Our First Chopper Visit Since 2003!

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Carol, Dooney & our local friends, Lynn and Deralee, recently spent a weekend building three customized orgonite cloudbusters in our hangar.  A few years ago, when Carol and I were getting metal from a recycler, she saw a 10″ diameter copper tube and got pretty excited about using it for cloudbusters so on her instructions I cut it in three equal lengths, sealed off the bottoms with plywood and made spacers for the pipes.

She made a list of the gems that she included and all three have been sitting in the shop without the long pipes for about a month.  When a forest fire in Montana threatened to make Steve and Dooney homeless (again) about a week after these were built Dooney  psychically called on the energy of these CBs and feels sure that it helped prevent the fire from reaching them.  Carol also has the impression that these will always be connected with each other, no matter how far apart they eventually will be.

The reason I mentioned this is because during an evening when I was away, last week, a big military helicopter hovered over the hangar and slowly moved over the house at a dangerously low altitude. It’s dangerous because the buildings are surrounded by tall trees and helicopters can’t safely land.  Non-military and non-sewer-rat pilots stay a lot higher over such obstacles.

Her immediate impression was that they were checking out the new CBs and when she ran outside to get a look at the intruder she saw an instrument pod attached to an arm that was sticking out the side of the fuselage. It had gotten dark but the lights on the chopper showed that pod and arm.  The last time we saw a chopper like that was during the time we first gave orgonite to dolphins in early 2001.  I had set up our first orgonite cloudbuster with pipe extensions and aimed it at the perpetual thunderhead that sat over the underground base south of Miami.  At the time, we were in the Florida Keys. It only took a few hours to erase that thunderhead, then a chopper slowly came over the campground, obviously hunting back and forth for the CB and that one also had a big instrument pod sitting on the end of an arm extended from the fuselage.  If memory serves, I quickly dismantled the CB when I saw the sewer rats coming ;-).  They hovered a long time over our campsite.

I mentioned 2003 in the title because after a flyover I posted a notice that the next time a chopper comes within range, I’m going to shoot a crossbow bolt that has the end of a roll of surveyor tape attached to it.  DB had told me that when surveyor tape gets drawn up into a chopper’s rotor the friction gradually causes the rotor to slow, then the pilot is forced to land nearby.  It’s been fourteen years since our last chopper intrusion so I guess the sewer rats read my postings, haha.  They evidently knew I wasn’t going to be home that evening.

Thanks for the nice confirmation, you federal cretins! 😉


11 thoughts on “Our First Chopper Visit Since 2003!

  1. Don Croft Post author

    The very first millitary/sewer-rat chopper visit we got was a few months before that and it was at night during the short period when we were setting up our new orgonite cloudbuster, each night, to shoot at the moon with those pipe extensions . We were at an RV campground in Ft Pierce, Florida at the time. We were outside with the CB when it happened because in order to properly shoot at the moon I had to keep moving the CB in increments for an half hour or so per night. A huge, Chinook helicopter came and hovered over an adjacent farm and was shining a spotlight down onto the farmer’s equipment, perhaps because the miscreants assumed that only very big devices could have such effects. The chopper left after that. I wonder if the Chinook was full of a SWAT team 8)

  2. Cyclingflinger

    I remember gifting with extra towerbusters the local rothschild private banking house outlet near the boulevards of Antwerp. (a boulevard is a fake old symbol for a castle’s nobility richness) Got for three quarters of one hour time the visit of a black chopper, being pissed-off like I was a fugitive, that ran out of prison! 12 km’s away from the gifted place. It doesn’t work that way anymore, evil cunts!

    The usual hierarchy when you gift, as Belgium is small, their ridiculous parade comes down to: steelplane, normal chopper, black chopper, grey chopper, logistical chinook, F16, lockheed martin’s old prototypes and then clouding trailships … (other countries have other ranks on how your taxes were stolen from you into their disgusting labs)

    Happy gifting!


  3. Edward

    At least you know they still care. I wonder what they would do if you kept circling low with an ultralight over their houses while screaming “Jesus loves you” out of a megaphone at the top of your lungs? Nah, maybe that’s not a good idea. Lol

    I’m glad that so far I haven’t gotten a helicopter visit. I guess I haven’t gifted the right places YET. Though I have seen some really weird inexplicable things. I don’t know why I’ve been dragging my feet so much lately, this next campaign should start the ball rolling on my finances being free. I’ve been completely distracted lately I guess.

  4. Esther Bunny Brown

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the parasitic world order (and the predatory species thereof) has been keeping tabs on me through periodic surveillance by aircraft, ever since I got my first tower-buster from CTBusters.

    In the name of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance

  5. Frode

    I had a helicopter visit this summer when I got the idea to use a powerwand in a spiro tube (ventilation tube). It came right at the house, then veered off and hung a bit in the air. Snapped some photos.

    Here is my setup


    Even after plenty of earth pipes in this area, I’ve suffered so much negativity. So I resorted lately to travel around with this PW setup in a duffle bag, either by bus or in my bicycle. Like any device of this sort, it sends out a huge beam of energy (horizontally or vertically, doesn’t matter), it really messes with their works (and my goal has been to dislodge all the ancient energy that they rely on). After a week of doing this, I headed over the dam across the river to a location I know has been a serious satanic hot spot. Just I was doing that, a helicopter came flying in at a low altitude. So low that I ended up looking at it behind the trees. I made my way down a path and set the big PW on the ground. The helicopter came around a second time, in fact it was two helicopters. And they flew so low, I was actually looking at them through he trees and they were only a few hundred meters away. I could feel the pressure of the situation. They flew away, but I heard them in the area for a couple of hours, and each of them showed up a second time. There was no reason for them to hang around in the woods like that, in fact right in the area where they showed up, there is a big electric switch station and also a transmitter mast. So I’m pretty sure that was illegal flying. I stayed there for maybe two hours to clear the negativity of this situation, as I don’t care to be bullied. It’s good in times like that to affirm there is plenty of support and help, because it was just me there and no one else.
    I’ve had an unusual amount of flyovers by small airplanes and helicopters in this neighborhood or over the house this year. A low flying drone (100 meters away), also showed up and stopped for a little while before it flew off in a straight path. It only happened once, you’d think if it was some locals then I’d see it again, but nope.

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Right, Dirk–we put the pipes on one of them on Friday and put it outside and I was astonished by how pretty it was. Carol found some lovely purple heartwood and I’ve made the bases and the top pipe spacers from that. I’ll put teak oil on the wood but to prevent fading it might need to be kept in a shady spot.

  6. Mrs. O

    Thanks a lot for posting that thing in the EW Frode, for Lillian is expected for the first court hearing this week Thursday, so we wanted that money before that so that when she will be in court we need her to be there with at least vital document. Now if we could be having that $180 the family would have maneuver ways of getting such document. In fact her case is not all that difficult for her lawyer just wanted such valid documents which proves that she legally left her country. Frode has also put the photos of Bilo orgonite there so that one can order from us so that we may get the money required for that work. Anybody who may be in need of the orgonite can contact as through this my email addresses fatienoodondi@hotmail.co.uk or dancan.omollo@yahoo.com
    If we could get that money by tomorrow we could find ways of see how such document can be sorted out to be presented at the court during the hearing.
    Mrs O

  7. Don Croft Post author

    With respect, Ed, if someone flew around my place with a megaphone, shouting ‘Jesus loves you!’ I’d likely be tempted to get out that crossbow and surveyor tape from behind the shop door 😉

    Frode’s setting up an ordering/info site for Bilo and that should streamline the process of paying for the kikundi’s very oppressive ’emergencies.’ My prayer is that Bilo sales will discourage the sewer rats from arrresting them as soon as they recognize that it’s become counterproductive.

    Speaking of sewer rats, Frode had a strong sense that one of his recent etheric assaults was being carried out by the disgusting CIA’s Blackwater Corporation, which is among their well-paid, anti-religious mercenary groups that include Al Qaeda and ISIS. ‘Black water’ is the engineering term for direct sewage, as opposed to ‘gray water’ that’s drained from bathtubs and kitchen sinks 😉 so ‘sewer rats’ is technically an apropos term, after all. Frode pointed that out to me in email and I can’t resist posting about it.

  8. Edward

    That was just the most annoying thing I could think of on the fly that would be inline with someone hovering a giant helicopter over your house. Lol

    And that is a great observation about blackwater, and so very true. I will not think of sewar rats without simultaneously thinking of Blackwater corporation now. Good one!


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