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This is a photo from 2012, showing young Billie Kibiator carrying more orgonite to distribute in notorious Nyamira District in Kenya, where he had already driven out a small army of cannibalistic sorcerers. I think it’s a good illustration for this little article 😉

I’ve been thinking about this in the context of the work/warfare that we all do because our assailants typically exploit our character weaknesses when they’re able, so it may be that I can offer a few tips for self defense when this has happened.

People seem to hate religion, these days, which I think is unfortunate because I’ve never found another effective source of technical help for developing one’s character.   When the word, ‘spiritual,’ is used these days people are more often referring to psychic or occult dynamics rather than character refinement and these folks flee from ideas like ‘commitment,’ ‘selflessness,’ ‘integrity,’ etc., because theosophy and its ugly parent, gnosticism, are ego-based and pander to the self-gratification impulse of our natures.  At the highest (sic) levels of such organizations the practitioners are openly satanic and in some cases actually worship Babylonian false gods.  At the chump level, which is characterized by so many otherwise-intelligent white folks, people are programmed to believe that spiritual ego-gratification is worth pursuing.

Spirituality, like electricity, gravity, ether, etc., isn’t essentially ‘good,’ so to say that someone is ‘spiritual’ isn’t necessarily a compliment.  Aleister Crowley was spiritual, for instance; the domain of all magic is the ether, as far as I can tell.  Those predatory, cannibalistic sorcerers whom our young friend, Billy, single-handedly drove from the notorious Nyamira District in Kenya several years ago by distributing orgonite tower busters operate in the same spiritual medium as John of God in Brazil does with his healing miracles.  They’re in the poisonous-energy market, though, and he’s in the positive/healing energy market.    In more scientific terms, Dr Reich was able to identify grades or levels of ether that had either healing and sickening (even deadly) characteristics and he pointed out that Geiger counters only measured the strength of those energy fields; they are not capable of determining the quality of the energy, maybe in the same way that theosophy chumps can feel spiritual influence accurately but can’t discern whether it’s harming or helping them.  This conditioned lack of discernment makes it possible for a whole stable of high-profile, well promoted theosophy/gnostic guru scammers to easily keep these beatific crowds from actually waking up and examining reality independently, which some feel is our birthright and individual responsibility.   Chinese traditions identify a wide range of grades of ether (ch’i) and include technology for exploiting them all. I suspect Vedic traditions have similar tech, though ether is called, ‘prone’ in that culture.

There have been philosophers who stressed the importance of developing our characters in order to gain wisdom and fulfillment our purpose but most philosophers of the present age are nihilistic and infantile.  Hitler and his cronies were fans of a nihilistic opium addict (Nietzsche) but the main basis of their infantile beliefs was theosophy/gnosticism that British Intelligence had developed and propagated by then.  This is all well documented by several credible sources so I feel that it’s honest to state it as being factual.

Have you ever wondered, by the way, why the people you’ve known who most stridently insist that they’re on their way to becoming God usually have personal lives that are train wrecks?   The original Hebrews inherited the Tower of Babel story from their (Aryan) Chaldean forebears because Abraham’s father was that Mesopotamian civilization’s high priest—sort of like a pope—and Abraham adopted their religious scriptures.  Even though they worshipped little  idols (which Abraham smashed and got banished for) I suspect they weren’t as vicious as their Babylonian neighbors because Abraham’s dad was also a good friend to Melchizedek, who was the king of Jerusalem at the time and Jerusalem was evidently a pretty good place, compared to surrounding city states.  I mentioned that because whether the Tower account is literally true or not, Nimrod’s demonstrated arrogance toward God on the Tower of Babel is a good analogy for ego-stroking spirituality, to me.  A main feature of genuine religions is that they teach us to curb our insistent self while developing our finer qualities.  I’ve always wondered why so many people seem to miss this distinction.

Maybe most people think they have to choose between literally believing Bible parables or accepting some packaged mix of theosophy/gnosticism/atheism.  When I was twelve, my nihilistic/masonic stepdad (who sometimes taught Sunday school in our Methodist church in Arkansas at the time) insisted that I either had to believe that the world was created in six days or that there is no God at all and that Darwin had the real answers.   Darwin’s main implied premise (that man evolved from monkeys) was disproved by genetic evidence a long time ago but the Church of Settled Science still pimps that dogma to their young acolytes.   I didn’t realize that this ‘choice’ was a spiritual trap so I chose atheism  and by the time I figured out that it was a scam I was 18 ;-). I don’t think I could ever have believed in silly theosophical crap but when I was 12 it hadn’t yet become an integral part of popular culture—the CIA and British Intelligence midwifed that coup with pot and LSD, later on.

‘Agnostic’ is probably what lawyers call a ‘word of art,’ and may imply that one simply hasn’t yet chosen between infantile literal belief in Biblical parables and infantile atheism/etc.  It literally means, ‘away from knowing,’ I think, but it may be that everything we ‘know’ is open to revision in the face of new facts and our individual understanding is always subjective, after all. I have faith that there’s a God, for instance, and that we’re each created as a reflection of God’s spiritual image, also that we’re not even capable of understanding the essence of our own souls, much less the essence of the Maker of those souls but I have no authority to say that this is true, nor do I want that authority.  I suppose that faith may only become real knowledge after I’m dead but, like battlefield intelligence, my faith has been consistently useful and productive since I was 18 and it continues to deepen so I’m content with that.  The boobs who insist that they’re becoming God, on the other hand, constantly fall on their faces throughout life, I’ve noticed, and usually whine about it.  Religion teaches patience in trials, long suffering and even ‘radiant acquiescence’ after one has gained personal faith.   These tools make us better etheric warriors because when we put them to work it’s impossible for the sewer rat agencies to put us out of action through manipulating our character weaknesses.

Those of us who have committed to performing orgonite fieldwork are already employing a lot of this positive spiritual technology, whether we know it or not.  We’re typically driven to do this work because we feel compelled to heal the world’s wounds and to help our fellows to have better lives.   We ‘forget ourselves’ during that process.   We joke a little about ‘The Operators [who are standing by to take our calls…]’ but we celebrate the unseen guidance and protection that so many of us routinely experience and we go out into the field with confidence that we’ll have access to this fine technology.  We either pay our own expenses or else some selfless individual deputizes us to do this fieldwork and this is usually a sacrifice in either case because not many of us can really afford it.   This is technically a form of faith.  Faith, sacrifice and selflessness are only taught by the Founders of the genuine religions—all of Them, no matter how ancient.   If you ever meet a theosophy chump who is selfless, sacrificing and faithful it’s bound to be in spite of his/her professed dogma because that dogma reinforces the degraded parts of our nature.

That said, most religionists around the world are as empty and rudderless as the white people in the West who hate religion typically are but that’s not the fault of the Founders of those religions and at least one could hold those religious reprobates to account, based on their own scriptures.  People who believe in prefab dogmas can’t be held accountable for their own degradation by the standards of their dogma—non-accountability is a built-in feature of manufactured dogma.

Islam is being blackwashed as war-like but the Qur’an so clearly condemns warfare and exploitation that it’s an easy myth to destroy with a little discernment and digging.  Roman Christianity, on the other hand, is so heavily overlaid by clergy since early medieval times with artificial guilt and arrogance doctrines that western churchianity has routinely been used to enable and excuse genocide, forced conversion and truly massive-scale conflicts—half the population of Germany were slaughtered in the wake of Luther’s proclamation, for instance.  The Greek and Coptic branches of early Christianity were relatively peaceful, which might be why institutionalized historians studiously ignore them.    The present manifestation of that old agenda are the Israeli and American neocons who have failed to initiate World War Three, lately.  It’s easy enough to show that the Bible prohibits their behavior but since the corporation that owns the neocons also owns all of the theological seminaries on the planet, along with academia and show business, we won’t likely see any featured opposing views.  Thank God the Chinese regime, who are now ruling the world,  prohibit global war in favor of global trade for now.

I think an advantage that the Chinese regime have over the Israeli-American neocons (darlings of televangelists) at the top tier of Washington’s criminal regime is that they have a more pragmatic approach to spirituality.  Mao Tse Tung put an end to the parasitic Mandarin class of that society, though he was a Mandarin.  In order to achieve that rank, as young Mao had done,  one had to be well versed in Chinese traditional literature, including the works of Confucius, Lao Tse and Sun Tsu.   Mao applied a crude approximation of Art of War on his way to the top.  Pol Pot, his protegé, went even farther out of bounds later on.  

I’ve always felt that those ancient Chinese philosophers taught people to apply spiritual technology in a worldly, practical way.   As soon as Mao stopped breathing the Chinese regime quickly started putting Sun Tsu’s teachings to work in a saner way: they started nurturing the bludgeoned middle class back to vitality by allowing most of the human rights to be practiced.  Chinese have more economic freedom than Americans do, by now.   There is a lot of religious literature about the important subject of humility and its power but  I only began to understand that after reading the Tao Te Ching of Lao Tse, for instance, and in this spiritual war that we’re each waging back against The [Parasitic] Corporation who have wounded our world Sun Tsu’s teachings provide a lot of practical advice and understanding for us.   Utterance is more powerful than bullets, for instance, in spite of Mao’s crude comment about the end of a gun.  He and Pol Pot didn’t leave a poisonous legacy.   Confucius taught about propriety, which human social progress and harmony depend on.  In my travels and correspondence, the Africans I know have demonstrated the deepest forms of propriety and I think that’s a sign that colonization/missionizing failed to root out their most basic cultural tenets.

I believe that religious scriptures are called, ‘The Creative Word,’ because nobody has fathomed the depths of meaning, consolation, inspiration and empowerment that comes from reading them and then contemplating a bit, and in the words of a   popular Persia saying,  ‘An hour’s reflection is better than seventy years of pious worship.’  In comparative technical terms, unadulterated religious teachings are like an anti-gravity, interstellar craft and theosophy/gnosticism/atheism is like a wind-up toy that rolls across the floor and shoots sparks.


5 thoughts on “Spiritual Technology

  1. Esther Bunny Brown

    Concerning theosophy and gnosticism (and maybe even the Golden Dawn), should I avoid Tarot, petit Lenormand and possibly others in favor of the Cards of Destiny? (Apparently, I’m a King of Clubs according to the section of the seven thunders website concerning my destiny cards.)

  2. Edward

    Yes, his reasoning is superb.
    Almost everytime Don posts something historical and comments on it it helps me to put all the puzzle pieces together. Usually it sparks a memory from my classical education and something I learned years ago comes into new light and I can use it practically now. It’s hard to convey exactly what I mean because I’m not referring specifically to this post although it does apply, but rather on his style of putting it all together in a way that has me looking at everything I’ve learned in my life and finding new relevant uses for knowledge that I sometimes considered useless to me or irrelevant to my life. So ‘merci beaucoup!’

  3. Don Croft Post author

    Thanks for the kind words, Charles and Ed.
    Esther, I personally believe that divination is solid, etheric tech and a window onto processes that the finite mind can’t fathom but are potentially useful if one has an open mind. I suspect that all of the Tarot decks have value and Carol has collected about a hundred or so over the years and uses several of them regularly.

    Gypsies use playing cards for divination and I’ve always assumed that Cards of Destiny came out of the same traditions. Historically, the Gypsies are arguably descended from among the northern tribes of Israel whom the Assyrians had moved to Scythia. According to the author of Cards of Destiny, those divination traditions are attributed to the Magi, who were the priesthood of the Medes who sometime ruled Scythia and later also became the priesthood of the Zoroastrians.

    The claim that the Gypsies migrated from India in the late European medieval period is negated, I believe, by the fact that they don’t believe in reincarnation. One reason Carol and I are eager to travel together to Southern France is that the Gypsies in Europe, at least, may also be Cathars. Maybe a lot of the Cajuns are, too. I confess that the main reason I feel driven to meet Cathars in Europe is that I suspect that their version of Christianity has the potential to uproot the grisly overlay of violence and prejudice that characterizes Roman churchianity and its ‘children.’ According to what Francisco of orgonita.eu, who now lives in Catalonia, has shared with me the new president of that nascent republic and his Gypsy wife may be Cathars, by the way. The suddenly dizzying amount of theosophy/gnostic (British Intelligence) disinformaiton about the Cathars in recent years may support my impression that this is a timely issue.

    I think that Carol favors Cards of Destiny because it’s the ‘cleanest’ divination method she’s found, which may be to say that the subjective component is essentially non-existent. It may be that just about anyone can make a divinination deck that works tolerably well. My impression is that the Golden Dawn version is essentially clean and so has been used to lure non-discerning people into their creepier dogma. They indoctrinated young Hitler, after all 😉

  4. Don Croft Post author

    For gifted psychics like my wife, divination protocols are like diving boards into the etheric realm. Why not use the one that has the most spring to it? 😉

    I’ve been privileged to have known several world-class psychics. According to Dr Reich’s paintings, he was able to see subtle energy, by the way, and I mention Reich because etheric (orgone) science involves human instruments: psychics and people who see energy, which is a common trait among psychics. When psychics work closely together, as we’ve seen in the etheric warfare informal, international chatrooms over many years, the results are astounding. It’s too bad, I think, that Reich was apparently so isolated in that way.

    One of my several mentors was an elderly psychic woman in Ashland, Oregon, named Dorothy West. One of her grandmothers was a Welsh Druid of the Doran Order and the other was a Seneca medicine woman of high stature (Northern New York State). When Dorothy was fourteen they both initiated her in a ceremony, after which she was eligible to perform healings and rituals. When she was seven, she had the ability to predict each card of a Tarot deck before it was turned over but children of those old cultures are not allowed to ‘do the work’ until age 14. She used the Golden Dawn deck for divination but she’d rather cut her own throat than cause harm to anyone–I’d never known anyone with such a highly-refined conscience until Carol and I got together a few years later.

    Loving religion doesn’t negate our desire to explore reality independently. I rather believe that religion obliges us to do that.


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