Boosting genocide

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In the chat today (Edu’s chat), in an effort to help the kikundi we ended up boosting the Rwandan genocide. I feel a massive amount of energy and souls were released. I certainly feel better. These atrocities are no doubt big energy sources for the evil-doers, anyone who feel like participating by boosting them or gifting, you can find many events here (sorry for linking to CIApedia, but that seems quite a comprehensive list):

List of genocides by death toll

1 thought on “Boosting genocide

  1. Edu

    Please boost Rwanda genocide if you can. We think the energy from the death of ‎500,000 murders is an important “battery” for all the bad juju used to keep Africa miserable.

    Bellow is a list of the genocide memorials, kept by the English based Aegis trust. One can see from the photos that most of these sites are designed to work with the energy of local mass graves:



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