Gifting Duk Padiet in Jonglei, Southern Sudan by Christine

Duk is a county in Jonglei State, Southern Sudan, and was divided into three counties, Duk Padiet, Duk Payuel and Duk Panyang.The people living around this place are very poor and most of them are dependent on subsistence agriculture. They keep indigenous cattle for milk, meet and blood. They also grow some grains for home use. Hunting wild animals is also very common in the region, since the place is a bit remote.

The most important reason why I decided to do gifting with my team around this place is because of the climatic condition around this area. Rainfall is not predictable and when it rains, there is a very serious flood, covering a wide area, Most of these regions lie on a plateau plains, and so plain flood is very common since rainfall water cannot flow to any particular region.

During rainy season, farmers have to migrate with their household items and cattle to the raised grounds for safety until after the flood shall have gone down. During the drought season, most farmers do migrate to settle around Kenamuke Swamp, where river Pibor empties its waters. This is to ensure that they get plenty of water for their animals.

In most cases, especially during the dry seasons, the sky is heavy loaded with dark clouds, and one can think it is going to rain in the next minute. This can last for as long as two to three months without any change. This means that the cloud around that place needs to be busted to clear the sky for the rain to fall. Because the rain is held up there for quite a longer time, when it gets to pour down, it does so seriously with vigor, making the people to migrate just as I mentioned above. The period it is held makes the place to remain so dry for a long time, making the place to look like a semi desert.

With our gifting and cloud busting that I have been doing around there for some time, I have seen a great improvements in the region. Rainfall now is a bit predictable and the climatic conditions are a little bit bearable. The famous Kob Antelopes known around this region are now making their ways back after having migrated away from the place due to intolerable climatic conditions. My team and I plan to do more intensified gifting more especially in the remote areas in future. This is because, doing so in such places make changes directly in the people’s lives and at the end of the day, the impact is so great.

I want to thank our friends who are supporting us by buying our Bilo Orgonite. Dancan informed me that Mary, Thomas and Frode bought some pieces and we are very glad. Anybody who would wish to have this great experience with our powerful Bilo Orgonite can contact Dancan or Mrs O. They are readily available for any enquiry. The sales we make to you people is important to us because out of that we can even pay our cash bails from the prison.

Ibrahim’s friend was trying to escape from the prison where he had been held for this long and he was rearrested back to the prison cells. I have communicated with Ibrahim a while ago and he has gone there to check on any developments so that we can help out in any way. We are waiting for reports from him and it will be posted in EW.


1 thought on “Gifting Duk Padiet in Jonglei, Southern Sudan by Christine

  1. Mrs. O Post author

    Hi Christine,
    I thank you very much for the great job you are doing in Suthern Sudan. It is good to get us updated about everything that you do.
    We hope that from the sales of Orgonite that we are making now, we are going to ensure that Ibrahim’s friend is out of jail very soon. Inform Ibrahim’s friend not to escape. That can be dangerous. We are going to remove him there soon.


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