Chris: Gifting in Muhuru Bay and Migingo and Ugingo

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Today me Dancan together with Nicholas we did a thorough gifting in Lake Victoria and more so on the Muhuru Bay towards Migingo Islands. For the purpose of political instability of both our countries Uganda and Kenya we thought it wise to gift along the borders. We managed to visit even the Islands of both Migingo and Ugingo where we met and interact with fishermen from the great East Africa i.e. Uganda Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya. We also even met some fishermen from Congo. It was a healthy move for we even had enough time to talk and lecture the fishermen on the impact of the orgonite and zapper. In fact this time we had time to introduce fully the bilo orgonite in the fishing production.

We got one fishermen who was poison two weeks ago even before he arrived on the Island, he testifies to us that he had attended some medical doctors in his country of Rwanda but no proper solution had been realized, so we immediately applied zapper which responded immediately and in fact we left him in a better condition that really perplexed many. Through that we were forced to freely give some fishermen the zapper for protection and we know all will be well with them.

In fact the only hardship that we encountered is how we can fully serve the news guys from Uganda and Burundi with the zappers and the bilo for protection. They need a bigger number of the bilo even though they didn’t have the money. So as a matter of helping them and for sensitization purposes, Dancan promised them that by next week we may see a way of taking to them some bilo and the zappers.

Generally we have realized that all the gifting which we had been doing there has really did several works that has really helped the people living around the Lake region and we are very happy that all will be well. The Lake water is very clean and pure for domestic consumption. On the fishing industry in fact along the Muhuru Bay the fishing industry has really increased and fishermen are fully celebration due to the good produce of fish. We could not manage to forget the farming, along the lake region, and we are very sure that the work that we did today is of a greater value.


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