How orgonite changed my life for the better

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This is from memory and is my story of how i poured up my 1st batch of 3oz TB’s and my 1st HHG and the drastic changes in our environment, attitudes, and living conditions.

I originally saw Don and Carol’s website about orgonite roughly 9.5-10 years ago(I’m writing this on 10-6-17). Because I’m a Christian I didn’t know what to believe about orgonite and I had a hard time believing something so simple could disable the death towers so easily.  So i basically filed the info away in that part of my brain that is the “wait and see” section. I’ve been doing that a lot in the last two years.

Well in september of 2015 we moved to a house right across the street from a Ms. Power substation right between the ghetto and the downtown business district on the edge of where it’s transitioning.

I knew living across from the substation was a bad idea simply because I knew electromagnetic radiation can cause cancer, but every other house we looked at in our price range was suddenly rented when we were ready to sign a lease and interestingly enough were available again a week after we signed this lease. And it wasn’t easy findind places that allowed dogs and had enough room for our bus.(a whole other story that will go in a gaslighting/sabotage thread. I am a targeted individual and have been since 1995 when i pissed off the masonic elders because i refused to join after numerous attempts by them to get me to).

So anyway we move there. Almost instantly i started flipping out on a pretty regular basis, like what hasn’t happened in 15+ years.(i have a mild case of Asbergers syndrome which simply means I can’t eliminate heavy metals, specifically mercury, from my system as effectively as most people; and electromagnetic radiation makes it much worse.) all autism spectrum disorders are caused by mercury poisoning.

I scoured the internet looking for a way to mitigate the electromagnetic radiation besides just snowflake obsidian and other grounding stones, which were already put around the house by a previous tenant(it wasnt enough) So i keep seeing stuff about orgonite, and somehow no matter what or how i searched, i kept getting led back to Don and Carol and their orgonite. Because I was desperate, and I can take a hint from our creator, I made my 1st batch of tb’s.

Let me tell you the atmosphere in the house changed within 20 mintues or so of putting a tb around each corner of the house a couple in front of the house, and one under the bed and one in my office next to the wifi router. Truly my wife and I were at each other’s throats up until i deployed the orgonite, we were constantly fighting and it was getting pretty nasty. We were headed for divorce for sure and probably days or weeks away from separating. Coincidentally the severe targeting started again right about the time I got married again. Upon demolding the tb’s i saw the most perfectly well formed symmetrical sylph to date. i wish i had gotten a picture of it, it was beautiful!!

Anyway like i said things instantly improved between me and my wife. Friends who came over to visit didn’t want to leave because of how peaceful it was, and it stayed that way for awhile until they weaponized the substation. Things got bad again but not as bad. This pushed me to make a HHG and some more TB’s. I put the HHG on the coffee table and surrounded the substation with 3 ounce tb’s. I cant remember how many exactly, but this mitigated the substation completely and it was never an issue again. This is just the highlights, but much more was going on, which i will elaborate on in a separate thread about gaslighting and sabotage. Orgonite has drastically changed my life for the better and i learned why i was being pushed so hard in certain places, like the courthouse, police stations, and the county jails, for example, as well as many other un-gifted places. I made a couple of 1 ounce pendants that are truly miniature HHG’s tailored to keeping me calm and for protection and they worked for that until one was stolen about a year ago. I’ll talk more about that in a gaslighting thread.

There were a half dozen or so towers and HAARP arrays within a half mile of where we were located, as well as the judicial district and a couple satanic ritual sites used against me by the masons. And with Don’s help (he sent me a bunch of tb’s and several 4oz hhg’s)I gifted all of these locations and then some, although the underground site at the bank still needs earthpipes. Which I will gift soon as part of my current campaign locating ritual sites by dowsing the map and also dowsing for how much orgonite they need. Gifting reports will be posted here soon.



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  1. edward

    The following info is paraphrased from emails to Don. It comes from the time period roughly from march 2016 to sometime earlier this year. I condensed everything and only put pertinent info to gifting and results and impressions after gifting; And also my progress boosting and using energy again and waking up some latent gifts i haven’t used in 20+ years. My 1st post in this thread covers the time period from late 2015 when i 1st started corresponding with Don up until march of 2016 when this post picks up. Whats in separate quotes is from different emails. Whatever is within the same quotes is from 1 email.

    “Hey Don, I put out some of the orgonite you sent me, thank you very much, i haven’t noticed a tremendous difference yet, but i did have a sense of peace come over me within 20 minutes of flinging the orgonite around the bank. I rode my bicycle downtown and went flinging.”

    “I wrote 3 bonds in one day in the last week of the slowest month of the year. I kind of took that as a sign. Usually most bonds come at the beginning of the month and the middle of the month, when people get paid. I really did feel a paradigm shift in the spiritual realm shortly after gifting the local police station, masonic lodge, and several other sites in the legal district. (I felt as though I did something that would help me significantly and I just knew everything would be alright) It was some time later that day I got the call for the 1st bond, then that night in the middle of the night i did 2 more. I’m seeing a pattern. After i deployed orgonite around the house the 1st time and in front of the sub-station, business got better for awhile. Then died off. Then I gifted the towers and the bank, and i wrote a bond. Then I gifted some places in the legal district and i write 3 bonds. Nice pattern.”

    “So I look at boosting as where you get in the presence of our creator, feel his loving energy coursing all around you and then focusing that energy into the target, weather it be a loved one or an enemy.

    I have been boosting my wife like this a lot in the last few weeks, and usually she feels better afterwards. I only tell her I prayed for her, she’s not quite ready for all the energy stuff yet and I am slowly easing her into it, although I believe she may be somewhat energy sensitive too. Also I tried some blasting too, barefoot and all. the way they said to do it on whale. i think jeff or someone else posted it in a thread of organiteIreland’s in order to help them get rid of some gang stalkers. man I wish I understood this stuff 21 years ago the way I understand it now. I knew how to send energy back then, but wasn’t doing it in love nor from my heart chakra. And After becoming a christian I didn’t have anything to do with subtle energys because of the way I was using energy prior to becoming a christian. Man If i had used these techniques to boost or blast the gang stalkers back then i may have been able to get a moment of peace and actually make an informed decision, instead of reeling from attack to attack.

    Anyway I have been practicing blasting using the name of Yaweh, and the name of Jesus, and the 1st time all I noticed was that my dog suddenly became upright and alert at attention staring right at me waiting for a command it seemed. This has happened every time i have tried it. But what else I notice is my wife seems to get a bit more energy and is feeling better afterwards. Also have been boosting the parasites that run the show around here. Using my minds eye to visualize them prior to sending them the energy straight into their heart chakra. I haven’t noticed anything yet, other than at some of the jails some of the people seem to be nicer lately; but that may be from the orgonite i gifted at all these places.

    I Also have been boosting the board members at the church I used to attend, and put about 8 ounces of orgonite around the fellowship hall where we still meet sometimes with a small group. One of the 2 mason’s that was on the board has left the church, the other is no longer on the board, the pastor that was under the control of the administrator has stepped down and the young guy our previous pastor was grooming to take over whenever he retired or died is now going to be the pastor. and he is a good guy.

    Someone very close to me that decided to stay and change it from within has been put on the board and also has been made president of the board. His wife is also a board member now. It looks on the surface that whoever was gaining control of the church is losing control at the moment. a lot of other stuff has happened too. I still won’t return until the administrator and her husband that seems to have so much control in that church leaves or dies. It truly was one of the good churches until these other people gained control after our pastor died. I’m pretty sure he was under constant attack and I believe they killed him with an aneurism so the mason’s could gain total control of the church, but for the prayers of a lot of good people including myself, and orgonite, the tide is changing.”

    “I have been getting better at boosting and blasting, it is much easier for me to visualize the energy building around me and radiating out from me when blasting, and I visualize an open fire hydrant on my heart chakra as a tool when boosting and praying for loved ones and enemies alike. With the hydrant open full blast of course and the energy gushing out in a powerful stream right into the heart chakra of the person I’m boosting; usually my wife or an enemy when I can picture their faces and remember them. I have spent so long trying to forget these people it is often hard to picture them in my mind.

    My wife and I have been getting along much better lately. I think because I have been boosting her while I pray for her, and have made it a point to boost her at least once a day.

    I have noticed on a few occasions a car, usually a crown vic or SUV parked across the street from our house, just sitting there like they are killing time, I honestly don’t know if it was just coincidence that they were there, or they were there because of me. But what I have been doing is making it a point to go talk to them to see if I can see anything that would lead me to believe they were there because of me.( I havent seen anything yet) And then I take their picture with my phone making sure they see me getting their tag number too. Sometimes they leave right then and sometimes they don’t, but they always leave shortly afterwards. Everytime i happen to notice them when we are leaving the house I stop to take photos; then i will turn around when I’m about 5 minutes away and head back home just to see if maybe they were thieves waiting for me to leave so they could rob me blind.(I have had it happen in the past) Every time they were gone when I got back. I think next time I see them I’m going to blast them with pure love and see how that works out; to see If they suddenly leave or just sit there or what.”

    “I was driving down pass rd today and saw a vehicle with the masonic symbols and it was evident he was 33rd degree or higher. for the heck of it i boosted him right then while driving, and he almost lost control and swerved into me. I don’t think im going to do that again when they are right next to me in traffic. lol.”

    “I was quite shocked when that guy swerved around a little yesterday within maybe 20 seconds of focusing love into his heart. i was surprised i could be so effective while not in my “prayer mode”, sitting quietly praying and getting in touch with our creator’s spirit. He must have been quite evil for that to have such an effect.

    I have been boosting and praying for my wife for i guess several weeks now maybe longer, and she is getting better and better. I know that is from the zapper, but also her attitude towards me is just about like it was when we met. I think that is from the prayer and boosting. We are finally getting close to being one in our marriage”

    “Hey Don, the case of TB’s arrived the day before yesterday in the mail. I wasted no time. I had to go to the county jail for something and had been praying specifically where to put one of the last 3 HHG’s you sent me last time. On the way there i tossed 3 TB’s around the office of the 33rd degree mason that does 75% of all good high dollar bonds out of harrison county jail.

    There were a few other places around town that i tossed a couple of TB’s each where I had unction, i still don’t know why i put them there but i knew i had to. Also as i was going to and leaving the jail I skirted the western and southern sides with a few TB’s each, and i put the HHG in the drainage ditch that ran along the western and southern side just outside the perimeter fence on the west side. I also put a tb in a bush within the perimeter a few weeks ago right under the nose of a camera without being seen i’m sure. Anyway it has only been 1 day since I deployed the HHG and i have written 4 minimum bonds since and am working on a few more. hopefully i will get these and some more too!

    Also i found a photo on the internet of the new head of scottish rights freemasonry in the state of Mississippi, and i have been boosting him everytime i pray for and boost my wife. I find that it is more effective if I am sitting in the presence of my personal HHG. It is easier to feel that loving energy all around me.

    I gifted the biloxi police station/city courthouse several weeks ago with a couple TB’s and I hear that starting next week they are ceasing the release of people on “own recognizance” and making them use a bondsman because too many have missed court.

    i put one more at biloxi yesterday on my way back from another police station in Harrison county. i need to put a couple more around the gulfport PD. After putting the one their several weeks ago, i have written a couple bonds out of gulfport after not writing any in almost 3 years; the same is true at biloxi.”

    I got the succor punch in the mail a day or two after the TB’s arrived. WOW this thing is something. The energy that comes off it is wild. just from turning it on i felt the same way as when i 1st put the zapper with the pentagon shaped contacts on my heart chakra. Thanks for sending it, i can tell it is powerful.

    I have been practicing working with the energy and boosting by visualizing that my heart chakra looks something like the thing on iron man’s chest but bigger around and the cobalt energy comes flying out at break neck speed with the main beam spinning wildly clockwise, and then smaller beams rotating around the main beam 1 clockwise and 1 counterclockwise. Sometimes it happens almost automatically with very little effort, sometimes it seems it takes a few minutes to clearly visualize it.

    Now when I’m boosting my wife i do it a little differently, i still picture a fire hydrant sticking out of my chest that has been opened up and the water gushes out of it and into her heart chakra. much more gentle but still a heavy flow. Oh, I have been boosting the mason’s and good ole boys with the succor punch turned on and it does seem to be much easier when i do it this way.

    I have to tell you that obviously i havent seen changes in these parasites yet because i do not associate with them; but i can see definite changes in my wife. of course we still have disagreements, but she isn’t mad for very long like she used to be. we have been getting closer and closer.”

    “Hey Don how are you. I haven’t really emailed you much since i started just posting everything on the forum. I just wanted to say hey! as i have enjoyed corresponding with you. I think the orgonite is working a little too well around here lol, as the county jail is getting less than half the people booked in than were being booked in last year at this time. (i think this was originally written around september-october 2016) It maybe an anomaly, but probably because of the orgonite, since 90% of the towers are in high crime areas around here.

    now on another note; even though about half the people are being arrested than were being arrested last year at this time; i am actually starting to get more calls from the county jail. even had all the people tell me my business name and phone number just seemed to “stand out from the others” for some reason.

    Prior to gifting the jail i could feel pure evil energy at the jail. I literally wanted to vomit sometimes when i went there the energy was so bad, satanic even, (from my perspective); and i was always on the verge of snapping after being there for awhile. Every time my wife went with me we were fighting by the time we left. At any rate it was pure evil and i couldn’t stand to be there and i dreaded going there and i guess as a result the universe worked it out so i didn’t have to go there. (by me never getting any bonds from the county jail). But that has all changed as far as the energy is concerned. in fact of the 6 bonds i did write in the month of september all but 1 or maybe 2 came from the county; and i am getting a lot more free calls from booking, I just haven’t been able to close the deal on any big ones yet.

    I know this could all just be coincidence, but i don’t believe it is. I went from getting maybe 8-10 free calls from harrison county jail in a years time, to getting at least that many in the month of september. the money isn’t flowing yet but i can see the shift and the fact that it is just a matter of time.”

    The following is from memory and was posted on the old forum but wasn’t contained in an email to Don.

    After I put an HHG on the power company property and strung a line of tb’s in the ditch along the road on the perimeter of the power company, and gifted several HAARP arrays and several death towers within a 1/4 mile of the power company(all total 15 towers and arrays) I felt a shift again, and later that day I noticed the brown patch of DOR and smog that always hung out above the power company was gone and hasn’t come back since.

    also several times I blasted the guys across the street in the crown Vic, and every time they either immediately cranked up and left or did so within several seconds. After 4 or 5 times blasting them they never came back!

  2. edward

    well, actually, the info in the last post goes up until around october of 2016, NOT the early part of this year as i said above; it’s about the time period before we moved to my aunts house with the bus, where we are currently trapped because of a stranglehold on my business like i have never seen. It’s literally NEVER been this bad financially. Any boosting would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

  3. edward

    Well i haven’t gifted anywhere recently other than a few above ground ritual sights in the earlier part of this year that i reported on in the old forum before it went down. But i have started dowsing again and once i was proficient at it again i started dowsing the map for all the ritual sights within city limits of harrison county used by the masons. Don suggested i hold the succor punch in my left hand with the tip of the crystal in the palm of my hand. I did notice a difference doing it this way. The pendulum was more responsive and reacted faster and I was getting much clearer answers with less uncertainties. So that is the only way i will do it now.

    Anyway, as soon as i get the orgonite and the earthpipes i will gift all the known ritual sights. Also i dowsed for how much orgonite is needed so i don’t waste any nor under gift the sights as i did at the one by my wifes’ job and had to add more later. which weirdly enough they are closing their doors next week and she had to find another job , which she has. I have felt from the beginning that the people who owned the place didn’t care about the kids, but only the money. And i knew it was a matter of time that it would close after i gifted the ritual sight within 200 yards of the perimeter fence. I hate it when i’m right and it affects us negatively. My wife was really starting to connect with some of the girls there and making a real difference in their lives in a way none of the other people there could. She has a unique gift of loving people the way they need loving, and then people just open up to her. I believe she was helping those girls in a way that place never could. in fact that place was making many of those girls lives worse, until they connected with my wife and were able to start healing because they knew she truly loved them and wasn’t there just for a paycheck.

    I noticed something too, the place my wife works is a private mental health place for teens. it has a satanic ritual sight within 200 yards of the perimeter fence. There is a state mental health facility for mentally challenged adults and kids in Long Beach Ms. It has a ritual sight somewhere on the grounds within one of the buildings. Now i know 2 places isn’t enough to say definitively that all mental health facilities have ritual sights close by, but it’s enough to get me curious. After i gift all the sights used against me i’m going to pursue this to see if its true. Currently i still need to dowse the unincorporated parts of harrison county and all of jackson and hancock counties to find the sights used by the masons there.

    I wanted to add also that after reading Don’s post about burning black candles to absorb the black magic and asking Dooney some questions about it, i finally bought a couple of cheap black candles from walmart. About 3.5 hours after lighting the 1st one i had a call for a felony bond that turned out to be a good bond, decent people. I had the impression the kid was slumming it and hanging around the wrong people and got caught up in something he wasn’t really guilty of. (they never said that) Anyway i did the bond the next day and was payed everything except a hundred bucks. I think that’s only the 3rd or 4th felony bond i’ve written all year.(most bondsman, and i used to, write more than that a week) i went out and bought a big black candle when the other two were gone and lit it last night. Hopefully it helps because now im not sure if it was truly black. It looked jet black before i lit it, but as its burning i see a hint of purple in it. So hopefully it works. I didn’t get any calls last night so I’m going to find a candle shop today and get some that are definitely black. or buy some more of those small ones i got at wallmart. i need to write and collect the money on 4 more bonds the same size as the one i did the other day just to break even and get out of the severe jam we are in. And i need to do it before Dec. 6th when about half that money is due. So i’m hoping and praying and intending my heart out right now. i know Don hates that word, but i’m doing it anyway, i need all the help i can not really funny though. Anyway, gifting reports coming just as soon as i gift the known ritual sights. Right now ritual sights are all i’m focused on as far as gifting, as they are really strangling me financially right now, so i have to hit them where it hurts them and helps me the most, and that’s masonic ritual sights. So if anyone feels like helping me boost these scumbags please feel free!!!

    I want to join EDU’s chat sessions, and will soon, but right now i don’t have internet where we live. hopefully we are moving in December or January though, and we will have it there. It’s a done deal, we are definitely moving, barring some catastrophic event.

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