Lilian from Uganda is Having Difficulty in Yemen

Let’s send her boosts for now but she’s been distributing orgonite, there, and aggressive hacking has prevented her from reaching the rest of the kikundi, who may not know that she’s abroad.   You can email her at

I found out because Rita in Uganda, who is Dr Paul Batiibwe’s sister, asked me for an introduction to the kikundi members who are in her country and now she’s corresponding with Lilian and Jane.   After she contacted Lilian she CCd her message to me and that’s how I learned of Lilian’s predicament.

Coincidentally, Jane also traveled to the Arabian Peninsula to distribute orgonite there. She  also experienced interference and nearly lost her life in the process.

The Brits used SS war criminals to set up the secret police apparatus in the United Arab Emirates and beyond, immediately after WWII.  SS thugs and their protégés tend to be a lot more overt than the creepier CIA, MI6 and NSA.


7 thoughts on “Lilian from Uganda is Having Difficulty in Yemen

  1. Don Croft Post author

    I got this update from Lilian, just now:

    I had been living in Jinja town of Uganda for some time, working in a charitable institution called St. Moses Children’s Centre. This is an orphanage that takes care of street children and those left parentless as a result of HIV/AIDS Scourge. As you know, these institutions run projects which are based on a particular period, say five years. By the time I was leaving to Yemen, the contract that we had had expired and I had to look for an alternative source of survival. I met an employment agency in Kenya that suggested to me to look for employment in Yemen. They told me about the good things to expect in that place and that I would smile at the end of the day. I thought that I could later on establish my own project of helping these orphans either in Uganda or in Kenya.
    When the arrangements were already made, they helped to organize for me the VISA for Yemen. I was also with a friend who came from Kisumu in Kenya. We finally landed to the airport and we went to Aden area. I was taken to a home of an Asian, where I was working as a domestic maid, contrary to what I expected. I had it in mind that I could do in an institution that dealt with humanitarian activities just as I used to do in Uganda.
    I had carried with me several pieces of Orgonite, Bilo, and a good number of zappers for my personal protection and gifting various area in that country. These zappers had treated very many people in Uganda of AIDS and that was a good source of medication in a strange land for me. I remember being asked several questions about Bilo at the airport and I successfully explained this to them.
    I unfortunately fell on a wrong hand, full of suffering and persecutions. My boss assaulted me several times and the man at some point threatened me with rape. Several times, food was availed to me in a unit measure and only at a time that they wanted, despite the fact that it is me who used to prepare the same. I was not allowed to associate with anyone around that place, and was never allowed to get outside the house. I used to apply Orgonite in such bad times.
    My biggest problem started when at one evening, the boss was inspecting my belongings, claiming that there was something in me that makes him feel uneasy. I knew that it could be as a result of Bilo that I was carrying. That evening was the worst day for me. The boss trembled and was sweating profusely upon setting his sight on the pieces of orgonite. He summoned the entire family to my bedroom and they were speaking in their local language that I could not understand. As usual, beatings followed. I was bleeding and weeping, though it was another offence for my voice to be heard outside. This attracted more beatings. I could not sleep because of pain. I wept the whole night.
    I used to wake up at 4.30 am as usual and started my house chores. I used to do everything like a slave. Sleeping time was after everyone had gone to bed. The earliest time for me to lie on my bed was 11.00pm. This was not a big deal to me though. Imagine coming from Uganda where I operated in my office, and lived in a house with my house help, to being a house help of someone? Quite dehumanizing. After two days, all my identification documents got lost, and the boss was sending me away from his home, I can’t tell to where.
    I contacted my agent to assist me but to no avail. I left and joined a pool of daily workers at the construction site who are paid about $3 at the end of the day. Even at this place, they required my identification documents. I met an African there and explained to him my problem. I got admitted, just to get what I could eat. The African offered my accommodation at his quarters, another Boss’s servant quarter in Aden. I have lived my life miserably at this place and have sent the message to our country.
    I am weak and emaciated. I live like a refugee. In case of anything, I can easily get arrested for being in Yemen illegally. I cannot travel back to either Uganda or Kenya. Life has become too unbearable for me and I survive on God’s mercy. I need to process certain documents at the Ugandan Embassy in Yemen so that I may be allowed back home. Most of my basic belongings were stolen from me. If I don’t leave this country soon, I see myself die here. I don’t fear death though, but I feel sad because of what is likely to cause my death. I have pleaded with the embassy to help me reclaim my travel documents. The officers here are very corrupt and they insist to be bribed, apart from the usual fee charged. The nature of my work cannot help me raise this. They have also refused to follow up my belongings as I claimed.
    As I write this, tears are rolling down my cheeks and I have nothing left for me, except to beg for assistance to get me out of this situation. I don’t have any zapper or Orgonite to heal or protect myself at this time. I live a very miserable life that needs your help urgently. Kindly extend your hand towards my situation. That is the only hope I have remaining for me in this life. Whoever is willing to help me, can contact the Kikundi through Mrs O. I know that she can help me track the records with the immigration department in Uganda and connect with my family to help me out of this. I am very sure that processing all these documents can cost about $1,000. Am waiting to hear from you, and will be very happy for any help given.

    1. Esther Bunny Brown

      I’m taking that some groups of people, such as the family that pulverized Lilian to a pulp, react more adversely to orgonite than others? Somebody ought to look at that family on the etheric side of things in case they did anything to Lilian’s orgonite (such as reporting it to anyone, even the secret police apparatus).

      1. Don Croft Post author

        I didn’t see a sign of that in her report, Esther, but I can tell you that all of the countries in teh United Arab Emirates have confiscated packages of orgonite–all of them that I’ve sent over the years to that region. I assume that the Brits are responsible and would love to do the same throughout the world if they were able. UK and Canada are the worst countries, second to UAR, for sabotage of our packages en route.

        1. Don Croft Post author

          The Chinese gov’t, I’m told, are openly confiscating orgonite cloudbusters that they’re able to find, according to a report I got from an American who had worked in China and still has contacts, there. This started happening early this year. I’m mentioning it because China is the first country, outside of East Africa, where orgonite is overtly targeted by a government. UAR confiscates it more covertly.

  2. Edward

    Sounds like the whole thing was a trap to stop her from healing people and spreading orgonite. Get her in another country cut off from her people with no papers and having to rely on her captors. This is awful! Sending much love, boosting and praying right now. Let’s all boost her captors too. Maybe her boss was triad, seeing how the orgonite bothered him so much and he’s Asian.

  3. Mrs. O

    Hi readers this email i got from Lillian today , so anyone can help her by sending the money through the Western Union or money gram name Florence Atieno, from Kenya. Or any body who might order bilo orgonite from us so that we can raise the money for that purpose. 1 bilo is $60 plus shipping
    Mrs. O

    Hi Don and Mrs O,
    For sure what am experiencing now in this country of Yemen, things are not easy with me . In fact in the course of all that i have gone through i happened to lose my passport plus some of my essential belonging, so now for me to be safe and travel out of this county am highly in need of $1000 and whoever may wish to support me can contact Mrs O or Prisca my sister from Uganda.

  4. Mrs. O

    Am very much sorry for what Lilian is going through in the hands of those termites. I wish I knew before traveling there, perhaps I would have advised you in the right way. UAE countries are not so good. There is a lot of frustrations that people do experience on their hands. I had a friend who was seriously put in an inhumane situation when he was working there with the United Nations Organization on a humanitarian mission.
    How I wish we can help you come out of this scenario. Very sad indeed.


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