s insights on forgiveness.. thank you! 🙂

  3. Peter (switchback in your original website)

    I caught Dooneys video when it hit YouTube… I have been checking in here for updates.
    A few questions:
    Do we need an account to the new website to buy tickets?
    How long will the raffle entry last?
    Im sure that super CB will weigh 200lbs… shipping costs will be interesting!

    Please keep us posted!!

    1. dooney Post author

      Hi Peter,
      You won’t need an account to purchase a raffle ticket as we will be doing Buy buttons. The raffle time period is not for sure, but will probably be about a month. I don’t have a exact weight on the CB base, but it’s definitely less than 200lbs. 🙂 We’ll be giving more details once the raffle starts.

  4. edward

    i finally watched the video, i can’t wait for the chance to win one! I bet they feel really nice to be around!

  5. Edu

    I think the shipment will be comparable to CTbuster’s Cloudbuster bases. Something around 180 USD for Brazil hehehehe

  6. dooney Post author

    Carol has chosen Jan. 1, 2018 to start the raffle as it is a very auspicious day in the Cards of Destiny. The raffle will run until Feb. 1, and the winners will be picked on Feb. 2, which is an ancient High Holy day of Candlemas (you know it as Groundhog Day). Carol and Don have been finishing the assembly and we’ll have a picture for you soon.
    Dooney 🙂

    1. Don Croft

      I’m really proud of my wife for achieving this new design coup, which apparently embraces a lot of dimensions! We’ll be making a few more because she, Dooney and Lynn want one and they helped her with construction. I don’t know if Carol will be making them for sale but I hope she will. They will need to cost quite a lot, due to the cost of the components (some are pretty arcane, too) and the time required.

      1. Jeff Miller

        Don, good afternoon – please count me in, I’ll watch for details.

        To me, these devices are historically-significant from a technology perspective. But I also but guess, without having yet seen them, that they are also beautiful as works of art. Because form follows function.

        I’m moving to Brooklyn in the spring. If I win the raffle, I’m sure I’ll find some Batman-esque place to put it in Gotham.

        Isn’t life rich?

  7. TeresaE

    How fabulous and what a gift to us!
    Jan 1, 2008, numerically 1-1-1-1, wowza, how cool.
    Closing on 2-1-2 or 2-11
    Drawing on 2-2-2
    2 speaks to me of uniting, working together.

    Amazing, just thinking about it has my energy happily buzzing.
    Thank you, and many blessings for the new year and all your days.
    Without you both (all), this place, W. Reich (orgone AND eft/tapping, both were based on his brilliant research, study and conclusions), Jeff’s reporting of earth’s changes, I would still be trapped within the matrix.
    Love to all and thanks again for this.

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