“The more outré and grotesque an incident is the more carefully it deserves to be examined.”

“The more outré and grotesque an incident is the more carefully it deserves to be examined.”

Sherlock Holmes, from “The Hound of the Baskervilles”, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 1901


Below, you’ll see two examples of salmon populations booming and burgeoning to unprecedented levels, on opposite sides of the globe, and you’ll also see two identical animal-killing operations, also performed on opposite sides of the globe, by the same people, to try to do something to  stop or slow the great epochal positive changes that are underway at every level of our reality.





August 16, 2015 – U.K. – River Tyne sees record sea trout and salmon numbers – BBC News


July 9, 2016 – Record number of salmon and sea trout counted in the Tyne


December 19, 2016 – U.K. – James Stokoe Fishing | A sensational season on the Tyne


July 5, 2017 – Pacific salmon landed in English rivers

England’s Environment Agency is urging anglers to report unusual catches after several pink salmon sightings in the country’s northeast.

Last week a non-native pink salmon was caught in the River Tyne at Wylam and around 100 are believed to have been caught in waters off the North East and Yorkshire coast in recent months. Further afield, anglers have confirmed catches in a number of rivers in Scotland and in western Ireland.

Pink salmon (Onchorhyncus gorbuscha), also known as humpback salmon, originate from the northern Pacific Ocean. Millions were stocked in the White Sea region of north Russia from the 1950s until 2003 in a bid to develop a net fishery.

As a result, some have established self-sustaining populations in rivers in Russia, Finland and northern Norway. According to the Environment Agency, this is the most likely origin of the recent pink salmon invasion of the UK and Ireland.





July 10, 2014 – Salmon Counts Break Records From Alaska To The Columbia River


December 19, 2015 – Chinook salmon have returned to Columbia River in record numbers


November 4, 2016 – ‘Largest’ recorded chum salmon run: 2 million fish overload nets

August 22, 2017 – 305K salmon escape into waters near Washington islands, unusual solar eclipse tides blamed

Many fishers in the area have concerns about the Atlantic salmon preying on the native Pacific salmon babies.

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