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Don Croft
Sun 15 Jan, 2006

The Ancient/Present Global Threat and The Most Secret Symbol?

Saturday night’s Etheric Warriors chatblast session uncovered something that might be significant and in coming weeks so we’re going to pursue it some more. We started out with a round of boosting for each other. This often scares up some unexpected good targets, which we blast as a public service and to get us all up to snuff. Last week when Carol and I asked for some help getting some Chinese military psychics off our backs after a successful gifting run along the reef in the Florida Keys several other folks felt immediate relief, too, because the same cabal was hurting them, too. The Chinese military is showing up almost every time these days when we go target hunting. Before November, which is apparently when BushSr acceded the control of the US Gov’t over to China, these guys almost never showed up in the shooting gallery and we only saw some Chinese generals now and then, in with the BushSr cabal’s satanic rituals.  Here’s a synopsis of what happened last night, though, when we were done with each other

I asked the psychics to look into the situation between Israel and Iran. I was listening to National-Socialist Public Radio the other day and they were saber rattling about Iran, mentioning that Israel was considering a strike on their nuke facilities which might escalate into a global war. When Carol looked at the situation she saw some Iranian siyyids (green robes; green turbans) and some priests in the ancient temple garb, all working together to make a war. She looked closer and saw a fake messiah among the Jews whom the Zionists were trying to make into a global savior, similar to what the Theosophists had tried to do in the 1930s with Krishnamurti and the larger occult/corporate cabal had tried to do in the 1980s with the fake Maitreya. Siyyids are direct descendants of Muhammad, thus also of Abraham. Siyyids are generally expected to be exemplars and most of them are, in fact. One of them who was a genuine populist, Dr Muhammad Siyyid, was murdered in Iran last year shortly after he started gifting in Qum, his hometown and Iran’s most sacred city. You can imagine how ashamed the Prophet, Himself must be of the plotters who are His kinfolk.

According to what Carol was picking up the Chinese, Brits, Americans and Russians don’t have a clue that this was happening between Israel and Iran. Maybe the deep cover was so thoroughly blown on the other cabals’ secret but coordinated agendae that the more hidden hierarchy has opted for something to originate from more secretive Iran and Israel, instead. Right after I mentioned the NPR broadcast to Carol she got that Israel won’t do anything that will guarantee the destruction of their population and the close collusion between Iran and Israel in this case makes sense, especially since she got last night that the two sides, which are one side (just like the Allies/Axis scam was in WWII), want the war to be very long, drawn out and bloody, like the Iran/Iraq one was only worldwide. This effort is probably intended to be genuinely genocidal.      When we looked beyond these guys to see who is pulling the strings (we blasted the fake messiah directly to get this data) she clearly saw an overlaid symbol with these progressively deeper images

Jeff’s original drawing, which I found on my computer. Thia image is stilll worth boosting! ~ Dooney, 2017

The Nazi SS symbol (two lightning bolts) with a very skinny dragon intertwined; a Mogen David; an all-seeing-eye in the center of the six pointed star. Jeff, the local artist, is planning to do a sketch with Carol’s direction and we’ll attempt to scan and post this soon. You can imagine how much this will get the parasites’ panties in a twist if we’re on target. Who hasn’t noticed that the Zionists treat the Arabs in Israel exactly like the Nazis treated the Jews in 1930s Germany? German research journalists have documented the takeover of all mideastern countries’ secret police organizations by SS officers after WWII by the way, and Operation Paperclip incriminated every major gov’t and the Vatican, too. Listening seriously to National-Socialist Public Radio and similar organs ensures stupidity among the folks who believe they’re critical thinkers. Who would have imagined that pushy, bleeding heart liberals are the globe’s worst warmongers?
The energy went from the fake messiah directly to some draconians, whom we all blasted, then to the next level – an insect race resembling scarab beetles. We kept boosting the fake messiah and the energy ultimately went to a very tall, skinny, green figure with large wings. At this point, Carol saw white light shooting up out of the top of the Giza pyramid to this guy, who was apparently in hyperdimensional space. It reminds me of that creepy but ridiculous pyramid casino in Vegas with the vertical spotlight out the top. Does this all remind you of the movie, STARGATE? In that one the top alien parasite had a lot more genuine power than this one and it may be that the producers of that movie wanted people to buy into popular disinfo mavens’ then-new claims that humanity was genetically created from apes as a slave race. Darwin recanted the notion of human derivation from apes on his death bed, according to some research journalists, and said he wrote that in order to get paid by Lord Thomas Huxley, who also paid Darwin to write. An evidence that the old evolution agenda is a scam is that interspecie evolution was disproven by genetic research discoveries in the fifties and sixties but it’s still being promoted in our colleges and highschools, as is thinly-disguised Marxism and fascism.

All one needs to do to dispel the ape myth (nothing wrong with apes, of course!), I think, is to consider that genuine power in this world, which is inspired right action, emanates from the Creative Word. All of that was left as a legacy by an endless, periodic succession of genuine Divine Messengers and the lesser prophets through human history around the globe and perhaps the galaxy. I assume every sentient race, even the draconians, has had its Prophets, in fact, and that they’re all in perfect agreement. Some benighted people think ‘the universe’ is God 😉 but it goes to show that if one won’t stand for something, one will fall for anything. I need to remind you that what I’m writing is subjective, by the way, and that I’m mainly putting this out for the record and to inspire you to think and discern ever more critically, which is all any of us can aspire to.

We did our best directly at the tall, skinny old green parasite and he only absorbed it without showing any discomfort so several folks got the idea to hit him from every conceivable direction using all of the cloudbusters on the planet and all of the powerwands that Andy has made and distributed.  At the same time, Carol put it all on the big cosmic screen for public psychic view and the green parasite generated a whole lot of white light around himself to hide. Consider that the white light that cultists talk about is best represented by the flash of a thermonuclear device. It’s not hard to associate that with a newager’s faux-contented rictus & gratuitous, sleazy hugs and kisses, don’t you think? By now he was feeling the pinch, though, because even he was unable to handle getting poked from so many directions and his white light facade winked out. Within a few minutes he was down and the white light coming out of the pyramid was replaced with what looked to Carol like faint smoke. Carol clearly saw this pyramid as his earthly interface and the device through which he parasites collective human misery. Before long, if we keep this up, he’ll likely end up as empty and harmless as the Black[ened] Pope (Kolvenbach), grid willing.

During all of that she got the impression that this guy is really ancient and was directly responsible for Christ’s crucifixion, though some clever people, including Joseph of Arimethea, were able to get the surviving Jesus to safety after he was entombed alive – a rare coup. Every thousand years or so this parasite oversees massive, sometimes genocidal efforts to create mayhem in the world because he feeds on human misery, as do all of the lower echelons of the parasitic occult/corporate world order. Halfway through our zapping this parasite Carol suddenly felt like a sword was being thrust into her liver but she kept boosting and getting intel. After he went down we boosted her and the energy went to the terrified fake messiah, then she felt fine.

Putting this in public record might make us look like we’re delusional but I’m risking this on the chance that publicizing something this secret will do more to tear down the ancient occult/corporate world order than all the bullets and bombs in the world could do. It might trigger some realizations for you, too, which I hope you’ll also share publicly. There’s no harm to our well-earned reputations in reporting any of our subjective impressions after all. That’s how Carol and I got our reputations in the first place, thanks to Ken Adachi.      For decades I assumed that the parasites in the City of London ran the world. A few years ago I began to suspect that the sub-dimensional dark masters in the Gobi were lining up China for a global military takeover with the help of their Russian stooges. Last night has caused me to rethink the occult/corporate power structure yet again and we may have come closer to identifying what people have mistakenly assumed was the devil right along. For what it’s worth, nothing in my experience has ever indicated the existence of pure evil or a purely evil entity. If a bunch of ordinary but focused people can, indeed, take down this quintessential, ancient t draconian fellow and his fake global messiah then what is there to fear in this world?      Something we all might think seriously about is the most massive military buildup in recorded history in China and Russia and the rapid shrinking, over the past decade, of every other military force on the planet.. Historically, armies have to be used pretty soon or they turn on their own governments. You can bet that these two governments are well aware of that and I’m pretty sure they were all supposed to be occupying North America and Europe by last November, which may be why people in the front row of this grassroots network are getting hammered so hard by Chinese military psychics since then. Let’s hope that the reported anti-gov’t riots in China are real and that this will spread to the Chinese and Russian armies sooner than later, okay?       Thanks, folks, for disabling countless thousands of death towers on the two continents in a timely way!      ~Don

Don Croft
Thu 09 Feb, 2006 09:54

“Dear Don,
It’s been awhile since I’ve written. If you remember me I’m from the **  area and we had communicated quite a bit a year ago. I’d promised to  stop emailing you at the time, because I felt my emails were inundating  you with all of my little personal discoveries and baby steps in orgone  discovery heheh.  So now that I’m out of boot camp so to speak I feel like sharing a  couple things with you if it’s ok. This may be a little lengthy as I  often have a hard time summarizing.  One thing I do ask though is to keep me anonymous if you want to share  anything public. Last time I was not prepared for the attacks that  ensued after my words were made public. It was pure hell for me for a  few months. and silly me of course painting a target beacon on myself  not knowing how to thwart attacks properly. I have no doubts the scum  know everything we do, but publishing sometimes I think paints a target  begging for retaliation… well at least for folk like me who do not  have the boosting reputation to make them think otherwise heheh

Anyway on to to what I want to share.  I have felt I have always been in communication with you and others in  this group since the first day I contacted you over a year ago. I am  mostly etherically blind on a conscious level still or maybe not, but  there are many times I feel like I have just had a full conversation  with you or someone else from within the orgone circles. More like a “hi  how are you?” type of thing. Maybe you all check in on me from time to  time etherically, not intrusively, but knock on the door type thing and  we chat. Of course this would be on a level I cant quite recall fully  conscious yet. I have semi asleep dreams sometimes of being around DB  like I have known him from way back or something. Like the good feeling  you get meeting an old childhood friend after many years that you used  to skip rocks across that old creek down the road with.

What affirms this for me is something you had said in a couple posts you  have made, and I will get to those below.  I’ve been gifting my local area for a bit now, mostly with my own  creations. I had a box of tb’s from DB, but for some reason felt like  not using them here. Something like they had a specific place they  needed to go…. so I saved em back without much thought at the time.  Last October I took a trip to Egypt, (for many reasons but that is  another story but I can share sometime if you want)… I packed enough  orgonite with me to get my bags inspected heheh But all was good and  arrived safely in Cairo. Yes the DB tb’s came with me (along with some  of my own)… now knowing full well where they wanted to go ;-). Note  that I felt the presence of angels on my Atlantic flight there… in  fact I think at least 5 people sitting directly near me were angelic  very beautiful people. Three of which were women, who all had a son with  the same first name as mine, and one guy behind me had my name as well.  Oh and whats even more curious we all sat by each other by chance at the  gate awaiting flight and had a few laughs, turned out we all had same  seats together on the plane too. Coincidence? nah, Hank having fun I  think, gotta love Hank 🙂 It was a very good flight I will never forget  them. I have very warm feelings just reminiscing heheh aaaahhhh  Anyhow, the giza plateau got heavily gifted, as well as the famous great  pyramid… I wont say where exactly 😉 I also tossed some in the nile  and around an old cemetery behind the old giza village.  I am planning to go back at some point and do more as I felt that place  needs much more than what I was able to take with me.

A month or so after returning, maybe it was couple weeks I cant recall  exactly… I checked the ew boards as I do from time to time. and  something caught my eye… in one of your posts you said “inshalla” …  heh something I’ve never seen you say before… to me that seemed like  you maybe knew on a conscious or subconscious level that a certain part  of our planet received some gifting by yours truly. and it felt like a  confirmation and a thank you to me…. or maybe just more coincidence 😛  Then tonight, knowing the incubation times for orgonite sometimes take  awhile to get aligned so to speak in a new area… I read your post  concerning the big green parasite Carol worked on knocking out above the  great pyramid… that rocks. Man I hope the gifts I placed helps in  kicking some parasitic behind there.  I dont know if you guys were helping me in placing those gifts,or if it  was divine intervention, or both that set the events in place in my life  that led me there to do the task… either way it supports the belief  that we are all connected, and that is totally cool. I know I had help  of some kind at least on the way over, for one I asked for it in prayer  before going… and two it was such a strong feeling on that plane ride  with the wonderful folk around me… the feeling is indescribably good.  On a side note, I agree with you on thinking that place to be a center  of allot of bad energy. I got that feeling last summer, and my getting  there with gifts felt like something I needed to do at any cost as soon  as I could… two months later I was on a plane… heheh weeeee   I will close for now, I mainly wanted to share that with you since I now  have my confirmations on the gifts being placed. Been hard not sharing  but I wanted to watch and see what else happened along with my own  boosting 😉  Your friend,  *****”

******, it looks like you’re indeed in the etheric groove, congrats! I can’t speak authoritatively on how we all connect in the etheric realm, apparently more during sleep, but Carol usually remembers who we’ve been working with in that realm when I ask her. I’ll ask her about you shortly.    To know that someone has gifted the big pyramid at Giza is extremely heartening. If it felt rotten when you got there it’s a fair bet that nobody gifted it before you did and I can clearly see the guidance and timing of The Operators in this case. They apparently sent along some guardians to keep you safe enroute, too. That’s a new one in my experience but I’m going to be watching for similar reports. It’s not surprising, if true, because the big, nasty Giza pyramid is more than prime real estate for the sewer rats now. I’m going to post your report in a thread on EW, anonymously, and will ask Carol to peek at your work, then I’ll add her comments to the thread.    I’m really glad someone’s busting stuff up in my hometown. Several people have done this in KC but I’m not aware that anyone’s taken on the metro area as a project–it seems that most gifters in the network just want to neutralize the deathtowers that are in view of their homes and that’s certainly alright, too. A few million expedient gifters is better, after all, than a few hundred heroic ones. That expansion of the network is probably going to happen shortly, during a concerted assault on us all by disinformants via popular media and internet.    The reason you got smacked is that they felt you were committed to this effort. Otherwise I think this network has expanded enough that they won’t waste manpower on people who only bust a few towers. I hope you’ll get to the point where you see their attacks as confirmations and tuition, rather than as punishment. After all, they’re the rebellious ones who need punishment; not us.

I’m sorry that you didn’t contact me when you were getting hit. It’s pretty easy to stop that and I hope you’ll learn to do it. You can get lessons from our friend, Laura Weise by contacting her at    Otherwise, it’s likely that The Operators allowed the sewer rats to torment you in order to get you in shape for your Giza gifting run. When we won’t be led, we’re most often driven, after all.    We get smacked every time we complete a gifting sortie. The trick is to learn to smack back well enough that their attacks won’t slow us down. The worst they do to me is that I need an afternoon nap for a few days after completing a particularly successful mission.    Carol had to contend with ‘guided missiles’ on the streets for a whole week after she uncovered (and we neutralized) the secretive Israel/Iran/draconian plot to initiate Armageddon with a fake messiah last month. Sometimes I went along with her on errands so I could spot the MKids who tried to T-bone her in intersections or run her off the road. It happened every day for a week, which is what she told me would happen after the little EW blasting consortium bested that old draconian who was running the fake-messiah scam. It was pretty creepy but kind of fun, too, if you know what I mean.I looked up ‘consortium’ and it means, ‘an agreement or combination formed to undertake a large enterprise.’   I know that DB will feel quite encouraged and heartened by what you’ve done with his orgonite and I’m forwarding this to him now. I’ll be posting this in the ‘general psychic intel’ section of    Thanks a lot!    ~Don

Don Croft
Thu 09 Feb, 2006 10:08

Carol read ***’s email and said that she’s felt his presence from time to time as a helper. I think that when we work together in the etheric realm the synergy feels like we’re helping each other. When we meet someone from the other side we give more than we get back. It’s the same dynamic in our waking state, of course. She also feels that the wonderful job that ***** did at Giza, last summer, prepared the way for what we were able to do to the fake messiah plot last month. The old draco who was trying to use the big pyramid to boost and hide himself with white light is probably too spiritually stupid to realize that **** had pulled the rug out from under him. Isn’t this delicious? Carol told me that if not for the pyramid being gifted she likely wouldn’t have been able to see this process at all. That’s synergy, my friend! Thanks for following your instincts so faithfully!   Thanks again, ********!~Don