The Most Prolific Bicycle Gifter on the Planet?

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Charles in Belgium has been flipping death towers strategically for several years and has a very good sense for which ‘cultural’ sites also need orgonite in order to undermine the ancient corporate order some more. ย I recently told him that I envy Europeans for having such a rich collection of such poisoned sacred sites, which are typically marked with occult symbolism.

An advantage do doing this with a bicycle is that it’s much more difficult for surveillance teams to follow us. Carol and I found that out when we gifted Gonzaga University on our bicycles–apparent Jesuit priests dressed as maintenance men glared at us from their vehicles when we left the roads on campus ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย  –‘We’re not happy until they’re not happy.’

I’m posting this intro so that Charles can regularly post his reports and photos.

Thanks, Charles!


30 thoughts on “The Most Prolific Bicycle Gifter on the Planet?

  1. Cyclingflinger

    Hi fellow gifters,

    Since we lost Chuck and our previous forum, I have been cycling farther and longer to gift bigger old- school targets in the flemish region. This time the monastery of Tongerlo. It is a traditional monastery as the one of Westmalle that I have gifted previously. It is home to the Norbertines (white canons), the traditional beer has been brewed up till the French revolution. Now, it is externally brewed in Haacht near Mechlin. Strangely next to a bread- and bookshop, the monastery has also a small museum dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci. It has a replica of the last supper painted by his student Andrea Solari (1506-7). I mention this because I felt an energetic pentagram just at the door (14th century) of the monastery church. Emphasized it on the picture.

    I am eager to show this as the monastery is behaving like an older form of dor-projecting tech. Everything concerning it, is being kept secret and there always lingers a cloud of mystery around it. Good to be able to shine some more orgonite energy through those shadows. So you become a monk, get in there and live there till you die off giving your own energy to a parasitic system of belief?

    The monastery was founded in honour of the blessed virgin Mary in 1128AD. You will note a picture I took situated on a leyline keypoint which the monastery uses to harness its energies for its own sake. Miniatures are often used in traditional occultism and see how they made a miniature of the church itself.

    Flinging some more in the town of Westerlo, next to Tongerlo. The usual deathcells on the regular- and watertowers. The main square in the city is triangular (masonic), ironic? (fountain pic). The city hall is also very big on masonic money being a relaxation resort in the past for the cities. Take this with a grain of salt but this morning when I saw this picture, the fountainโ€™s projective energy made me think about some tower symmetry of a babylonian ziggurat? Very, very subtle! Maybe, it is the symbolism of death that it is portraying and projecting. Well gifted now! ๐Ÿ™‚

    More to follow.


    Link to the pic gallery

    Under which format do we precisely post pics on the blog? (trying direct link)

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Thanks for posting those observations, Charles. I think that a lot of the power of this unorganized movement is that we each find the work itself empowering and perhaps enlightening in a real sense. We each own it, in fact, and when we follow through with our hunches we seem to connect in a profoundly intimate way with an overarching, unseen hierarchy of eager helpers and guides, who some of us like to refer to as ‘The Operators.’ This internal bond also connects us to each other, perhaps like soldiers in battle are connected but without the mayhem; it’s all fun and rewarding, regardless of the bizarre helicopter visits that are still experienced by our European cohorts.

      The profound effect of a batch of curing orgonite on one’s own spirit/psyche is a wonderfully empowering phenomenon and this actually seems to be enough to keep some people committed to this work. The equally invigorating and liberating feeling of tossing it in the vicinity of targets is another motivator, as you’ve demonstrated magnificently over the years.

      In the US, decades ago (before the internet) some products were only sold on television and radio and at the end a phone number was given and an emphatic statement, ‘[telephone] Operators are standing by to take your call!’ I mention this from time to time because our associates outside N America and/or too young to remember what it was like before the internet probably get confused when we use that term to indicate our unseen helpers. DB introduced the term in 2002. This is a worldwide, grassroot movement and not an American one.

      The enemy do their best to keep people isolated from each other, as you pointed out. A lot of large-scale campaigns are carried out by small groups, as exemplified by the East African kikundi, and when physical networking is not feasible we’ve met, internationally, in chatrooms on a regular basis to do etheric work together. Many years ago I had a feeling that there would be many informal chatroom/psi groups doing this work and yours has now become established as the second one associated with this website. It’s probably important to know that when we receive what may be visions and insights it may not become manifest on our schedule, of course. The Germans used to say, ‘God’s time is the best time.’ Since the term, ‘God,’ has unfortunately become such a red herring and mind-control buzzword–a major Tavistock cultural coup in the West?–‘The Operators’ has seemed to fill the breech for us in terms of indicating the dynamics of personal faith in this effort and that’s been a coup for us.

      Carlos and I were discussing how sometimes terms are popularized that seem to fall short of their full potential. We feel that ‘orgonite’ is one of those and I’ve always felt that ‘gifting’ is another. I don’t particularly like the new-agey (theosophy/Tavistock) patina around the word, ‘gifting,’ (these British-Intelligence trolls are past masters at turning nouns into verbs to enforce blind, dogmatic conformity) but I get some solace from the fact that ‘gift’ means ‘to poison’ in archaic German and we certainly poison the parasitic order with this vital life force when we toss orgonite around their infrastructure and their hiding, noxious institutions.

      If anyone objects to the term, ‘The Operators,’ I’d like to know why in case it feels less than appropriate to many people.

      Regarding the masonic monument: if one looks at masonic dogma objectively it’s pretty obvious that it’s mainly based on old Jewish temple rituals which had become perverted with Babylonian ugliness, perhaps during the dominant tribe’s ‘captivity.’

      Before there was theosophy there were other mass mind control protocols in place, after all, and I think most of it can be traced back to Babylon. The Phoenicians (who were NOT Jews, by the way) were Babylonian proselytes who spread that poison far and wide for fun, mayhem and profit. They preferred piracy and plunder over trade, for instance, and only resorted to trade as a last result. Hannibal was a Phoenician and nearly conquered Rome/Italy after taking Sicily, France and Iberia; Carthage was simply a Phoenician colony. History is endlessly fascinating when we’re not dependent on institutionalized scholars for information and when we don’t have a dogma axe to grind.

      Someday, maybe it will be obvious that committing to this effort is more enlightening, in a real sense, than spending 20 years with a guru or earning a PhD in philosophy could be. This is something we don’t discuss much, so thanks again for bringing that dynamic up, Charles.

      I’m still being hacked from accessing this website’s homepage but I can get to the admin setup, which I don’t know how to navigate very well, yet If I were more computerate I wouldn’t be such an easy mark for these irritating little NSA bridge trolls. When I sometimes get exercised about overt hacking, Carol reminds me to just try again the next day but it’s been about a month since I got hacked out our of this website so maybe I can earn some points for being an obvious target in this case. When I submit this for posting it’s going to show up in my own email box, where I can approve it ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Mjomba Don

      1. Cyclingflinger

        Thank you Don!

        It has been a strange device quest! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Instead of having servers hacking everyone around, we should have more resin to be able to create those same volumes with positive intents. That’s the pure fabric of our greater human skills!

        In dutch you have the word “ver-gif”, which is poison and being poisoned is ver-gift-ed! In German ver-gift-et.

        Weirdly in french you have “poison” (gif) and “poisson” (fish), I didn’t knew there was so much mercury back into the french language!

        After all, isn’t life the most sexual transmitted disease? I would like to be able to speak on a more emotional proficient way and congratulate people who enforce the good into this realm!

        Here is another site i found out, which holds important infrastructures to gift! Just get the orgonites near those targets and the operators will appear out of nothing? Breakages work, but lucid crystals gives the best vibes off!

        I will show you some pics I’ve made about places I thought to have gifted well, but when moving out there is no-one who will fill your own role and then you will have to come back!

        V-spots are all over Antwerp, it was called “Vergelltungswaffen” 1 oder 2. A type 2 hit the ciname Rex, and a lot of people never came back home to their family, I think isreal zionism (frustrated german jews) got their mission achieved … sigh monsters! I’m also adding what I gifted today and hope for the eternity! (Cycling back to Boechout)

        Here are the pics:

        Traces of war would become bastions of orgonites!


        1. Don Croft Post author

          Thanks for elucidating ‘gift,’ Charles, and the related, relevant comments. That’s a hoot (not the owl call but a laugh ;-))!
          How far have you ridden your bike on orgonite flinging missions?

  2. Cyclingflinger

    I got busy last tuesday with adding more orgonite in the flemish campines near Turnhout! This time Oud-Turnhout and Arendonk. Arendonk used to be a german military base, there are still 81 munition depots to be gifted but I’m advancing. I would also like to thank the secret little gifters that are helping me out! It makes a gifter’s life more easy to grid and get the big sylphs signals to work out.

    Another fun story to tell is I pissed off a local agent by throwing some more orgonites into the street water well. One of the best feelings out there when your orgonite reaches the water. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The agent was waiting for me at the local supermarket and made her stupid move by trying to infiltrate my own aura, being rude and gesting her arm near my own life bubble or electro-magnetic personal energy. She even stalked me on the parking when I was unchaining my bicycle. Her name is Anja and she used to work as a fiscalist??? She told me I could rent her house because of the unconfortability of my own orgonites? Typicall agent talk.Well, she hasn’t moved yet. She also got a dog and some signs on when I threw some more around her place. She also thinks she is the dorry gaurdian of Fort Oelegem. Simple orgontie and continuous efforts makes the world a better place!

    Here is the link to what I continued in Turnhout.


  3. Jeff MIller

    Hi, Charles – per your comment “the monastery is behaving like an older form of dor-projecting tech. “…

    I pulled the following quotes from an old book I read on vacation. In it you can see the attempted obfuscation of the pirated-vortex nature of the ‘sacred’ sites, and also the black magic “skull and crossed bones” tell.

    Thought you might enjoy:

    โ€œThe earliest history of the Collegiate Church of St. Peterโ€™s, Westminster, need not detain us here. The legend of a Temple built by the Romans on this spot has been generally discredited; but it is certain that it has, from very early ties, been considered a sacred place. The word โ€˜terriblis,โ€™ which by some has been thought to refer to refer to the wild and uncultivated state of the island of Thorney, was more likely to have bee used by old writers in the biblical sense, to imply โ€˜holyโ€™.โ€

    โ€œSt. Paulโ€™s Cathedral, as we have seen, stands on the site of a Saxon, of a Norman and of a Gothic cathredral, with a tradition of a heathen temple which is now discredited.โ€

    โ€œOn the south side of the (Westminster Abbey โ€“ ed) Alter is the tomb of Anne of Cleves, with the skull and cross bones decorationโ€ฆโ€

    London as an Art City, The Langham Series of Art Monographs, by Mrs. Steuart Erskine, 1904

  4. Cyclingflinger

    Every time I write I get my posts swallowed, I don’t bother anymore I just send the pics.

    Nexus leylined Bergen Op Zoom in the Netherlands has been cleared!

    An agent came by from U base Woensdrecht and gave me the demon spit! He told me I would go to jail because I throwed some plastics before a dutch police academy. He protected his base. What a human joke?


  5. Cyclingflinger

    Another quick way to understand orgonite and life force applications are the books and works of Franz Bardon!

  6. Don Croft Post author

    Since Bardon was a kabbalist and kabbala is a production of the corporate order (pre-theosophy) it might be more useful to understand the dynamics of magic by reading sources that are not sponsored by the enemy. That’s why we offer the PDF of Max Freedom Long’s book about his experiences with Hawaiian magic, here. It’s almost impossible to find clean sources for this sort of info because the corporate order is founded on sorcery and their agenda has always been to flood the field with their own garbage so that seekers will lose energy and give in while hunting for the truly empowering sources. The fact that the enemy can’t censor the clean sources is encouraging and ought to energize one’s hunt.

    Information in Long’s book has been extremely useful for us in our international chatroom efforts for many years.

    I’ve always been fond of the author, Idries Shah, because he traveled the world to compile documentation of various magic traditions and seemed to approach this subject with appropriate objectivity and a rational mind. His book, Oriental Magic, empowered me in the years before I was able to finally find information on the conspiratorial nature of history and secret government in 1984. He proved that all of the world’s magical systems originated from one source and share common features.

    The only reason I don’t link to that book, here, is because Shah is reputed to have been an agent for the enemy. The fact that i never found references to theosophy dogma (including reincarnation myths) or kabbala in his books supports my impression that he was not a disinformant. Also, rationality and objectivity are inimical to the enemy’s goal of keeping the masses hypnotized and dumbed down so that’s another evidence that Idries Shah was an independent agent. He also lacks the ME-ME-ME-oriented, brutish spirituality that characterizes all of the fakery that has come out of the City of London’s Tavistock since the 1600s. If he was, indeed, sponsored by Tavistock to work and travel then he mastered the ability to convey empowering information without actually promoting the intellectually castrating dogma of the banksters’ agents. We see that a lot among the production artists in Hollywood who work for the CIA but manage to slip empowering information into their creations. Carol and I have gotten loads of actionable intel from movies and from DVDs of TV series over the years.

    David Livingstone, perhaps, has done the most work in exposing the medieval (Zionist/luciferic) origins of kabbalah and even linking it to the luciferic Wahhabi sect of Islam that is the basis for the lately successful undermining of Islamic culture and the creation of the corporate terrorism scam.

  7. Cyclingflinger

    Yes, thank you for reminding me Don. I will have a look at Long’s book. I think I’ve got off-track because I went pounding some EP’s into more heavy targets. So the attacks were mentally amplified and got confused about those etheric condensators in one of his books. Enough of this qlippoth! This time the ruins of the priory of Our Lady in the middle of the military base of Grobbendonk, called “Ten Toon” (15th century). Strange, as I always read energetically this name: “the Throne”. It’s bordering bizarrely the Albert channel. Also, the biggest castle around in Vorselaar which is a familial thing got a big EP. As this castle was bought up by a big pharmaceutical company called Janssen (complex near Turnhout). When observing near the base, I’ve found someone with an italian plate number passing by in his car. This next to the base in the middle of nowhere? A big blue hole was punched! Here are the pics:

    You will also see some towers and other places I’ve added orgonite before reaching the EP targets. They all add up for breaking the chem blanket!


  8. Don Croft Post author

    Charles, some of us like to share books informally and nobody’s an authority on which authors are trustrworthy or not so some frank discussion is usually productive.

    I think I’ve read most of Miles Mathis’ papers, except the most recent ones, about the false nature of popular culture and celebrity and he condemns some of the authors that I conditionally recommend, for instance–certainly including Idries Shah and Eustace Mullins. i still recommend Mathis’ writings even though I’m not in complete agreement with him.

    This sort of flexibility is an intellectual survival skill, I think, and very few people will exercise it, including most of the authors I’ve read. Recognizing our own deep prejudices can easily enable us to stop defending them.

    In the context of this orgonite effort, of course, we prove our worth through our fieldwork, as you’ve been doing with exemplary determination, insight and resourcefulness.

    Over the years, I think the conspiracy information and history that I’ve read has helped to clarify my sense of purpose and that strengthens my resolve to undermine the tyranny of parasites. The fact that I love reading that stuff is a bonus. These days, I put most of my aviation effort into becoming proficient with paragliders, which are the most fun flying for me, too. All of that is helping me to be a better and safer pilot, so the payoff is when I can occasionally afford to fling some orgonite in risky areas from an airplane.

    If the field work we do weren’t fun and fulfilling, how could we continue?

  9. Cyclingflinger

    Yes Don, sorry for being that negative on books, but almost all books I have in my library are free-masonic based, especially on egyptology, and then the good books gets burned like the ones of Wilhelm Reich ofc. Its not easy to find a well read writer like Miles (warrior) Mathis (artist)! I think its far more interactive and emotionally to pass on stories by speech itself. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You can make funny gestures while doing this and get more attention! ๐Ÿ˜‰ But why are we fuzzing about this we should get Lilian out of hell!

    I try to clear out and get more good orgonite around in Belgium. All bits add to a larger non-summit. The place where Lilian stays now feels like a horrible medieval castle and at last I can begin to get some insights into my own family and now how to destroys those gates of hell that were imposed upon flemish and walloons in Belgium. Don’t tell me they want to divide the place where Lilian is originating from?

    When so much of the Kikundi are motivated I get off my own life horse! I’m sorry if I went to much crypto-moron again … Its all for us to see behind our noses … No words just feelings!

    Now back on track!

    Last gifting in Vorselaar didn’t went that smoothly. I put a big EP near my aunt’s ancient castle and nothing happened. Allthough I came by two years ago to put an end to this misery “cachot enferming” a medieval soulwell! Many traders have been lurked by forest mercenaries into its pits ….

    I got back and gifted some more to find a very big cardinal boarding school leeching on the well? Even an international Thomas Moore school? What would be those “intendants” doing near the castle? I live now in a village that has the same coat of arms as the castle lords, the “de Werve de Schilde”. The castle is named: “de Borrekens de Vorselaar”. Yet, the armor coatings were the same, something big went wrong in the 16th century.

    I remember by my own name that we were forced back in Napoleon times, to get rid of our noble title. Now, you kow why I gift so hard. There is no nobility, there is only keen heart. I can’t go back now!

    Please have a look at the picture I took and the signs I drawn that made the symbolism of it.

    One friend got my out of here and its Dirk, I hope he is doing well in the Netherlands!


    Here is the link to the pics:

  10. Don Croft Post author

    Charles, thanks for the personal information and history because it helps us know you better. For many years, I’ve complained to people for only posting tallies of orgonite thrown and neglecting to share personal data and observations of aftereffects (positive results) of their field work.

    Thanks, too, for being willing to engage me in conversation about books and information sources. I suppose that if one were to find a genuinely empowering book in any public or institutional library it would be on account of that library’s censors’ lapse of diligence ๐Ÿ˜‰ but just about every empowering book on the planet is available, usually for no cost, online as a PDF because there are plenty of people who want what we want in this world, which is intellectual freedom, and anyone who has minimal computer skills can post a book PDF. When I was a kid, there were only a dozen book publishers on the planet and they are owned by the same families who want to enslave and murder humanity. They also owned the distribution infrastructure, of course–until the internet showed up.

    I gather that Dirk has been focusing most of his available time and resources on targets in The Netherlands and Southern France.

  11. Cyclingflinger

    I think I owe Dirk some apologies. He was there from the very first begin to help me out as a noob against the tyranny of the money-diggers. Always answering every question I had in the good practical sense. I took the opportunity and harassed him with a load of questions and reports.

    He took my pictures and writings from a very questionable forum and helped me to get here, thanks!

    I know you will heal well in time, and the sooner the better! My hat off for gifting Groningen, I can’ bike that far.:)

    Know that the southern and northern part of the Netherlands will be unified once again, thanks to gifting orgonite!

    Good gifting!


  12. Cyclingflinger

    Hi everyone,

    We boosted Lilian a lot today and you can already remark the biggest targets on the forum. What sounded important to me to boost were the ministries of foreign affairs, both in Uganda and Yemen. This is important as being the human links between ourselves and the enemy.

    While boosting it came obvious to me that I forgot to gift a big graveyard in Herentals, especially those near railways. So, I hopped on the bicycle right after the chat and flinged some more there!

    It was pretty funny as I was followed by a red chopper near the Albert channel that had to constantly fly low and didn’t know how to fly with all people enjoying the indian summer (equilibrating weather by boosting and gifting). A good thing is to get near other people, sympathize and start showing more attention on the chopper. He had to vanish! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Some more biking and they send a drone of the military base of Grobbendonk. I was only able to take one pic, as the others were erased (all black in the memory?). I began to laugh instantly, getting rid of the “dor” excess which I had been attacked with from before the chat. I belief, laughter yoga is the best one! During the chat, a mini red copter flied over taking away my attention during boosting. When they can’t take down and renew all the infrastructure like a road, they add sheeps? Referring to their own symbolism?

    Arriving at the target, I found a masonic ceremonial burying chamber all built with no names in it? Like some kind of ceremonial vault? Never encountered this one before.

    Here are the pics and you can always add some extra boosts for Lilian!


  13. Cyclingflinger

    Last week I jumped on the bicycle and went on with my gifting campaign. This time the town of Geel!

    In dutch it means yellow?? Like the fever they (the sewer rats from the middle-ages) plagued on us in our small villages?

    I used to know a girl (monarch wizz kid) who lived there and send a big package of orgonite around the province? It was during the time as I was considered as an extra toilet paper sheet within a questionable toilet forum on wannabee orgonites, like plastic surgeons and their money wallets …

    This person tried to sell my own stuff and is behind guru bars now … ๐Ÿ™‚ No comments! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Anyways, I was greeted by a big sylph when entering the big old market place of yellowness!

    Next time, I will be hitting the madhouse closer!

    Remark on the pics that are on the big square, they printed a pic from WWII when artillery was firing? Now, you get people passing by and having the same skies but no questions at all?

    I really belief we kill all “pokรฉmon demons” with a realistic resonance while we are gifting orgonite! ๐Ÿ™‚

    This time, I lost fifteen minutes around looking for a tower that should be gifted, it was a mini tele-rad(t) one???

    Never got to those ones in the past, but hey, they mangle micro and macro together, you know the new french A-hole president we call him micron!

    On the way back, some bastards threw a dead fox in the river? Next to a boat where animal cruelty is considered normal? Foxes like to impeach rats! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  14. Cyclingflinger

    Two months ago, I went on gifting an important and bigger monastery on a vortex point, situated on two important leylines in flemish county. The abbey of Averbode! Those monks produce books not beer in their own allegory ..

    Here are the pics:


  15. edward

    Wow, that one church without the giant crucifix and that little chapel at the top of the stairs were rife with esoteric occult and masonic symbolism! Good gifting!!!!

  16. Cyclingflinger

    Thanks Ed, it surely was a good gifting trip, but it needs more! I felt someone had already tried to gift the little humane graveyard below belonging to the town of Averbode itself, not the VaticAnus!

    Jeff thanks for the mention of Westminster, I feel back at my poetry grade at flemish college, where I had to learn about Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury tales. I hope to be able to gift those in the future. They attacked me quite a time for this, as its only now that I could even read your post answer?! The interesting thing would be to gift all what connects those monasteries aka the leylines.

    Here is my next gifting report, going back into Antwerp’s masonic necropole: the Schoonselhof. It really feels like being into Hades’ occult realm but we can harmonise their Venus and have the earth’s energies for themselves as a change! To put it plainly, overthrowing bad energies with more equilibrating frequencies!I learned now how to gift at the biggest obelisk concentration point.

    Here are the pics:

    PS: The city pricks of London are trying to force problems into Kenya, why because they haven’t ruined all forest and wildlife with their symbolism as in old-europe yet! So, thats why they have a problem with Bilo orgonite! In Africa you can still make the strongest orgonite around!


  17. Cyclingflinger

    Hi fellow gifters,

    I found this strange and weird atlas. It’s masonic to the bone, so better have all its points of interest gifted in the long run!

    I could even find targets, that weren’t gifted that strongly at my place, like an animal skull museum that is bordering the grid near Herentals. Or, the Mercator (Gerard de Kremer) museum in Sint-Niklaas in eastern flanders.

    Gift well!


  18. Cyclingflinger

    Buongiorno tutti!

    Fall season has set up these days and its much more demanding to go gift on the bike, but no worries you can always gift deeper into your own realm and that’s what I’m doing these days. Trying to create more and more orgonite to gift around and a new PW for the change! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I didn’t shout that overtly enough on creating more batches of orgonite as it helps every energetic situation out there, no matter how negative stakes are, they get reduced and having your new batch curing is always a win to win situation. That is the most normal reaction that a human spirit can have without being conditioned to evil!

    I would like to ask some other gifters if they have seen such statue in their own environment? It feels like a culmination of masonic idiom. Any translators on those hebrew signs would be welcomed. I like more to be on the field gifting than losing time studying books that would give silent or secret meanings … I learned this from Gare, your home is the world itself not the residential number you have chosen!

    You see we advance with our orgonite giftings but the bureaucrats like to annihilate all nature and that’s why the little town of Edegem is being urbanised to hell. It was a southern oasis of green to Antwerp and now it has become a building complex with gardens? Go figure?

    Every time we create more simple orgonite we master our spirit which is the group spirit that has been set here, not the individual one as any lack of the group creates a tyrant? Did anyone really felt that bad by asking help and being helped after all?

    Sorry, to ask so many questions but in the end, is that the fluffy bunny part of our brains would make place for the sturdiest intellectual acknowledgements that simplicity is the most efficient way. I learned it with orgonite and now with food too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Here are the pics around Edegem and Mechlin:


    1. Cyclingflinger

      Good morning fellow gifters,

      Spring is back and what a better time to resume gifting orgonite. In the winter it was merely adding and maintaining the grid that has been growing over the years. Short days, little travels and ofc more boostings!

      Last weekend I went gifting to the east of Antwerp in the land of Waas (province of Oost-Vlaanderen) in the towns of Melsele, Zwijndrecht and Beveren. Gridding the way to the dutch border (I want to reach a dutch town full of bulwarks in the near future) and the belgian nuclear facility called Doel. At my place it is the most disgusting source of negative orgone. It has a very big range and affects so much people in town.

      I had the chance to gift a plaisance castle: Hof Ter Saksken, which was used as a general hindquarter ๐Ÿ™‚ for the german troops during the first WW. It gaurded the railway for sustaining logistical support up to the front in Yper. Some wierdo kid followed me and I could catch him on pic. The minute I uncovered him he didn’t knew what to do and went hiding behind the building, haha.

      Another good thing was to be able to hit the waters around the Fort of Zwijndrecht. This fort is still under belgian military occupation and the acces is strongly prohibited. Sentinel patrols with wardogs. Every time you keep gifting around a dory subject, you create new patways for reaching your target more precisely. It becomes easier and easier. This time I could find a breach in the wooded parts and had some flinging fun hitting the water, always a nice sound. When I arrived there were obvisously sheople in the way and had to return some time after. One of the best confirmations are heavy flocks of birds flying above you to thank you personally for the normal positivity that you have brought back to their natural habitats.

      Everytime we gift, we also punch in their nasty web of mental control and sabotaging their general agenda. I hope to muster more energy this way to be able to boost Mrs O and the Kikundi everytime a little better!


  19. Don Croft

    You might like this insightful quote that Charles sent me in email:

    La guerre, cโ€™est un massacre de pauvres gens qui ne se connaissent pas au profit de gens riches qui se connaissent, mais ne se massacrent pas.

    I enjoy using the NSA’s

    War is a massacre of poor people who do not know each other for the benefit of rich people who know each other, but do not slaughter each other.

  20. Cyclingflinger

    Thanks Don for pointing out the biggest resistance I had when going up gifting “Zeeland” another province from the Netherlands. There is this big base of “Woensdrecht” where they hide nuclear byproduction to keep the crowds under control! This major dutch base is nuking Antwerp with all of its “dor” kept downside! A bit like Brussels and its royals (the royals have no tech at all, just generations of same basterdism!)!

    Here is a vid, about two wasps getting out of their nest at the border. I always thought that Dirk would have been able to get more orgonite there, but we’re always on our own!

    UNfortunately they would not post out my video being 17 megs and their allowance is 12 megs. (yes, we all have sega mega drive when they have quantum interdimensionnal AI, robot loosers!)

    Reached my gifting grid to Bergen-Op-Zoom would offer another descent gifting on Middelburg and VliSSingen, another favouritas!

    I have to upload another gifting season as the world brokers can’t cope with rosenquartz!


    PS: Thanks for the boosts on Brussels, they work really well! Hope to do that also against the Netherlands!

  21. Fat Robert Albertson

    Dooney was talking about getting “gas-lighted.” Well, I haven’t even STARTED making orgonite yet and Sprint has NO idea AT ALL why my smartphone has quit working. I cannot even receive INCOMING calls!!!!!!!!! Everything is billed to a small trust account. Everything is automatic. There’s just no REASON for this!!!
    Uh, oh!!! It’s “starting in” on ME, now!!! ….. Uh, oh,… What NEXT???

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Fat Robert, I think you’re referring to hacking, which more people experience than gaslighting. Gaslighting requires the physical presence of the $h!+rats but hacking is easily done remotely by National Sphincter Agency operatives and perhaps even by artificial intelligences by now.

      If you’re a fellow who is willing to commit to improving our world or have already done so, then you can gauge your progress by ‘meriting’ gaslighting at some point ๐Ÿ˜Ž . I think hacking is largely done to frighten people away from doing useful work (undermining/exposing/counteracting the ancient rule of parasites), though all of us who get gaslighting also get a lot of hacking, of course.

      Meanwhile, simply reporting gaslighting incidents helps to expose the enemy and every little bit counts, in my opinion. It obviously doesn’t frighten us, nor does it make us seem like kooks to our little target audience (people who are accountable; empowered to fix the world).

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Dooney worked at Apple hindquarters in California for seven years, doing tech support for R&D people, there. When I take apple products to fix or replace the tecchies seem to know that it’s direct sabotage but only the Spanish Inquisition is likely to force them to say it out loud ๐Ÿ˜‰ and remember that both Apple and Microsoft are property of the National Sphincter Agency, of course.

      Last July, when they murdered our beloved webmaster, Capt Azti, and destroyed our websites and forum they also destroyed my Apple computer and Apple phone. I bought new ones but the tecchies’ lips were sealed, even after repeated, failed attempts to get the new phone working right.

      One of the premier orgonite flingers, who gifted all of Detroit and environs, runs an internet security business for large corporations and he was quite free with me, in email, in describing the massive amount of sabotage that the National Sphincter Agency does against individuals and businesses. That was also Capt Azti’s specialty, which is why the NSA failed for 8 years to destroy Etheric Warriors during his tenure as its protector.

      I think it’s just a matter of time before everyone finally starts talking about this elephant in the room. It’s already starting on faCIAbook and NSA’s YouTube, where censorship has gotten pretty brazen.


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