Voice Recording by Dr Reich, 1952

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Dirk in The Netherlands and I have a long-running discussion about Dr Reich and his work.  He sent me this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4t5h-93bxOY&feature=youtu.be

Since the work that we’re all doing is mainly based on his accomplishments I have a deep curiosity about his life.

Strangely, when Carol and I took our first orgonite cloudbuster to Orgonon in March, 2001, I had a vivid dream of Dr Reich (the first and only one) in which he explained and demonstrated a free energy engine.  I knew Wilhelm Muller at the time and had experience with his magnet-powered free energy engine.   In those years I didn’t yet understand what Reich was saying, unfortunately, and all of that dream was uncomprehended but after breakfast, when we were refused entry to Orgonon, Carol told me that she clearly saw a free energy engine running under the ground on that property.  We expected to get access to the property because, according to the website, visitors were welcome at the time.

9 thoughts on “Voice Recording by Dr Reich, 1952

  1. Don Croft Post author

    According to his son, Peter, who I think was around 14 when his dad was killed, Reich handed him a manuscript that allegedly worked out how to understand gravity. Lots of free energy inventors have been murdered by the CIA and its predecessors but I assume Reich was murdered (on the day before his prison sentence was completed) because he had effectively challenged the Church of Settled Science, which is probably also why the feds burned all his books that they could find. I was a kid in those days and NationalSocialism was in its heyday in America, then. it’s a lot worse, now, at the neocon gov’t level but the people no longer feel enthusiastic about supporting this regime, fortunately, and no amount of brainwashing can turn this alleged ‘Homeland’ into a killing machine any more–the criminal class (that’s what Will Rogers called Congress) even failed to achieve the draft after they blew up the World Trade Center 😉 and the US/Brit regime, even with the eager help of an army the CIA’s most bloodthirsty mercenaries, couldn’t even hang onto Baghdad, let alone bomb Persia and start WWIII.

    When Reich arrived in America as a refugee from NationalSocialism he expected to find freedom-loving people but was deeply dismayed that Americans were as ‘armored,’ fearful, vindictive and nazi-fied as the German population were in the late 1930s.

  2. Frode

    I’ve been working for about 3-4 months now to loosen the etheric hold they have on free energy technologies. It’s been an epic struggle, so much anger connected to this. I think it must be their most well-protected “possession” they are holding on to. But I think the time has come to free this technology and make it available to people (simply by making sure they won’t be able to indimidate and plague any inventors anymore), it will be returned to where belongs, humanity.

    It’s going to happen sooner or later, anyways. I prefer sooner. 😉

    1. Frode

      The old canard is that people aren’t ready for free energy tech. That is just nonsense, look on the internet or Youtube and you will find so many creative ways of utilizing alternative energy, ways of moving off-grid and so on. I think we have that critical mass.

      1. Don Croft Post author

        Thanks for posting about this effort, Frode.

        I met Wilhelm Muller in 1997, a year after I got into the healing trade (zappers), and a year before I found out about orgonite and started experimenting with it.

        Muller invited me to handle his magnet engine and he loaded me up with as much information as I could assimilate, which was only a small portion of what he explained and demonstrated to me.

        The ‘old canard’ you mentioned doesn’t apply to free energy. I know that because everyone I’ve ever told about Muller either wanted to have their own engine or were at least genuinely open to the idea.

        Other Old Canards are alive and well, including Europoid’s strong resistance to the idea of cheap and quick healing of ‘untreatable’ sicknesses, the notion that we don’t need to allow parasites to rule us, the idea that each of us can powerfully affect the status quo in a positive way, etc.

        I have confidence that you’re undermining the generations-old, active agenda against free energy, which includes the murder and extortion of scores of presently-successful free energy device inventors. Muller told me that he personally knew five such people just in British Columbia, where he lived. As far as I know, he’s the only one who was murdered in 2003 and he was on the threshold of mass producing his magnet engines for $2,000 apiece in Vancouver, then.

        1. Frode

          Thank you for sharing your direct experience with free energy tech. I think it should be the natural way of life, it’s just the suppressors that have made it into something that seems out of reach and unnatural.

          I basically have relied on the PW, a good heart, a few written statements , divine help and also massive amount of etheric help and protection. I think the point has been reached where it is about to slip out of their hands. If someone is able to release a design, and others replicate it without interference, then that will be the proof in the pudding that we are finally past the suppression.

          Until then it is a matter of working on this, been under a ton of pressure, but I don’t feel all nations are involded, at least there are the main players to keep the suppression going. USA, United Kingdom, Russia, China, Australia took part in attacking me. France. And then there are what we call the offworlders. I hate this kind of attention, but it is better now. I’m making progress with the undeground base here, which in and of itself has been very difficult to deal with, and their way of being able to attack me very close.

          I’m optimistic. I’ve been dreaming about what it would be like to have free energy in the world. Can grow tropical food in greenhouses in the winter in cold climates, for instance. People will get really creative about the possibilities. Before we know it, we’ll have top ten reviews on the internet what is the best free energy device. On forums people will debate which tech his best for what purpose, and what company produces the best quailty devices with most features. 😉

  3. Edward

    That will be a happy day Frode! Because that will be the day the average human will truly be free, if they want to be. I know personally my biggest expense every month is fuel. When fuel is cost prohibitive then we aren’t free. When it is very cheap or free then our freedom is limited only by our imagination.

    1. Frode

      Yes, then life will be the fun thing it is supposed to be. Nowadays people are working from 8 hours up to 16 hours every day just to get by. That is not good. People will be able to set up a house just about anywhere and be all warm and cozy inside without being hooked to the grid, and no worries about expenses unless the device(s) need service. In other words more decentralized spacious living, without having to live cramped. With time the powerlines can be taken down.

      Even if people won’t have to work so much, I think most will still be very active. It seems to be in the human nature, it’s just that it will be geared more towards innovation and creativity rather than having to survive.

      The cost of fuel you mention is probably the biggest thing that adds to the expense of everything we need (apart from the outright money scams, such as banks printing money at the touch of a button on a computer).

      It is good to dream about these things. Just getting rid of the constant noise from the compution engine that is so part of society now, it will help a lot and make living less stressful.

  4. Don Croft Post author

    This blogstuff is fun! Some of the folks I have rich email conversations with are now taking these conversations online for broader participation. I bet the NSA are already regretting their murder of our beloved Capt. Azti (Carlos Tellechea) in July. 😉

    Free energy, alone, has the capability of quickly destroying the power of the corporate order and that’s why free energy inventors are so aggressively killed, as opposed to the much more covert methods that are used against other empowering people.

    Handling that 400hp magnet engine felt, to me, a bit like meeting Jesus might feel. The implications for our species were powerfully felt, then, and everyone I have told about it has gotten a glimpse and similar feelings.

    I rarely mention our own radionics experiment in 2003 but in support of Frode I’ll recount it , now. That was during the time when we were still not sure whether it were possible to prevent the neocons (US/UK/Israel) from achieving World War Three and nuclear holocaust. We wanted to hit them at their most vulnerable spot so we set up our vortex-generating mechanism in our backyard in Moscow, Idaho, and I made up a special radionics witness by editing the backside of the official seal of the corporate US Gov’t, which is the pyramid with the reptile eye on top. I changed the slogan, ‘annuit coeptis novus ordo seclorum,’ to ‘annuit mortis novus ordo seclorum’ and cast the image, visibly, on each facet of a big, orgonite octahedron that spun under the apex of a large pyramid frame.

    A couple of months later, during an international chat session, the psychics had the impression that all of the US gold, which had been in vaults under the Federal Reserve Bank of NY (close to the World Trade Center) was delivered to the Chinese gov’t on the island of Guam. We got some interesting confirmations that such a transfer had taken place and ever since that day, Carol and I have felt entirely confident that the corporate world order has been on Peking’s short leash. The reason this felt good to us is that, even in those years, it was obvious that China was committed to growing world trade and prosperity for the sake of the expansion of their own middle class. That’s to say that unlimited warfare was inimical to their own agenda and they have been clearly more powerful, since then, than the terrorist regimes (US/UK/Israel).

    A few years ago, I posted my observations about a free energy disinformation effort, right here in my area, sponsored by Bediini and featuring the work of a shady inventor who we personally knew. His ex-wife moved away after that but is still in close touch with Carol. The inventor stalled his effort just short of producing a magnet-powered engine that would have been closely similar to Wilhelm Muller’s. At first, I was a bit frustrated when I tried to persuade him to persevere and to stop being Bedini’s slave but by the time that big ‘conference’ was convened I understood that he was rather Bedini’s disinformation partner than slave. It also helped me understand why such an obviously intelligent person was an aggressive fundamentalist Christian ‘evangelist.’ He was quite cruel to his wife and children, by the way.

    One of his inventions is quite useful, though. It’s a device that restores dead car batteries and I still use it from time to time.

    A general of the Chinese army was at the conference to recruit him because China has untold millions of electric scooters and that invention would be extremely valuable to the power grid, since those scooters use a type of battery whose life would be greatly extended by this charger. Bedini exerted horrific pressure on him to stay in the US, which may be to say that the CIA exerted pressure on him , including inserting a tailored honeypot into his vapid life, after which his wife reached her limit and left, with our help.

    I’ve met tons of characters since publicizing about orgonite in 2001. Carol and I love knowing characters but we’ve always understood that just because someone is a character it doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she actually has character 😉

    I absolutely treasure my friendship with characters who have character. Independent examination of reality turns us into characters and also builds our characters.


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