Bilo orgonite for Lilian’s freedom

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Sadly Lilian is still in jail. Please help her freedom by purchasing Bilo orgonite. From the pictures Dancan has sent me, I’ve been able to make some edits so it’ll be easier to select the different handpainted motives. Dancan is eventually going to help me with individual photos and the names of the different animals depicted. For now you can have a look at this one I put together. Thank you for any help in this. In return you’ll get a protective piece of orgonite with African magic.

Dancan’s email:

12 thoughts on “Bilo orgonite for Lilian’s freedom

  1. From Mrs O

    Am brother of Lilian am in Kisumu now to see Mrs O I thank I Frode so much my sister very sick in Yemen jail
    Am Tom

  2. Mrs. O

    Lillian is out of the prison in Yemen, she was given five days but now she remain with three days, so now we need the transport back home which is $350. We thank Forde so much for the support. We have resolved that any of the Kikundi in case of any problem will help him him/ herself. Whoever may wish to help Lillian may contact Mrs O in this address

    Mrs O

  3. Lillian Briaa

    Am still in Yemen I remain with just one day and they will need me no more here so any well wisher please assist. Lilian

  4. Mrs. O

    Right now Lillian have only remain with one day in Yemen, its good for her to be supported today before the time given expired. If she failed to come out of that nation before the time expired i don’t know the other amnesty she can be given. Lets join hand and see if she can come from that nation at the appropriate time possible.
    Mrs O

  5. Dancan Omollo

    Thanks a lot its my joy to let you know that Lillian has gone back to Uganda after a long struggle. Thanks to all who participated to her release in either financial and boosting support. Thanks to all of you . Dancan

  6. Frode

    Lilian is in the hospital and recovering, they currently need $60 to stop the hospital bill from increasing (she can be moved to a different section of the hospital). A couple of sales of Bilo can help with that, anyone interested please contact Dancan Thank you.

  7. Mrs. O

    Any one can order Bilo orgonite for this time that we have Christmas offer.
    Previously our country Kenya had been in turmoil but the elected president is being sworn in the country will have at least some peace. Even the duration that they will take before reaching you will not be long. So you can order now. The bilo orgonite that we had been selling at $ 60 now will go down to $40. So whoever might be interested may order through Mrs. O or Dancan.,


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