From the Archive: Dark Masters’ Gobi/Africa Connection?

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Pulled from the archive by Katherine W – thanks!
Dark Masters’ Gobi/Africa Connection?
February 2, 2010
Don Croft
I got the following personal report from someone who has been reading our chat session reports. The psychics keep seeing the center of the corporate world order’s power in the Gobi Desert and this is coming more and more clear since Peking bought the European/American corporate assets and so all of the $#!+bird agencies in the US, Brit/Europe, Asia, Mideast, Africa, South America, Russia and Israel. The Triads seem to be at the top of that spook dungheap, now.
When I heard that the Japanese contributors to are under severe assault the psychics agreed to look into it on Sunday and they immediately identified the Triads, though one of them was being molested by the American NSA, under Triad direction. I need to ask how they’re doing since Sunday because we need feedback to gauge our effectiveness and to see if we missed anything.
I got nailed by the Triad psi corps right after I told these Japanese fellows I’d ask for help for them, then one of the psychics got hit petty hard by them right after the session. During the session I still had some pain but Carol put a big chunk of fishtail selenite in my lap and the pain went away in a few moments. She just got back from Quartzite [Image Can Not Be Found]
By the way, on her last night on the road, while she was sleeping in a motel, the feds let half the air out of her tires and cut the fanbelt. It’s been a long time since we experienced that sort of blatant sabotage. Fortunately, these felons let a little too much air out of the tire by the driver door, so she noticed it and took it to a tire service center, where they told her all the tires were at half pressure. I’d filled the tires the day before her trip. When she drove out of there, she lost her power steering, but managed to get it back to the shop, then they found the cut fan belt [Image Can Not Be Found] . We reckon the feds intended for her to lose her steering on the highway and crash on account of the mushy tires.
I mention that just to let you know that the corporate world order still considers my wife a threat. I tell her, honestly, that they evidently figure that she’s more important to this effort than I am, otherwise they’d try harder to kill me instead of her. The psychics are breaking new ground, regularly, and showing how easy it is to defeat the corporate world order’s legbreakers in the etheric realm, which the bad guys know is more important than the physical one. Now it’s time for all of us to know that.
When Ale was visiting from Chile, a year ago, we got into a lot of interesting discussions. One new area of interest for him was the dirty business around some of the Tibetan Alleged Buddhist sects, which a researcher had connected to the Mongol hordes of some centuries ago. I need to ask him for that info, again, in light of the following report. After I read it I remembered that the Mongols, alone, conquered China, which is an empire rather than a country. Even when warlords were eating the vitals out of China the Brits were unable to conquer it so what did the Mongols have that the unstoppable global Brit opium global empire of the 1800s, ‘Rule Britannia,’ couldn’t match?
I wonder if the Mongols, in those days, were directly controlled by the dark masters in the Gobi. It’s a subject that institutionalized historians seem to avoid like genital warts, so that means we probably need to dig into it [Image Can Not Be Found] to get a leg up on destroying this ancient corporate parasite that calls itself the New World Order.
The psychics in the chats have always seen the dark masters as other than human but not reptilian or draconian. ‘Count Ste. Germaine’ seems to be related to them, as does old, ageless Pindar, the white-haired NSA jerk who had DB shot and one or two others we’ve encountered. These have been the only predators we haven’t been able to affect directly, at least until someone can get out to their Gobi rathole and drop a few dozen earthpipes into the sand from an ultralight airplane [Image Can Not Be Found]
I bet that region was green and fertile when they arrived. They’re kind of like an Algore in that they’re only happy in a lifeless environment, so they make their environment that way.
Here’s that juiicy report, which I hope the psychics will find:
Hi Don, Carol. I’m going to tell you about my story with the tibetan lama’s in the Uk,the African connection, and those beings under the ground.
I had been going to a Tibetan Buddhist centre here in the UK for a number of years learning meditation. Then in 2008 just before going to Kathmandu I had a dream, in the dream I found myself in Africa in a barren hot place, there was this bungalow, I don’t know what you call it in the US, single story house, anyway I entered the house, and to my shock it was just a empty space, with a metal floor, industrial flooring, there was a metal stairs going down deep into the earth, the rail on the stairs had Tibetan dorge in the metal work of the stairs, then I heard a voice say, you are about to meet the masters, these weird humanoids starting coming from under ground up the stairs, they were naked, they had no sex organs and their eyes were covered with thin membrane of skin, apart from that they looked human, one of the humanoids, then said to me, meet the master, he then reached up to his head and pulled the outer skin off from the top of his head to his feet, inside was the most awful demonic creature. then I awoke.
I went to see the lama about the dream, I know this dream was important, and was not just a dream as we know it, I think I was being given information. when I told it to the lama, he just brushed it off as a dream, but the lama’s demeanor changed towards me, I went to see the lama just before going to Kathmandu, for his blessing, at Breakfast at the centre before seeing him for the blessing, he asked why I’m going and what will I be doing, after explaing, he just laughed at me , he did this in front of a table full of people, I could not understant why he did this, then when I went for the blessing, he was so angry, he could not hide it, his eye’s were on fire.
Anyway after Kathmandu I heard a story about the two lama’s at the centre, the story is they went to Africa a few years before to see an African witch doctor, the point of the visit was to make contact with these alien beings who live underground in Africa. Shit what had I stumbled on :0 then I heard that the lamas do stuff in secret, but I was never told what it was. the day I found this out, I was staying at the centre, that night I awoke in the early hours feeling something tight around my body, in my minds eye I could see a serpent like thing, and a voice in my mind said it was a naga, this is a serpent in Tibetan. so it was six months after this I found I had non hodgkins lymphoma.
I just wonder if I have been got at. anyway I know this sounds like fiction, but all what I have told you is true, I am quite a level minded person, and this has kind of rocked my boat. I have never told any one else about this experience. Blessing, to you all, ****.
February 3, 2010
The book I had recommended to Don was “The Shadow of the Dalai Lama” I don’t remember any references to the Mongols, but there sure is a lot of juicy research in that book to put to rest the notion that the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Hierarchy are just poor victims of the Chinese military. They remind me a lot of the Jesuits, very good reputation in the mainstream as open minded and progressive, but reality is quite the opposite. There’s a lot in the book about some very creepy rituals they perform. I also remember from the book, that the biggest supporters of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Theocracy were “ex” – SS and gestapo officers. Thats what that white wash movie with Brad Pitt was about, don’t remember the name right now.
February 3, 2010
Hello fellow people,
I thought it was about time I should break out of my silence.
My deepest gratitude to Don, and the people involved with the Sunday session,
I’m doing a lot better than usual now, although I’m still on my meds for some
I was hit pretty hard, constantly from last August/September.
edited: last July/September to be more accurate…
Since Africa and the Gobi was mentioned, I though I would like to share my
experience with you all.
I am 38 yrs old now, but when I was about 20, I had an interesting experience.
I had three messages given to me psychicly from an unknown origin – it suddenly
came from nowhere as if hit by a truck…
I can’t remember two of them, but one of them was “A man spins the wheel in Africa”
and an image of the map of Africa was squeezed into my head, and it had a dot on it,
a little left to from the center. Maybe the tip edge of the Kalahari, I don’t know.
The impression I had was that he was a very very strong witch doctor, his eyes
were blood shot red, full of anger and hatred, and was “the person” effecting the
world in many ways, both direct and indirect.
This was almost 20 years ago, so he could have moved, or could have a new
successor by now, so I have no idea what the current situation is.
I still have a strange feeling that he’s alive, doing his “prayers” to effect us all.
I also have a strange feeling that he is doing his “thing” for a purpose, so he
does not seem evil, but he does effect us, and the way to “calm” him is for
each of us to wake up and live our purposes while living with nature.
Maybe he was pissed off because all of us are somewhat involved in the
destruction of Mother Earth – it makes sense, but who knows.
I pretty much shut down most of my senses because it was too painful to
constantly “see” things, “hear” things, “sense” things, etc.
At first I thought that I was crazy, but even thinking so is sometimes a luxury.
February 4, 2010
I have had an interest in Tibet and the surrounding areas since childhood, and it for awhile blossomed into intense anthropological research when I was doing volunteer work as an anthropologist and archaeologist. I’ve read some rare texts, albeit some of them were badly translated, but which is inevitable with most books that are really hard to find. I also went to Tibet in 2006 as part of an anthropology convention in China.
Here are some thoughts and discoveries of mine that may further connect the dots in this mystery.
It was Idries Shah’s assertion that occultism and magic originated with the Turanians in Mongolia and spread into China, Tibet, India, and the rest of the world from there. Based on other things that I’ve read, I am in agreement with this notion. But where did the Mongols get that knowledge from?
“….In 1922, the Polish scientist Ferdinand Ossendowski published Beasts, Men and Gods describing his travels through Mongolia. In it, he related hearing of the subterranean land of Agharti beneath the Gobi Desert. In the future, its powerful inhabitants would come to the surface to save the world from disaster.”
The more I think on it, and the more I research I do, the more I come to find out that a lot of so-called Western ideas and practices originated in Tibet or Mongolia, from the influence of Agharti under the Gobi desert. Western power, since at least the later Middle ages, is most probably an illusion. The Gobi/Agharti entities have likely pulling the strings since the fall of Rome. The Huns and other barbarian groups originated in Asia, after all, and the Black Plague may have been released, via the trade routes from Asia, by them to counteract the regaining of Western power by the Byzantines. I don’t think it was a plot by the European elite at the time because they lost a lot of their own to the plague as well as the serfs. Agharti may have wanted to stop the Roman Empire from expanding into Asia, as it surely would of, if it wouldn’t have been destroyed, hence the unleashing of the barbarians to destroy Rome and the plague to thwart the rebirth of the Roman Empire that Justinian was attempting.
Gobi influence on the Catholic Church
There are both good and bad sects of Tibetan Buddhism, as with any religious group. But Ale’s intuition that the more sinister variants are can be comparable to the Jesuits is spot on. I would even go as far to say that the Jesuits are really just a bastardization of the practices of the certain Tibetan and Mongolian groups. The Persian Khans were Nestorian Christians who sent envoys to the Pope and Christian kings of Europe and had a short-lived alliance against the Marmuk Muslims with Edward I, and Kublai Khan was friendly towards Pope Nicholas IV. I cannot find any records or evidence of what I am about to say, and I doubt any exists, but it would make logical sense that the Mongols (the Persian Khan, Hulagu, is a likely candidate) shared occult knowledge with the Catholic Church and that Ignatius Loyola used this knowledge to create the Jesuits. The Dahlia Lama is basically the Pope of Tibetan Buddhism. So does that mean the Black Hat lama is comparable to (and possibly inspired the creation of) the Black Pope? Interesting food for thought.
Christian Europe and Mongol Asia (a history) – http://www.illinoismedieval.or…..uzman.html
Tibetan/Gobi influence over the Nazis – … tibet.html
“Several postwar studies on Nazism and the Occult, such as Trevor Ravenscroft in The Spear of Destiny (1973), have asserted that under the influence of Haushofer and the Thule Society, Germany sent annual expeditions to Tibet from 1926 to 1943. Their mission was first to find and then to maintain contact with the Aryan forefathers in Shambhala and Agharti, hidden subterranean cities beneath the Himalayas. Adepts there were the guardians of secret occult powers, especially vril, and the missions sought their aid in harnessing those powers for creating an Aryan master race. According to these accounts, Shambhala refused any assistance, but Agharti agreed. Subsequently, from 1929, groups of Tibetans purportedly came to Germany and started lodges known as the Society of Green Men. In connection with the Green Dragon Society in Japan, through the intermediary of Haushofer, they supposedly helped the Nazi cause with their occult powers. Himmler was attracted to these groups of Tibetan-Agharti adepts and, purportedly from their influence, established the Ahnenerbe in 1935.”
Gobi connection to the theory of evolution
Upon visiting the Dahlia Lama’s palace in Lhasa, my anthropology group was surprised to discover that a lot of the scrolls and art depicted monkeys, swastikas, and Aryan looking people. Someone from my group asked the tour guide if the Tibetans worshipped monkeys. Our guide’s response was something like this: “Monkeys are considered holy animals in Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetans have believed for 10,000 years that man descended from monkeys, that a tribe of humans appeared from monkeys many thousands of years ago and became the Tibetan people.” This is one very important fact that I have never been able to find in any book. It verifies in my mind that the theory of evolution originated in the East and was most likely a very old Gobi plot to undermine human society and genuine metaphysical experiences.
Ghengis Khan – a puppet of Gobi and the first architect of a New World Order
These excerpts are from the book: Ghengis Khan and the Making of the Modern World by Jack Weatherford.
“the chronicler also goes on to declare that Genghis Khan was ‘adept at magic and deception, and some of the devils were his friends.’”
“In his own experience, Genghis Khan had often felt the presence and heard the voice of God speaking directly to him in the vast open air of the mountains in his homeland, and by following those words, he had become the conqueror of great cities and huge nations.” [Hitler and Crowley heard the same kind of voice in their heads many centuries later].
The author states that Khan’s goal was “not merely to conquer the world but to impose a global order based on free trade, a single international law, and a universal alphabet with which to write all the languages of the world.”
The Nagas
I don’t know if the nagas and the dark masters are the same, but I have a sneaking suspicion that they are. Some Indian and Tibetan legends describe them as being serpents, but they are not usually depicted as so. The serpent is more of a symbol for them than an actual representation. In reality they look a lot like what was described in the email Don posted.
In north India and Tibet there are many wells and caves with stairs that seemingly go to bottomless depths. These are described as being entryways into the domain of the nagas.
It seems like the dark masters like to use the same strategy over the ages: 1.) create massive conflict, 2.) create a new world order of some sort, 3.) use the power to destroy civilization as we know it. They don’t seem to be as concerned with power and control as an end result like the reptilians, dracos, and other groups are, rather they seem to want to turn the planet into a lifeless wasteland. The desertification of China over the last 5,000 years is a testimony to this in itself. I think they are the ones who are really behind the “terraforming.”
The dark masters most likely originally dwelled in Africa, but they moved to the Gobi about 10,000 years ago. This time period coincides with the birth of occultism around the Himilayas and also the first beginnings of Tibetan civilization, at least according to the archaeological records. I suppose they could have been dwelling there for much longer, but it seems to fit the evidence.
Based on Jamie’s post, the dark masters may have formerly lived under the Kalahari.
I hope this helps.