“…but there seemed something more: an air of richness and growth,”

“Altogether 1420 in the Shire was a marvellous year. Not only was there wonderful sunshine and delicious rain, in due times and in perfect measure, but there seemed something more: an air of richness and growth, and a gleam of beauty beyond that of mortal summers that flicker and pass upon this middle-earth…The fruit was so plentiful that young hobbits very nearly bathed in strawberries and cream; and later they sat on the lawns under the plum trees and ate, until they made piles of stones like small pyramids or the heaped skulls of a conqueror, and then they moved on. And no one was ill, and everyone was pleased, except those who had to mow the grass.”

From “The Return of the King”, by J.R.R. Tolkien



July 27, 2017 – Alabama – Peanut crop could be bumper. Forecasts show conditions are ideal for peanut production.

July 25, 2017 – U.S. Doesn’t Need a Bumper Crop, Analyst Says | Successful Farming

September 11, 2017 – Irma could impact expected record peanut crop

September 29, 2017 – U.S. peanut production is on track to be the second largest ever.






That set of quotes immediately above shows that the folks in charge are not your friends, and are lying to you about basically everything, including the importance of a healthy harvest, and also environmentally-driven peanut crop damage.

It’s October, 2017, and Nature is booming and burgeoning to a level not seen in my lifetime. Since that statement directly refutes our State Religion, which holds that “Poor Mother Gaia is Dying, Crushed by the Virus-Like Burden of Mankind“, I’ve appended numerous recent examples below to support it.

It is purported that 2017 is the hottest year in the history of planet Earth. If that’s true, why does a story below read “A mild summer with moderate temperatures has resulted in a bumper bell pepper field crop across the nation”?

To maintain current programming levels, narrow eyes and bitterly affirm “yeah, but that’s there.”

We’ve turned the corner – the world has transformed – and we’re in the bizarre lag time until the heavily-programmed populace awakens to that fact. The programming they are in the thrall of is not permanent, however the great positive changes I’m documenting here are.

So it’s going to be a fun ride from here.





March 10, 2017 – Bumper crop of acorns in 2015 could increase canine Lyme risk in 2017


May 16, 2017 – So Far, Weather Aligns for Bumper Crop of Peaches


May 29, 2017 – Indiana – Strawberry season arrives with bumper crop


July 25, 2017 – U.S. Doesn’t Need a Bumper Crop, Analyst Says


July 27, 2017 – Alabama – Peanut crop could be bumper

Forecasts show conditions are ideal for peanut production.

“We have had good weather so far for peanut production,” said Auburn University Agronomist Brandon Dillard. “Even though the frequent rains usually bring more disease pressure, a combination of new varieties and better fungicide chemistries have held diseases in check so far.”

Dillard said there have not been many days with temps above 95 degrees.

“Humidity has been high, which makes it seem much hotter, but most of July we were in the high 80s or low 90s,” he said. “This is ideal for peanut production.”


August 10, 2017 – USDA forecasts record soybean production


August 28, 2017 – India – Bumper crop of rice expected in Sindh


September 5, 2017 – British vineyards toast bumper crop as Bordeaux suffers.


September 6, 2017 – Bumper crop lifts South Africa from abyss


September 7, 2017 – Vermont – Bumper crop of peaches gives tree-fruit season a sweet start

The Shelburne Orchards web site declares in large cheerful type: “There is an obscene amount of peaches this year!”


September 9, 2017 – Grape Farmers Expect Bumper Crop This Year


September 27, 2017 – Bumper crop yields in Manitoba

While harvest continues, 2017 has been stellar

Optimum summer conditions have led to bumper canola and wheat crops as harvest continues in Manitoba.

“If you go over a five-year average, or a 10-year average, I would say this is one of the better crops we’ve grown in recent memory,” Dan Mazier, Keystone Agricultural Producers president, said in a cbc.ca article this morning.

Summer’s timely rains, high daytime temperatures, and cool evenings were perfect for a banner growing season. Low humidity, along with moisture reserves from last fall, have contributed to above average yields as well.
“When we went into the dry cycles, we were pretty fortunate to have low humidity, so then not much disease. The plants were treated well all during the growing season,” said Mazier.

Recent rain has delayed soybean harvest slightly, the article explained. However, soybean, corn and sunflower harvests are still expected to be strong.

“From a farmer’s perspective, you look at it as the average,” Mazier said.
“You take these years – the good years – and you make up for the bad years, or the years that weren’t so good.”


September 11, 2017 – British Sugar sees bumper crop of over 1.4m tonnes of sugar

The sugar beet crop this season is developing well following recent favourable recent rainfall and temperatures, with the beet harvest set to start later this week, the group added.


September 12, 2017 – Cotton prices tumble after hurricanes fail to spoil a bumper crop


September 14, 2017 – Indiana – Bumper crop year for apple-picking
In fact, he’s expecting a bumper crop this year – possibly the most they’ve ever had.


September 15, 2017 – New England farms predict bumper crop of apples


September 18, 2017 – U.K. – Bumper crop of pumpkins thanks to wet summer

Best crop of pumpkins in 17 years


September 18, 2017 – Bumper crop floods bell pepper market in northern US – FreshPlaza

A mild summer with moderate temperatures has resulted in a bumper bell pepper field crop across the nation


September 18, 2017 – Australian farm production to fall following record breaking year


September 27, 2017 – Can you believe USDA’s September Crop Report? | Wallaces Farmer

If realized, it will be the third-highest yield and production on record for corn in Iowa.


September 27, 2017 – India – Buoyed by better showers, State authorities anticipate bumper crop


September 29, 2017 – U.S. peanut production is on track to be the second largest ever.


October 2, 2017 – Ivory Coast Cocoa Farmers See Bumper Crop After Slow Start …

This year’s cocoa harvest in top producer Ivory Coast may be starting slowly, but farmers say volumes will catch up in a few months and are forecasting another big crop to follow last season’s record.

Heavy rains in June and July caused flowers to fall off trees and while farmers have started reaping some pods, there are a lot fewer than this time last year, said Salam Pelega, the head of a cooperative in the Soubre region, one of the biggest cocoa-growing areas. However, the weather now is a “perfect” mix of rain and sun, he said. The main crop, the larger of two annual harvests, runs from October to March.

“Flowers and small pods are developing well,” Pelega said. “It means there will be a lot of cocoa later in the main crop, probably in January.”
October 5, 2017 – cereal prices down on bumper crop prospects – the United Nations


October 6, 2017 – After dicey spring, Texas vineyards aim for bumper crop


October 6, 2016 – Corn production is forecast at 14.5 billion bushels, up less than 1 percent from the previous forecast and up 4 percent from 2013. Based on conditions as of October 1, yields are expected to average 174.2 bushels per acre, up 2.5 bushels from the September forecast and 15.4 bushels above the 2013 average. If realized, this will be the highest yield and production on record for the United States

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