Frode’s Observations on the Jailings of our East African Cohorts

I think he’s a bit uncomfortable when I draw attention to this, but his remarkable generosity in late 2008, when the kikundi’s fortunes were at their lowest and three of them had been murdered, enabled them to rally and to finally achieve public recognition and market demand for their orgonite in April, 2009.  They had been working quite hard and sacrificing toward this goal since 2004.  The overt efforts to stop them through the police and court system also accelerated after that and the enemy’s noxious momentum has lately been decreasing, I’m happy to report.  It hasn’t stopped, unfortunately.


2 thoughts on “Frode’s Observations on the Jailings of our East African Cohorts

  1. Frode

    Thank you for the kind words. I’d like to extend my gratitude to everyone who has helped the kikundi over the years, it has been absolutely essential to keep them out of jail, and to cover hospital bills. I made a long list of all those events, which was posted on the EW forum that was taken down. Several years back, Don supported them with motorbikes. I think they needed to sell most of them to cover those expenses. They also had a car they had just secured, but then needed to sell it again to cover the bail costs, I think when Mrs.O and Fatuma was arrested.

    Unfortunately Ibrahim’s gifting friend is still in jail and they need $500 to get him out. We’re all getting sick and tired of all of this, but I hope there are some who can help financially. (I did some etheric work today, with the aid of all the Bilo orgonite the Africans have distributed, to hold the shitbags accountable for all the troubles they’ce caused over over the years.).

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