From the Archive: Gifting Mt. Greylock & Bald Mountain

Posted by HappyButterfly March 11, 2017

Hello, we recently ended a break we took from gifting. In that year we experienced heavy drought and lack of rainfall. In January Nena and I hiked up Mount Greylock, the tallest mountain in the western area of Massachusetts. It was a very insightful gift, When we reached the summit, we tried to take pictures and were remotely prevented by sh@+ bird. We put about a a dozen tbs and a few hhgs. I noticed that the pressure of the hill almost immediately dissipated when we put the orgonites around. The reason we picked Greylock, is because the popular author JK rowling has a “fictional” location of the hogwarts equivalent in america. It was also the inspiration for Moby Dick by hemmingway when he saw it. A beautiful mountain. So I thought perhaps there is something there. I read a story that Rowling did not write it and is a front for the M16 Mossad, and the way they potray muggles vs wizards,  basically sheeple are muggles, and wizards are intel agents and masons. I can’t be sure, when you are an artist so many people will fling mud. Each person has their own views of it.  I really did not want to think anything negative of the masons as  they sent charismatic individuals trying to recruit me. Eerie coincidences mind reading through computers trying to spook me.  Its like they bait you along, anything the masons think they have as secrets, they are sorely mistaken, one can research thoroughly to see an ordered chaos. Great power means great sacrafice? No thanks. Especially with the information  about the franklin scandal and the pizzagate information. I enjoy  America is a Parasitic Cesspool, the marble is something. They basically say give me your child and let us diddle it and then you can diddle ours, no thanks! I follow Silvius posts to get a better understanding on where to gift, he has a wonderful talent to see through their symbology. They create these cages and we don’t even feel its a cage and the Dor flows like water through their network matrix. I guess thats why the gravestones are made of MARBLE!. deep down I know I was hurt by this corruption and I won’t stand for it anymore. After we gifted Greylock the next week, Huge amounts of snow and the drought dissapeared! It’s always quite thrilling to be able to hit them back in their gonads.  It is truly empowering to affect unorganized change against these ordered evil rapists.

Two days ago we went to a park in CT right next to DUDLEY TOWN, and it seems I need to bring more ammo. The indian storys of Witko, or Wendigo, lakota wesechew, of a shapshifting man giant with a heart of ice who needs to cannibalize in order to survive. We don’t apparently have to actually eat flesh and blood to be a cannibal they say, some of the sociopaths absorb the chi they are seeking through energy waves, and through actions and words. When we went to this park the feeling of Wendigo was strong. Like a giant pressing down on us, and I didn’t know how tall he was, over the pines! Any way a lightning struck in September and this forest has been on fire ever since. An underground fire. The place looked like mordor from the LOTR, and it was eerie and spooky. There is a road called Dark Entry Forest,( dark entry is code for those sick f’s) and is owned by The Dark Entry Forest association, and its a private nature preserve, they shut down the trails guess when oct 21 to nov 4 to keep away the kids, but on halloween all the exits and entrances have their cronies keeping watch, so if they protect their inner circle and do good, they get to go closer and share in the spoils (murdering and defiling children) If all the local authorities go there and happen to have a membership in Masonry and flaunt their degree what would you thinK? Anyway ever since going to that forest the psi assault is up and we saw Meryl Streep (shes a neighbor in castle) staring us down the other day and thought that was odd. A movie star interested in us? she must not like that she won’t be able to perform her sick fantasies anymore haha. As we walked through the forest we could tell we had ended up in the same vortex location as Dudley Town. I know we gifted a few years ago but we need to gift more HHG and earthpipes and then it will be healed. What a  vortex. So much linked up with the past in that little town of Cornwall. Who would have known it was where the british secured their dominance in america, as we know the British system is what is ruling now. Not much wind in their sails left I would say, the empire is finally succumbing to the pressure of its own giant weigth. I was not going to write but the Army flew a large bird over our house today so low that we could poke it with a stick. then they make sure to come back and do it again. They definately are trying to intimidate but it only makes me stronger cause they are weak. The military is a giant prostituter and the poor people who join invariabley become terrorists but have to learn the hard way. I feel thats what they try to instill when they perform obvious flyby. Why deviate from your flight path right above our house??? Whats so important about little old us? Blow it suckers haha play on your computer you ninny maybe you should shut off your tv your radio and your computer, stop spying, and go outside and have a nice walk. I like to make sure that I tell the sh!+ birds that I see them and laugh, it really makes them fume, because if you catch them, they fail. HAHAAHA deep heavy laughs haha.

Thanks for keeping the forum. Cool

Alexander O’Brien

Posted by Don Croft March 14, 2017

Good work, as always, HB.  I drove through your home state last summer and have never seen more pristine skies; I even have photos on my phone of a magnificent ‘rainbow Sylph’ there. Someday, maybe I’ll get the stones to try to move that photo into a post.

It may be worth mentioning that when an orgonite flinger experiences a connection with a celebrity while doing field work it may be because of past or active Monarch programming and I’ve been in touch with a lot of prolific gifters who do the field work in spite of heavy programming.  I think it demonstrates how inclusive this unorganized global movement is.

A good way to see how celebrities are literally created (celeb status is never earned) is to read Miles Mathis’ papers on the subject. It’s easy to see, through his ‘stating the obvious’ style of research in public records, that one can only achieve celebrity status at the behest of the parasites who rule humanity and it’s apparent that all or nearly all celebrities are literally related to each other through a score or so of oligarch families.  It’s surprising to see how many of the top movie stars, since before WWII, went to the New Trier High School outside of Chicago, by the way, even though their bios are usually ‘edited’ to cover that up.

The sewer rat agencies are pretty sloppy with their disinformation (and I believe that’s been true since before the Bible was evidently majorly ‘edited’ around 500BC by Ezra), apparently because they think we’re all stupid.  I don’t think they’ve adjusted to the reality of the internet, yet, and to the fact that it never takes ‘the masses’ to effect real improvements in our world; it only ever takes a few committed individuals to set the pace, then the masses follow along and the disinformation mill struggles in vain to keep ahead of it all.

I never use the term ‘sheeple,’ because I think it’s degrading to the Pajama People and is a distraction from the simple fact that any individual, any time, is liable to wake up and choose to be accountable and discerning. One’s choice of terms is ultimately a question of style, though.  A lot of people are frightened by our use of the term, ‘$#!+rats,’ for the ubiquitous secret police in N America, Europe, Russia and China (& let’s not forget forlorn Argentina).  I think they each earn that term and wouldn’t disagree that it applies to them . PJ folks are just afraid to wake up, rather–they’re not doing any harm.

Any $#!+rat is also liable to get and act on a conscience, of course (often a fatal decision for that disgusting social underclass), but from that moment he/she is no longer a $#!+rat.  In my private correspondence I’ve lately gotten fond of calling them, collectively, ‘@$$warts.’ It does effectively point up the essential, horribly malefic nature of excessively centralized power and its’ bloody enforcers, i think.  We’ve evidently outgrown the need for Big Brother, long before now.

The celebrity comment reminds me of a woman who sought Carol and I out when we were in Florida.  She and another gal began corresponding with us because they wanted to get free of the oligarchy and their role as conductors of secret, high (sic) rituals.  One of them gave up after a few exchanges but the other actually traveled to see Carol and I  and it looked like she was going to break away but it turned out that the economic risk seemed to dear to her and she stopped trying. The oligarchs had given her a cushy job in a city bureaucracy that literally didn’t require her to do any real work Wink.  I mentioned her in this thread because she told us that it was not unusual for her to encounter movie stars (she mentioned George Clooney and Robin Williams) on the street in Manhattan who recognized her and flashed secret hand signals to her.  After each ritual her memory is scrubbed so at first she didn’t understand why they hailed her. I suppose if she remembered the human sacrifice portion she’d quit doing that work for them.  Men are evidently incapable of performing that function in rituals at that level, according to what DB had told us earlier. It was nice to get confirmation from a couple of women who actually performed this.

I think most of us are pretty lighthearted when we’re out in the field because it’s exhilarating, after all.  Seeing the sewer rats tagging along is also fun and a nice confirmation but, lest we forget, they represent the most degraded and dangerous aspects of the human spirit and, by now, I doubt one can even be a field agent for secret police agencies without being quite twisted and cruel. Paranoia is another job requirement and all of them would probably fail a psych exam.  I don’t think it was always like this.  Former CIA Director Colby, who was assassinated right after he spilled his guts about pedophilia in the highest offices of the government, is a case in point.  Judge Long’s comments about satanism in America’s ‘justice’ system is another way for us to see how serious this etheric war is.   The sewer rat agencies have gotten worse and worse since the feds blew up the World Trade Center (which is also when this worldwide movement had just gotten started) and initiated overt but un-enforceable  Nazism in the US, UK and Israel.  Mathis deduced hat ‘Nazi’ is code for ‘Ashkenazi.’  The original Hebrews were from upper Mesopotamia, so they weren’t Semites. David Livingston wrote a thorough exposé of Zionism and proved that it’s not a religious movement.  There are plenty of Jews of conscience who reject it. I agree with author (and retired admiral) Flavio Barbieri that ‘the Jews are the greatest protagonists of history,’ by the way.   PJ folks of any religious persuasion are likely to accept any Big Lie without questioning, of course.

For awhile I’ve been meaning to start a thread in the Miscellaneous section, titled, ‘Some Jews named Adolph,’ since it includes Adolph (Harpo) Marx and apparently Hitler, according to Mathis’ clear and abundant evidence from the public record. Again: the sewer rats are essentially sloppy disinformants.   It’s the only way to clearly understand why Israel (the raison d’etre for the terrorism long con) is run by Nazis, I think, and in the same way that frightful Jewish neocons run America and UK, now.  Trump (‘We shall overcomb’) announced the creation of a 12-aircraft1carrier navy on behalf of these bloodthirsty neocons, for instance.    I also need to post some salient comments (about the role of Jews in the plutocracy) of a formidable Jewish research journalist whom Mathis often publishes on his links page.  Talking about any parasites helps to expose them to view, which is the first and biggest step toward expelling them.

The other point I’d like to make in the context of HB’s field report is that there’s really no reason for anyone outside of Africa to be concerned about being harmed for doing this work, no matter how much psychic pressure is applied by the sewer rats’ trained psychic predators.  If you want to see them in a group, by the way, go to an Eckankar meeting–it’s sort of like the bar scene from Star Wars.   They’re incredibly weak and vulnerable in the very medium that they use to assail many of us and Coach Dooney’s taught hundreds of targeted people to hit back hard enough in that realm to cause these heartless monsters to run, screaming Cool and I’m pretty sure that several times that many have simply read the simple instructions on her site and put them to work successfully.  The human heart is the best and certainly the cleanest etheric defensive weapon, in our opinion.

A few of us, probably including HB, like to intimidate the intimidators in the field, by the way. I think the looks on their faces are priceless when we do it. To me, it’s like counting coup. My journal reports, which are what caused this movement to be born in 2001, are loaded with such tales so I don’t think it’s scaring anyone away who is inclined to face the fact that it’s better to fight back in this war that’s being waged by parasites against the human race.

In the early years they  were all over most of us but, by now, we generally only see them when we’re doing targets that are especially important to the Old Parasite and then it’s a wonderful confirmation that we’re hitting a bullseye.   They won’t draw attention to this movement by harming any of us overtly unless we’re Africans, iiving in Africa.   Something, these days, seems to be scaring the Old Parasite more than orgonite and I suspect it’s the threat of territorial secessions around the world (the dissolution of excessive centralized power)–even in China. Maybe we’ll soon see if that’s true.

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  1. Alexander happy butterfly

    Hey Alexander here, in the last year I have experienced much difficulty, loss of job, friendship, love of my life, and my sweet puppy. I feel the $#!+ birds are playing a concerted effort to keep me down, unsuccessfully o might add.
    This summer I have been homeless for 3 months. It has been a learning experience. I finally have a good job, good side work, and I secured a place I move in tomorrow. Unfortunately last night I was visited by law enforcement and ran and hid in the swamp. They don’t call me Wally Wamper for nothing, (my stage name) hehe. I concur with Gare that family are the ones that can cause the most unsettling experiences. So tonight I have been followed by many feds and enforcement officers. What lame people, only following orders eh? I just wanted to share that I know and it’s funny how stupid they are. It seems people in that profession lack gusto and do not like confrontation. So the operators have dropped me right near Springfield mass, I will clean up this negative energy with orgonites. A little game of cat and mouse. Thanks

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