‘World Remit’ Wants My Head

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I got the following in my mailbox, just now.  Dancan, it looks like whoever owns this financial institution desperately wants the ‘jailing agenda’ to remain unchallenged, so it might be safer (for me) if you will just ask Bilo customers to contact you privately for payment instructions & stop mentioning this London (!) corporation on EW.   Since they’re not stealing your money in transit I’ll consider this a positive development and a confirmation that Bilo has the potential to make the kikundi independent of foreign charity:

Dear Sir/ Madam,

It has come to our attention that our company, WorldRemit Ltd, is being used as the method of payment on your website: https://ethericwarriors.com/

We have not given you authorisation to use our company as a method of payment.

Kindly remove all reference to WorldRemit on the above-cited web site and any other web site(s), or draw this issue to the attention of the appropriate person.

We will continue to monitor your website for compliance. Should you require additional information or wish to further discuss this issue, please do not hesitate to contact us at legal@worldremit.com.


WorldRemit Legal Team

WorldRemit Legal Team

Email: wr_legal@worldremit.com

Direct: +44 (0) 207 148 6118

www.worldremit.com  |  WorldRemit Ltd., 2nd Floor, 62 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6AJ

18 thoughts on “‘World Remit’ Wants My Head

  1. Don Croft Post author

    Excellent idea, Carlos! The present bottleneck for the kikundi is convenient payment from abroad and the challenge is that all of the ‘convenient’ methods are owned by the same oligarchs who also run the sewer rat agencies and they’re heavy handed with interference. Western Union stole thousands of dollars from me at crucial times, for instance, and can’t be held accountable for it, other than for me to make a noise to expose them a bit more. Dancan is the go-to fellow for online payments and he’s experienced a lot of resistance and theft from all of the popular payment agencies and the local banks who area the middlemen where he lives.

    Crowdfunding is typically done for people who are developing a product and in this case, anyone who contributes through changa.co.ke would immediately get Bilo orgonite so that’s a potential step ahead for the kikundi.

    There are some famously reliable online services that are based in Africa, including MPesa, which is the intra-African version of Western Union but is very inexpensive and reliable, also widespread. For instance, when I looked at Migingo Island (in Lake Victoria) up close on google earth I saw icons for several MPesa payment facilities there 😉 and I don’t think there’s even room for anyone to lie down on that rock.

    ‘Changa’ is the Swahili word for ‘Mine.’

  2. Cyclingflinger

    Carlos bravo!

    The first attempt to write a reply was an answered closing of all my browser windows. Its called a brave browser google clown gold bug? 🙂

    Now, I rewrite what I wanted. After having some bigger boosts with Dancan and Edu, Iast sunday. I tried to scan Kenya energetically to find some good targets to gift. yes, that island on the rocks came to my mind while hoovering with the mouse, its near the coast of Migori. Don, are there even any smaller docks around there? The best target to gift or to gift more is the UN center in Nairobi. Its the expat Brussels for Kenya, to minor for good succes of evolution with their nasty tactics! Its the hdqt’s of criminals, war wagers and lesser affordable mercenaries. A have a big release of energy now, while Ibrahim’s friend got out of jail! Thank the creator of the creator of Orgonite 🙂

    One thing to say is that for long I haven’t met such nobility as Dancan’s prowess for orgonite, well done!

    Charles aka Cyclingflinger

  3. Edu

    We are sending our love today to the people at World Remit and their managers, since they refused to do Yu’s transaction and even closed his account. This way they may have a happier day and know the cause of it.

  4. Mrs. O

    We are going to see that we remove all the worldremit in our web as they proposed for the efficiency. I know that Dancan Will start doing it tomorrow
    Mrs O

  5. Don Croft Post author

    Charles– Migingo Island might be the most heavily gifted island on the planet 😉
    In 2009 it was a barren rock, only occasionally visited by fishermen from Uganda and Kenya who had to go that far from shore to find the fish. It’s actually quite far from shore.

    After Dancan, Chris Nicholas, who are fishermen (among other professions) had distributed orgonite in those waters the fish population exploded and then MIgingo became a permanent base. So much money was being made, there, that Uganda and Kenya almost went to war over its possession, which had been uncertain, before, and wasn’t an issue. Perhaps because of all that orgonite the troops from each country who went there didn’t come to blows and a token force remains there–I think Chris was recently there and can tell the number.

    The neighboring, larger island of Ugingo was a desert, before, but now people are farming there because the orgonite generates regular rainfall.

    As soon as I’m able, I intend to go back to East Africa, learn Swahili and document all of the historic work that the kikundi have accomplished in all of those countries. It’s easy to see why the City of London Corporation (erstwhile heart of the corporate world order, before Peking blindsided them all 😉 ) wants so desperately to put them out of business by directing (extorting?) the courts and police of Kenya, S Sudan, Tanzania and Ethiopia to impoverish and isolate them.

    Shortly before the kikundi’s signal commercial and popular successes of 2009 Judy Lubulwa had flipped nearly all of the death towers in Nairobi but I was never able to persuade her to thrown in with the kikundi and she eventually spent a couple of years in prison for her good work, then has suffered quite a lot since then.

    When Carol was in Kenya, Nairobi was as smoggy as Los Angeles and Mexico City used to be, before the death towers in those cities were flipped many years ago. She found it hard to breathe, there. Now, Nairobi is also essentially smog free.

    Doc Batiibwe in Uganda had flipped most of the weather weaponry on Nairobi’s outskirts, very soon after he and I worked together in Uganda in 2003. Even though he has advanced in his career there are British agents in Uganda’s bureaucracy who still try their best to destroy him. Otherwise, I think Uganda might be the only country on the planet where one need not fear the quasi-government $#!+birds if one is in the orgonite and/or zapper trade, thanks largely to Doc Kayiwa and ‘Secret Supporter,’ there.

    Thanks for sharing that, Edu, because any justified, critical public comment about one of these noxious corporations exposes them some more. Exposure is any parasite’s worst fear.

  6. Don Croft Post author

    Charles, I think Google[NSA] is the corporate world order’s ‘clown face.’ I wonder what similarly works to describe FaCIAbook in a simple term ;-). So far, FaCIAbook hasn’t sabotaged the newly activated EW blogsite, there. They’ve been heavy handed with overt censorship, otherwise.

    Google tried for five years to get established in China, then they retreated in shame last year around the same time that I saw an interview of the ‘third richest man in China,’ who is a kid who ‘owns the biggest search engine in China.’ Nobody gets rich in China unless he/she plays an eager role in that criminal regime, I’m quite sure.

  7. Carlos

    I knew for years the Kikundi were generous to a fault with their orgonite and zappers but recently I’ve learned it’s a whole Kenyan cultural thing. They have a name for it – ‘harambee’ – which literally means ‘all pull together’. It’s also in their coat of arms.

    1. Don Croft Post author

      That’s an important point for westerners to understand, thanks Carlos. I didn’t realize that there’s a term for it but anyone who’s been to Africa knows that Africans typically prefer to work closely in groups, unlike people in the West, where the emergency funds typically originate for the kikundi.
      I look forward to exploring this cultural dynamic (and other essential AFrican ones) after I finally learn Swahili and can discuss things with a wide variety of people in East Africa. Before, I was restricted by only knowing English during my visits to Africa but those trips were very productive and enjoyable, at least..

  8. Mrs. O

    Thanks for giving a clear history of our success and the tiresome work in our regions that we have done in the last few years. In fact its true that Migingo and Ugingo is now a place of good lives and i know that since Chris and Nicholas have resorted to be there frequently now with the bilo orgonite, good lives are going to be realized and the changes are going to be maximized.
    Any one can buy bilo at affordable price and even our people will benefit from the sales.
    Mrs O

  9. Don Croft Post author

    I see that creepy World Remit has now blocked Dancan’s account. I’ve come to expect that every time the corporate order makes these moves against us it’s a sign that something better is on the horizon 😉

  10. Edward

    Maybe it’s time again for all the contributors to this sight to schedule a time that we can all silmultaneously boost each of our tormentors.

    1. Edu

      We’ve being doing this for many months now, me, Charles and Yu. Recently Dancan and Tomas joined us. Mrs O also chatted with us in the last chat. We focused on boosting our attackers/hackers this time because last week they prevented Dancan and Tomas from chatting most of time and most of us had experience hard psychic attacks. We boosted the interference with payments for the kikundi also. They really don’t like when get together to do this kind of work. Just boosting our current attackers upwards to the hierarchy works even if one can’t directly get psychic intelligence about the targets, if you keep the work focused for an hour or more. We are still looking for gifted people able to support us psychically though.

  11. Don Croft Post author

    You guys are doing well and have momentum, which might be the most important thing for now. I’m very glad to know that the kikundi are participating. The psi potential of most Africans is quite high and there’s a vitality to it that has been rare in the West for a very long time–since the 1500s, perhaps. The agenda to suppress imagination and curiosity was well established among Europoids by then but it never got a toe-hold in Africa.

    They turned another corner on the way to prosperity and independence when they started making Bilo and it’s happening in ways that I certainly didn’t foresee.

    Dancan’s report of progress toward local government recognition is a case in point. That dynamic has more potential for ending the imprisonment agenda than foreign charity could accomplish, in my opinion, and it’s doubly significant to me because it’s a solution that the kikundi came up with on their own. I feel that imagination is a more important asset than money is. Who could ever conceive that we few orgonite flingers (mostly the secretive ones, perhaps) could produce such grand results throughout the world? 😉


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