Gifting Kochia in Homa Bay

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Homa Bay county is found along the shores of lake Victoria. The area is associated with dry and hot climatic condition around the lake region and the area is like a semi-arid place. Several months ago, we gifted the area. The place had been too dry and the animals keeps dying due to lack of what to eat, The grass had dried up and the distance from the lake to Kochia specifically where we gifted is quite long. The residents have to walk about 13 Kilometers to reach the lake where they can take water. This is quite challenging.

By the time we launched our gifting mission around here, There was nothing green that one could see in terms of vegetation. The region was generally brown and dusty. We visited the place and was very much impressed. Instead of the cattle feeds that were bought from far away, there is plenty of grass growing around the region. Initially, if you are poor and cannot buy grass away, then your cattle would definitely die. However, currently, both the haves and the havenots can comfortably take their cattle for free grazing in the field. This is as a result of the free grass that has grown and the plenty of water found in the fields.

The people around that place are now very happy with the grass growing around there and we have told them that it is ass a result of the Orgonite that we had placed in the field that is bringing the revolution or the changes that they are currently seeing. I believe that very soon they will be looking for the Field Bilo Orgonite that has brought all these changes to the region for personal uses.

This is what Christine in Southern Sudan started a couple of years ago, and is now doing so well. The region was war torn and the climatic condition was very pathetic. Christine had to do field gifting for sometime after which the people there adopted the use of orgonite. We are happy to be associated with such great extent off success. Kudos Bilo.


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