“Data! Data! Data!” he cried impatiently. “I can’t make bricks without clay.”

“Data! Data! Data!” he cried impatiently. “I can’t make bricks without clay.”

Sherlock Holmes, from “The Adventure of the Copper Beeches”, 1892




May 15, 2017 – 2017 UK summer forecast: Prolonged heat to once again dodge Britain


May 18, 2017 – Britain to face lack of heat this summer due to North Atlantic weather …


May 26, 2017 – Why everyone in Britain is coming down with a cold despite temperatures rising


June 3, 2017 – EXTREME BRITAIN: UK faces 3-MONTH heatwave before SNOWIEST winter in years

A FREAK weather event that brings wild conditions to the UK is to roar back and blast Brits


June 5, 2017 – UK weather: 50 mph gales as Icelandic winds put the blazing start to summer on hold.

“…it is going to feel relatively unseasonable and not pleasant at times.” “It is not going to be the best week for weather.”


June 19, 2017 – UK weather: 10 ways to keep your home cool in the heatwave – Property


July 24, 2017 – UK – SUMMER is on hold with grey skies and chilly showers forecast for the first week of the school holidays.


July 25, 2017 – UK weather latest: Rain, wind and cooler temperatures will be interspersed with sunshine bringing unpredictable weather to the UK for the rest of the summer, the Met Office has revealed.


August 8, 2017 – A low pressure kink in the jet stream is bringing cold and rain to the UK over the next few days, forecasters say. In the UK, “it does look like summer is still on hold,” BBC presenter Stav Danaos said in Weather for the Week Ahead.


August 10, 2017 – London is set to be hit with at least two more weeks of cold, wet, blustery weather,


August 15, 2017 – The UK is having its coldest summer holidays in 35 YEARS with the rain set to return this week


August 17, 2017 – U.K. – Unseasonably chilly August ahead for the eastern two-thirds – Daily Mail


August 31, 2017 – UK weather: Rain, thunder and plunging temperatures as summer draws to a close


September 1, 2017 – Britain’s summer 2017 was wetter but also warmer than average

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