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Right now Lillian is still in Jail in Yemen due to the fine that she encountered for failing to alert or report  to the police the lose of her documents in Yemen. They wanted $1500 and Lillian’s family have raised $600 so we still need $900 for Lillian to come out. Any  well wisher can send us donation  so that we see how she can be out through Florence Atieno Kenya . Her email address is

Its our prime request is the Arab jails are not favorable for human being to stay, and thus our appeal is  that if we can get money we can see her out. We also ask any body who might be interested in ordering our Bilo orgonite so that we can also through that raise some money.


Mrs O

2 thoughts on “Lillian in Jail

  1. Frode

    I’m currently recovering from a sickening ongoing attack thanks to several of the Bilo (which I incidentally ordered to take part in helping Ibrahim’s friend out of jail). While I have many different protective devices and use all of the them, I think the Bilo is the only one I have that can recover my state of health right in the middle of an attack. I’ve
    I had ordered them a while ago and wasn’t too diligent about using them for my personal health, other than general protection. But by keeping the Bilo on my stomach overnight, I’m now able to recover from a very nasty attack, even while they are attacking. I heard a loud explosion this morning, so that was definitely an implant getting overloaded. I went and got some bentonite clay. I’ve been very tired lately and feeling out of sorts, but applying the Bilo this way, I’m already starting to feel better despite the best (worst) efforts of the attackers to bring me down.

    So I can vouch for the effectiveness of the Bilo, I hope they can sell enough to bring Lilian out of jail. Could be the best way to deter arrests in the future, because I know the parasites are extremely concerned about the profileration of Bilo orgonite. The Bilo I got is the size of mini tbs, with artistic handpainted animal motives. Very strong and protective for their size. I think Mrs.O or Dancan stated that the Bilo they make now is more effective magic than the earlier version they sold, I think that is true, it does something different and has a different feel than the first Bilo I got earlier this year.

  2. Edu

    We had another chat on Lilian. We got some Insectoid aliens from an underground base attacking her through a black cord. We sense the situation around her improved but still requires some work. Please boost her and those insects if you can.


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