You can fool some people sometimes, But you can’t fool all the people all of the time

You can fool some people sometimes
But you can’t fool all the people all of the time
So now we see the light
We gonna stand up for our rights

From “Get Up, Stand Up”, by Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, 1973



Both Marley and Tosh were both assassinated by what we euphemistically call “secret agents” for writing songs like that, Marley with fast-acting cancer, and Tosh by what the press called “a robber.”

The words “mystery“, “baffled” and “puzzled” are memes, used, among numerous similar variants, whenever anyone in the wholly-controlled-and-coopted Political, Academic, Scientific and Media establishments wants to lie about, well, basically anything.

That’s why one story I’ve appended below is headlined “The mystery of Goa’s largest electorate with lowest voter turnout”, and another “Dems baffled by low voter turnout in Harris County”, and another “California’s low voter turnout a big puzzle.” And why yet another says ” ‘Honestly, I don’t get it‘: Nova Scotia voter turnout drops to record low .”

But, then again, the first rule of Politics isdeny, deny, deny.”

The few control the many via pyramidally-constructed organizations in which the fair-seeming, two-faced, sociopathic few at the top fleece many wholly-credulous rubes in the layers lower down. In the U.S., anyway, saying “I’m your eternal, autocratic King!” (or Queen) just won’t work anymore, so the illusion of competition is provided by cartoonish, teleprompter-reading R’s and D’s avowing straight-fadedly that they really don’t play for the same team, don’t work for the same folks, by which I mean ” the folks with all the money.”

But they’re not fooling very many of the people very much of the time, anymore, as you’ll see below in the numerous accounts I’ve collected from around the globe of low voter turnout, specifically, and low levels of belief in Establishment Bullshit, generally. Which proves that the vast majority of the world’s populace is onto the con. Which is the reason they don’t vote.

In Russia, they MAKE you vote for one of their two shill candidates, to avoid the crushing embarrassment of headlines like “Trenton, NJ – It’s official: November’s election was the lowest turnout in state history, beating records going back to 1924.”

Here in (breathe through mouth) Uhmericuh, it used to be that the wide majority of people believed the lines of bullshit being fed them in their preferred R or D flavor. But that’s certainly not the case, now.

I think that we’re in the “anger” stage, maybe heading into “bargaining“, in the five stages of grief that go from “denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.”

Processes take time, and different people have different-length processes. But processes are not eternal. We’re on the cusp of a night-and-day better society, in which we collectively agree we won’t let paid actors from a specific set of bloodline families lie baldfacedly to us and take our money.

By that I mean “August 4, 2012 – Paper: All Presidents Bar One Are Descended From One English King.”

We’re going to pass through this process, to the other side, where the sociopathic few we’re discussing are not allowed to hold high office and internetwork nefariously with one another. Their fall is going to be virtually instantaneous, compared to the time they’ve ruled uninterrupted, all the way back to Babylon, and before.

I know that because I know three things. One, that great, epochal changes are underway at every level of our reality, and those changes are increasing in speed and magnitude.

And, two, that when the school of fish, the flock of birds turns, they do so apparently as one.

And, three, that when cons collapse, they do so in a rush, like a house of cards.





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