Dancan Explaining the effect of Bilo

Dancan giving one Bilo to a security officer

Dancan throwing Bilo to the scene


Sunday night was a day like no other. It was in the middle of the night when a big blaze , roaring like a lion consumedĀ  one of the most protected area in Migori county, the county Finance and records store at the county headquarters. We just came from a funeral where we had gone for a burial of one of our friends and were having some time together in a hotel in town for a postmortem. We heard a siren moving towards the direction of the offices and we were shocked. There was a big illumination ahead. We just had to move towards the same direction to confirm what the matter was. Definitely, we could not leave behind our Bilo Orgonite.

On reaching the scene, the most unexpected was the case. An office, in the same compound with the office of the governor and adjacent to the County assembly, was on fire. We were informed that it was the store where the County finance department was having their records stored. How it caught fire was unknown. The security officers informed us that they had tried to put out the fire but to no vain. They used the fire extinguisher equipment at the county offices but they could not succeed. They had to call for a fire extinguisher van from Sony Sugar Company.

The struggle to put out fire continued with very little success. We took an opportunity and I had to throw one of the most powerful Bilo into the burning place. That is what led to the great success. The next office was almost catching fire but what we did saved the situation. By that time, the office was already over-consumed and very little remained.

Rumors is going around that the county government had hand in what was going on and that the fire was started by the same. The anti-corruption had previously probed various officials on various corruption scandals and it was still going on with its investigations. It is rumored that fire was set up to interfere with the evidence so that they could walk scot-free. We did boosting against the cause of the fire and the people who initiated the same if any.

This is another time that gifting is carried out in a very sensitive area where government is housing itself. Luckily, we did it successfully without any interference. I hope that very soon, the government will know the importance of Bilo Orgonite and will want to use the same.


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