A New Adventure–Just Like the Old Days!

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Carol filmed my sweet paraglider landing (right by the car) on Friday, then talked about wanting to fix her  fear problem so that she could fly and ride horses again ;-).   I had hiked up to the launch (1200′ elevation) while she bought several buckets of resin from our nearby supplier. That’s a good shore/mountain flying site near Bellingham, Washington and we then visited my son, Cameron, in that town.  On the way home, on the other side of the Cascades Mountains, she took me to the top of Chelan Butte & then picked me up at the landing zone by the Columbia River.  We saw lots of female pilots setting up on the butte when we got there.  I met a few people i knew, which is always nice.   She said that after I get my tandem rating (for carrying a passenger) she’ll ride with me.  I think it will take me two more years to reach that level of competence.  I’ve been flying various kinds of aircraft for ten years and paragliding has been the most difficult to gain proficiency but also the most fun for me.  Carol broke her arm during her first and only hang glider lesson, nine years ago, and that trauma generated a lot of uncharacteristic fear for her physical safety and it also caused her to be afraid to watch me fly anything so our trip, last week, was a milestone in her determination to overcome that fear.

Between Bellingham and Chelan we drove across the breathtaking North Cascades Highway, which Russian troops had briefly closed off at either end in 1994, right before militia groups assembled and threatened to fight them if they crossed over from Canada.  The problem went away immediately, then; a few guys in pickup trucks facing down ten thousand Russian troops on the other side of the border crossing.

This area is the North Cascades National Park.  The criminal syndicate (federal gov’t) had just closed off the Great Smokies National Park on the other side of the continent and that one remained closed to the public for quite awhile, presumably while Russian troops moved into a new underground base there, too.  The media whores claimed that the park was being ‘protected from people,’   That probably ought to remind you of the Rockefeller-funded  environmentalism agenda that’s based on the bizarre but popularized claim that ‘humanity is a deadly virus on mother earth.’

After ‘communism fell, most of Russia’s army of occupation in Eastern Europe couldn’t go home because it would have destroyed the economy, so most of them evidently came to North America and a lot of them instantly became ‘The [CIA’s drug-deailng] Russian Mafia,’ which is why you never heard of that before the early 90s ;-).  After the criminal syndicate blew up the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City they evidently believed that they could use the Russians to help them enforce martial law at some point.  That was before the syndicate were called ‘neocons.’    The Russian army did remain in former Yugoslavia for quite awhile, though that was never mentioned by the media whores during the conflicts there, during that period. I lived in the Seattle area in those years and often saw convoys of Russian military vehicles on the highways, then. There were quite a few of those green, Russian military choppers, too–sans the red star emblems.

That little night-time drive turned into an adventure that felt like the early years to us in this peculiar, worldwide orgonite movement–kind of nostalgic ;-).   Before we got to the first hydroelectric dam and shortly after we left the last town upstream on the Skagit River we were closely followed by a car whose occupants felt predatory to Carol.  They were only behind us a few minutes, then at the first opportunity on that winding road they roared past us on the first straightaway and that’s when Carol said they were feds, including a malevolent, skilled psychic.  The miniature orgonite cloudbuster on the roof rack apparently made it impossible for them to stay close behind us.  I highly recommend that tactic, especially to our European cohorts.

Right after that, Carol said she felt massive, deadly EMF coming up from an underground source ahead of us. She said, ‘I bet we’ll see a lot of dead trees on both sides of the canyon, there.’  Sure enough, when we came around the next big turn we could see that there were only a few living trees left in the dense forest that climbed up both slopes; all the rest were dead and  gray, which means that they died of some sickness–apparently induced by the poisonous EMF.  It was the only spot along the route where dead trees proliferated.

This was before sunset and we had arrived at the first dam.  The underground base’s weaponry is presumably at least partly powered by that hydro plant.  She then recognized that the nasty energy was coming from under the dam and the mountain that bordered on the north. I asked her how many earthpipes were needed and she immediately suggested, ’35,’ so this is apparently a huge base/weapon.  Her impression is that it’s mainly used to sabotage the weather, which means it’s utterly failing but we’re still going to mess it up next spring.  That was the only underground base that she felt along that route.    That highway is closed during winter and there had already been an avalanche across the road near the top of the pass that had been cleared away, shortly before, and lots of snow along the highway.  A lot of the trees in Bellingham still had green leaves because weather has been exceptionally mild, this fall.

Carol was keen to toss 13 towerbusters into the rapids below that dam and said that the elementals were begging her for orgonite to clean the river downstream from the dam but we weren’t able to get close enough to toss them in, this time.  That would have required a long hike and we wanted to get across the mountains soon enough to get some proper sleep.

It took us several hours to drive across that range and there were five or six fedmobiles parcked at turnouts, facing the road with headlilghts  on and doors open.  There were also a couple of people standing on the edge of the road when we went around a tight turn, also a car parked in the center of the road, about 10 feet from where they were standing. We had to slow down to avoid hitting someone.   This was at dusk–it felt bad-weird to both of us.  Otherwise we saw very few cars that night and I think only feds typically travel that road after sunset 😉

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