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Thanks to reader Katherine W. for pulling this thread from the old EW forum and sending it to me for posting (long post):

Going After Google/NSA’s A.I. Golems | Specific Targets | Forum
Don 9/20/2015
There have been a lot of movies and TV shows about artificial intelligence, lately–have you noticed?  We really enjoy watching them but I’ve suspected that A.I. alone perhaps can’t be a threat because it likely can’t ‘feel’ and therefore has no interaction with the ether.
I asked Dooney to consider going after the NSA’s GoogleGolem in the chatroom and even before she decided on a target the chatroom she uses got hacked pretty severely, so she moved the group over to the previous host, in Iceland is marketed as a hacker-free, safe environment for email and webhosting but when Francisco of orgonita.eutold me that there are now American partners in I had a feeling that the NSA got its foot in the door, there. Today’s experience felt like confirmation but I think he had been bitch-slapped by when he considered hosting his site, there.
After a few minutes of turmoil the psychics in the room (Dooney, Carol and Hawthorne) all got the impression that we need to go after Google’s arificial intelilgence.  It only took 8 minutes to destroy that golem, which went down strugging.  Dolphins came in, also Wingmakers and the dolphins said, ‘It’s about time you got to this!’
The three still heard some background ‘humming’ as in the sound of huge electronic equipment and they found twelve other underground supercomputers around the world that host Google A.I.  They started seeing ‘Etheric Zulus’ which hadn’t been around in many years and that was right after they saw Draconians and Jesuits in the central control facility, also a huge ‘well of souls’ that was on another planet & a lesser one that the Jesuits get their ‘mana’ from.  For the past ten years or so the psychics in the chatrooms have been finding wells of souls in major earth vortices and (with help) clearing them out and reversing the energy to positive in those locations.  They usually find a huge, ancient stone wheel underground that’s either turning counterclockwise or not moving and when we’re done the wheels are moving clockwise again and the entities that are accountable for the health of the pirated vortex are strong again.
Max Freedom Long described how dirty Huna sorcerers in Hawaii trap the spirits of people who have passed on, by the way. It’s a free PDF from the link on this forum’s homepage that’s titled ‘The Science of Magic.’
The Jesuits evidently mainly populate their wells of souls with the spirits of tribal people whom they’ve molested and slaughtered over the centuries.  Credo Muttwa said that when the Jesuits first showed up in AFrica everyone was afraid of them because they resembled a previous race of offworld predators who had raped the continent in ancient times.  The psychics telepathically invited Credo (a Zulu shaman and powerful, natural psychic who had traveled the continent and joined every secret order he encountered in his younger years) to join our exercise, today, and he showed up and did incredible work. He loves orgonite, zappers, Succor Punches, etc.
I used the word, ‘mana,’ above because I think it’s interesting that the Hawaiian Huna traditions are traced to the Atlas Mountains in North Africa, not far from the Sinai, where the Old Testament records that the wandering Israelites were sustained by ‘mana’ from heaven Cool.  Mana reminds me of ‘orgone’ which can be present in positive and negative forms.  Orgonite changes the bad stuff into good stuff and that’s why the excellent field reports in this forum are attracting so many people to this unorganized effort.  The parasitic corporate/occult world order generates and then feeds on the bad stuff so we’re slowly starving them. That speeds up as our numbers increase, I believe.
This felt like one of the most productive sessions since we started doing this regularly, 12 years ago. I’m posting this for the record in case Google experiences some unusual problems in the short term.  I want for us to get credit, if so.  This is the first time we went after artificial intelligences and they’re pushovers, completely unable to defend themselves.
Dooney 9/29/2015
This was one of our more rockin’ and rollin’ chats so I actually kept a transcript, which I don’t usually do for our group chats. We have never had so much trouble using and we’ve been chatting on that system for a year or so. Our chatzy sessions used to get hacked all the time so we were happy to move to a more “secure” system but obviously those secure days are over. The hacking started even before Don got in the chat and mentioned Google AI, but once he did none of us could stay connected to the chat room for more than a few seconds. As soon as we moved over to Chatzy it all calmed down. We figured we were onto something big so we immediately began boosting the Google AI system. If they would have left our chat alone we might not have concentrated so hard on finding the AI. Those dummies never do figure out that attacking us like that just lets us know we’re on the right track. Cool
Like Don said, we seemed to have success busting up the AI pretty quickly, but it seemed too easy so we kept looking. I thought it was interesting that we ended up finding 13 AI locations. The wankers sure do love that number. It took us a while to find the connections between all 13 locations but once we did things got pretty wild. There was an obvious power source that Carol saw as an off-grid nuke. Hawthorn saw a wormhole and time shifting. Don had the intuition about the well of souls and that proved to be the real source of power. The dolphins joined us at this point so we knew we were getting somewhere.
If you’ve ever been to the funeral, you know what it’s like to feel a lot of grief energy in one place. Magnify that a thousand-fold and that’s what a well of souls feels like. It’s grief, death, pain, despair, and anger all concentrated in one ball of misery. This is what the wankers feed on, literally. This well of souls was the biggest one I have ever felt, and to top it off, it was interdimensional. So imagine how many souls, from this world and off-world, they must have captured to create this well. They have the ability, sickening as it is, to transmute all that etheric energy into physical energy to power their computers and other technology.
As Don mentioned, we had a lot of etheric helpers on this one. Once we concentrated on releasing the well of souls with 13D boosting, their whole game fell apart. I don’t know how this will manifest in 3D but it will be interesting to watch what happens. By the way, there’s an interesting book called “The Circle” which I believe is a fictional account of how Google is trying to take over the world. It reminds me of how George Orwell’s “1984” seems more like prophecy now instead of fiction.
One thing to remember is that with all the NWO’s AI technology and power and nasty tricks, the thing they don’t have is heart energy. Love. They have a huge blind spot when it comes to love, and that’s where we operate. So if you are feeling overwhelmed just remember that you have the most powerful weapon of all. One day perhaps enough people will remember that, and the curtain will be pulled all the way back, and the NWO will be fully exposed as the bloated ticks they are.
~ Dooney
Carlos 9/29/2015
Great stuff guys, thanks!
There were some data center outages over Sunday and this morning (West Europe time).
Amazon AWS had problems Sunday morning, US time
Samsung had a fire Sunday, unknown time
Skype had problems this morning, Western Europe time
Can’t say any of this was caused by the chat session but it’s still curious. Skype, the video chatting and voice-over-internet arm of Microsoft had problems in different countries worldwide. Samsung’s situation was bad enough that it took their website down. Don’t think any of these were part of the 13 AI sites either but there may be some connections there. What’s the expression they like so much to use… collateral damage? Laugh
Don 9/21/2015
Thanks, Coach–your report reads sort of like a newspaper sports page. I never understood corporate/collegiate sports but I REALLY get into this sport so your concise and energized accounting was heartening.   Thanks, also,  for hosting these sessions and for teaching (on hundreds of targeted individuals over the years to hit back effectively when the various sewer rat psi corps and other predators try to ruin their lives.
Carlos, that was really timely, thanks!  We can’t claim that we directly caused all that grief for the sewer rats but, on the other hand, it’s excellent data that potentially confirms our initial success; realtime battlefield intel.  We’re not out to prove anything.  We just want to destroy the tyranny of parasites and we know we’re being productive.  We rely on feedback and confirmations, just like any military intelligence operation does and the others who are in the trenches with us are real friends. Stevo says, ‘Friends help you move; real friends help you move bodies.’ Wink
Al Bielek said that AI has been around since the invention of computers in the 1940s and that AI is more or less automatically generated when enough power has been fed into a sufficiently big computer.  He said that the draconians taught the gov’t sewer rats that.   Who doesn’t yet know that the corporate order has tech that is at least one generation
I assume that there are hundreds of AIs. The Beast, which is a massive, old underground computer in Brussels that runs the corporate parasites’ EU, is appropriately named Cool.  I have a feeling that our readers and other EW contributors will be sending us targeting info in the time ahead of anything that’s available on the market? What already exists is more interesting than the most imaginitive sci-fi, in my opinion.
-Here’s an example of real-time NSA editing:  I’ll re-post the hacker-edited comments:  Who doesn’t yet know that the corporate order has tech that is at least one generation (30 years) ahead of what’s available on the market?  What already exists is more interesting than the most imaginative science fiction.
-So we might assume that the sewer rats have been relying heavily on AI since the 1940s. Maybe they can’t oppress humanity without the help of hundreds of very costly artificial intelligences, all of which are apparently quite vulnerable to ordinary people like us Smile
-Carlos says: “Comrades in handcuffs”! We could all get together around a campfire making marshmallows and exchanging prison stories Confused [I can’t match his stories.  ~D]
I forgot to mention Rogers Mukisa of Uganda, who could technically be included since the zappers he was using in Congo (for which some Europoid UN soldiers cast him into prison) had orgonite in them.
In the early years, most of the people who wanted to participate in this forum were flakes and militant pacifists but, by now, most of the contributors are committed etheric warriors like Tomas and David, thankfully.
Carlos 9/30/2015
I did go and have a look online at the general plotline of that ‘Circle’ book. It seems to be about the loss of private space and how that’s brought about by some mega-corp like Google and their technology. One of the devices (called SeeChange in the book) was apparently a camera that was constantly streaming and this started being used by politicians – it seems the idea was to show how honest they were and having no secrets was a big theme in the book.
Who knows, maybe in the future we will all be very psychic and instant communication will work with no need maybe even for machines. Perhaps we’ll evolve to a point where we, individually, feel less of a need to keep things to ourselves and feel more like sharing.
But that’s very different from the conformist dystopias that the parasites love propagating in books and hollywood fairy tales. ‘1984’ is one of those attempts at self-fulfiling profecy (they wish!). They love trying to ride on the coat tails of genuine positive change and twist it to their own petty designs – they’ve been largely successful in the pre-internet past (for instance turning the progressive strenghtening of individual rights in Russia into civil war and a full blown dictatorship). “Bloated Ticks” is a great analogy, thanks Dooney – they are pretty bloated so I bet it takes them tremendous effort just maintaining this present illusion.
I don’t think we have to worry much about the world population falling for Scroogle, though. People are waking up to the fact they are just another mega-corporation out for its own self-interest, not only that but even the truth of their military-industrial complex connections (via NSA/CIA and the Highlands Forum) is coming out in well researched, well funded articles such as this one
There are other harmful ideas governments are floating about now in terms of harming privacy, which the NSA and all their cronies would very much like implemented, and that is to make the cryptographic keys open to their in-house sanctioned hackers, the reasoning being “terrorism” of course. I think the outcry would be too much (it is being already) but for certain they’d like to have it. You may remember Cameron’s tirade against encryption – here is an article about a more recent tirade by an EU official:
I wouldn’t be surprised if some big companies already give the keys to the NSA etc so that it becomes trivial not only to read our emails but also to disappear them (sound familiar?). Putting it into law, though, would make it impossible not to comply. I’m not even considering how self-harmful it would be for the EU to do that – still convinced it’s not going to fly. Perhaps they throw these outrageous ideas out to check for a reaction, see if the clay sticks on the wall.
10/9/2015 Don
Another confirmation that we found an easy weak spot in the Behemoth is that there’s a new round of frightful disinformation about A.I. Cool and of course it’s being presented as something unstoppable, galactic and entirely ‘alien.’  The A.I. targets we went after were much weaker than the human (sic) ones but just as malevolent and aggressive–like father like son?–a rehash of The Borg from the 1980s Star Trek series.  I now feel confident that artificial intelligence can’t become  powerful and independent in terms of being a threat to humanity on its own.
I assume there are hundreds or thousands of artificial intelligences operating on behalf of the parasitic world order and if I’m right I bet it’s because they have a severe shortage of manpower.  When 2000 arrived and they had failed to cull the human population to half a billion, as stated in their own literature,  they probably knew that they were in deep trouble but any war is a numbers game, i.e. the number of boots on the ground and not drones, smart bombs, surveillance satellites, ad nauseum.
The most efficient armed forces at the parasite’s disposal (US/UK) lacked the ability to even hang onto one city, Baghdad.
There were some reprisals against some of the participants in our first exercise against artificial intelligences but nobody was harmed, of course.  We don’t feel the same sense of urgency that we did many years ago, in the early years of our weekly efforts following the destruction of the World Trade Center by the feds and before the US/UK/Israel Evil Axis lost most of their momentum toward global nuclear holocaust.  So I reckon we’ll go after various artificial intelligences at a more leisurely  pace Wink

2 thoughts on “From The Archive: Going after A.I.

  1. Frode

    I find that a lot (or most) of the attack tools they use is A.I. driven. Back in the day I was attacked by some real horrid ones that I think was run by the NSA, and I’ve since “decommissioned” them because I didn’t like that they existed. I think one of the modus operandi has been to put etheric cords on someone and then that cord is hooked to an A.I. machine. The machine can attack someone endlessly without tiring out.
    (I remember seeing on Youtube someone talking about how they constantly heard a voice in their head commenting on everything he was doing. He concluded it had to be a machine, because nobody would have the stamina to do that all day long).

    The A.I. driven psychic tools they use makes the attackers sound like they are really confident, but more often than not these days I hear the real attackers screaming in the background, because they hate being ordered to the frontline. It stinks to be a minion in that system.

    Here’s a tip, if you suspect you are under attack by such a machine; boost the blueprint of that technology. Doesn’t matter what means they have to reproduce such tech, if the blueprint no longer exists in the ether, then that specific technology won’t work anymore. That’s what I think anyways, I’ve done this a number of times.Worth a try.

  2. Jeff Miller

    This is an excerpt from my most recent “Rising Female Death Rate” post, specifically re: “are we turning the corner?”

    January 4, 2016 – Serious backlash brews against Samsung’s insane smart refrigerator …

    January 4, 2017 – 5 Big Predictions for Artificial Intelligence in 2017 – MIT Technology …Perhaps 2017 will feature some sort of backlash against the AI hype …

    Not suggesting anyone weaken or slacken their efforts in any way, however, it feels to me as if, as a species, we’re turning the corner. I’m seeing it more and more in the media – the admission of the zombification engendered by the technology.


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