Dancan Adding purity to Nyamgongo Swamp in Butsotso

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Nyamgongo swamp is found in Butsotso area within Kakamega county of Western Kenya. The swamp was dug by the Srilankans in aid of the local residentsĀ  to solve the problem of water shortage. It was launched in 1952 and completed in 1958.

The swamp is the source of the people’s livelihood, starting from their animals like cattle to domestic use. The people around the place have also kept fish in the swamp as a source of food.

The main problem of the people depending on this swamp is that the waters, for the first tgime is drying up, despite having the usual inlet kept as it should be. The residents are so worried because they have introduced fish fingerlings and it is the very water that helps them even in public institutions like the schools around there. The students fetch water from here and use it in school.

Research done by the people around here has found out that there is some crop that was introduced in this water and it is consuming a lot of this water slowly. We met the chairman of the community group and told him about Bilo Orgonite. He was very excited and took us to the swamp so that we could put some field Bilo that can help eradicate this plant. I also left the chairman Mr. Elisha Magero some pieces to apply all around the swamp continuously to finish this problem, and we believe it will be done at the end of the day.

Dancan explaining to Mr. Magero about Bilo

Dancan demonstrating how to put Bilo

Mr.Magero gifting the swamp by himself

Mr.Magero doing gifting

1 thought on “Dancan Adding purity to Nyamgongo Swamp in Butsotso

  1. Chris

    Chris: Thank Dancan for such an historic work. I know the work that you have done there will produce a good fruits that will last in that are. I was once in that area and their major problem was the sufficient and clean water and your work there will really boost their needs.


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